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[NL2] Tips/Critiques on my first "functional" coaster

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Basically I decided to get into NL2 a few months ago, after many, many failed projects, I think I mostly got basic designing down. Lemme know what you think.


Overview of the main run


First ever attempt at custom supports (I had to clear the storage shed and transfer track somehow)


More custom supports

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Supports (with the exceptions of the custom ones) are a bit funky


Yeah I just slapped down some prefabs and didn't worry too much about it. I've never actually done custom supports until this coaster, I thought it would be a lot more difficult than it actually is. I'm going to go over and re-do all the supports at some point.


it's hard to say without a POV.


Ask and ye shall receive

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Looks pretty good. For the pullout of the first drop/lead in for the 2nd climb, it could use some smoothing out. Also, make sure the lift hill is straight (Select the points, and hit the "Make Straight" button).


I need to reprofile that, might add a tunnel or something instead of increasing the height of the pullout.


When I depumped the crest of the lift it did some weird stuff to the verticies so that needs some work as well. Thanks for the tips!.


What I mean when I say "It did something weird"


Not quite fixed, but better, and the lift is actually perfectly straight now


Reprofiled first drop


and an (arguably majorly overkill) attempt at custom supporting the main lift.


Also, is it possible to determine where the train stops on the lift if it were to stop to prevent a block violation? Right now it stops on the very crest of the hill with about a third of the train dangling over the first drop and away from the evac platform. How do I make it stop about 3/4ths up the lift? I've worked out a solution that I don't find ideal, I basically split the lift into 2 lift sections, and extended the block length of the second lift section all the way to the MCBR. Is this the only way to do this? It'd be much easier if I could just set a negative extra block length.

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