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Favorite Rides from the Movies

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Hey, I really hope this isn't a repost topic- I searched and searched and didn't see anything similar.


I just saw the topic about the home-made dark ride, and it got me thinking about my favorite scene from a movie involving a ride:

(WARNING: NSFW, but I don't think it's really any worse than any HHN stuff these days)

I just love the surreal atmosphere in this scene (and the rest of the movie) and especially the little black light diorama- the whole thing reminds me of the old Museum of Wax in Newport, OR when I was a kid.


Honorable mention goes to the Trabant from Sandlot, sorry about the quality on this one:


So what are your favorite rides featured in movies?

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The waterslides from Goonies! They always looked like so much fun, especially with the drops at the end.

Good call sir, I remember hearing the DVD cast commentary (yes I am that much of a nerd) that they really WERE a lot of fun, and that the adults got to ride them in the evenings after filming stopped.

That was actually a really interesting commentary, I recommend watching it if you like the movie, it actually has shots of the actors while they're doing the commentary and not just an audio track


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How about the Mine Car Chase scene in "Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom"?


That was such an obvious coaster set up, when I was watching it for the first time, I couldn't

believe they never did build something like that. And yes there is "Temple of Peril" in DLP and

"Raging Spirits" in TDL. But they're not the same as what could have been created and built.

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When they visit Gringott's in the Harry Potter films. Heck of a ride to get to that vault. Was a great setup for a dark ride (and glad it became a reality)


I haven't been on the Gringott's ride yet, but I've gotta say I'm a little disappointed they didn't stick with the design from the movies. They could have made the coolest Ultra-Twister ever!

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1) National Lampoon's Vacation. Still one of my favorite movies to this day, and not just because roller coasters were in it. Chevy Chase was gold in this movie.


2) Anyone remember in Child's Play 3 (?) the final scene where Chucky tries to do the curse on the little boy in the Haunted House dark ride? That was pretty good.


3) Sandlot/Goonies ride scenes. I still enjoy those older movies too. I watched the Goonies over and over when I was a kid.


4) In the new Vacation movie, Ed Helms punches a guy to get in front of him on a coaster. The guy had a Platinum Pass and got to skip the line, but it was the last train of the day so Helms wanted to get on. The new version will never live up to the original, but I thought it was super funny that they were fighting over who got on NINJA. Who in the right mind would do that?

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Disneyland itself provided the setting for the big chase scene/finale of 40 Pounds of Trouble, a flick Tony Curtis made for Universal back in the early 1960s. Here's a long clip that shows how the park looked back then.


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Sudden Impact (Dirty Harry 4) and the final showdown at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.


Clint Eastwood shoots the bad guy standing on top of the Big Dipper roller coaster, he falls off, crashes through the glass dome of the carousel, and gets impaled by the horn of one of the unicorn carousel figures (I'm pretty sure the guy was dead by that point).


Watch clip from 4:35 to 5:30.

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