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LSM Speedboat Amusement Concept

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For me personally, I cannot stand things like "lake water" and the gross, disgusting things that live in lakes. So I would love to see a "theme park" version of this built with treated water knowing that whatever water will hit me in the face would be nice and filtered and not contain whatever horrible things are living in lake water.


Wait, wait, wait, weren't you the one praising Nautic Jet at Schlossbeck? The insane attraction that quite literally throws you into "Malaria Lake?" Here's a vid for those who don't know what I'm talking about.

Those at least are usually in some sort of "man-made" gross lake. And I've actually only ridden those one or two times for the novelty factor. if it was any other "nomal" water ride, no way in hell I'd be doing it.

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This is really awesome! It seems like a park would have to be long enough to have a straight strip of land to do something like this on. I wonder what the limits of the tech are, like if they could go faster than the stated 62mph or not. I wonder how difficult it would be to have bi-directional magnetic brakes, too, since I remember Kingda Ka having a major problem the time that it sent a train the wrong way through the magnetic reverse-launch-track brakes as the result of an error.


Count me in on also wanting filtered, chlorinated water in the pit for the ride. Also, I wonder if it would be possible to design the boats so to push away some of the water and not drench the crap out of passengers at these high speeds. Being "butt wet" the rest of the day at a park is annoying.

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I like this concept.


Wishful thinking back to 1999 ... this would have been a great ride for Geauga Lake with sea world being across the way back then.


Of course, this would be something great for The Sea Worlds, Six Flags Great adventure or any other park with a large section of water... even in Cedar Points lagoon.

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I don't know if that sounds that thrilling or not. It would need to seem like the boat is really coming out of the water and everything. That's what was so cool about Hersheypark's Coal Cracker, the speed was good but that the boat was actually planing for a distance on inertia is just cool.


The reasons for LSM with a coaster may not fully apply. Seems like a hydraulic launch system with cable would be more fitting. Stored power. Maybe not all that expensive. Making it a race runs up the price though, desirable but that's why it's as much as a coaster.


"Interactivity" consisting of one button of control is obviously unimpressive.




I laughed so hard!

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Not sure if it just me, but this sounds like an incredibly complicated ride system. I'd imagine lots of down time and mechanical issues for the first park to install this. I have a hard time seeing a park shelling out $15 million for something like this - it just seems like a HUGE risk if it doesn't work out.


On the other hand, I would loved to be proven wrong because this sounds like a really fun experience.

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