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WDW to Universal and Universal to WDW without a car?

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Hello, we are going to Orlando and staying for 2 weeks in November.


We are going to Disney for a week, then to Universal for a week. We were planning on going back to downtown disney for a couple evenings while we are staying at Universal (As the universal parks close early, and the disney parks are open late we don't have a lot of time to go to downtown disney whilst at disney)


We were looking at cabs/shuttles and such and it seems to be about $40 or so one way. Renting a car would get pretty darn expensive as everywhere at Universal charges parking. (Cabana bay is $15 a day or something, plus about the same at the parks, I guess downtown disney would have a parking fee while at Universal as well.)


Is there any way to do this cheaper? We looking at the lynx a bit, but it seems the routes only run very early morning and then stop around 5-6 in the evening. That doesn't really do anything as we were planning on staying quite late at downtown disney.


Thanks for any help!

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Look into Mears. They offer a shuttle from Universal to Busch Gardens, so I'm sure they offer one to Disney also. I went to BGA from Universal back in 2009 and I don't recall it being expensive at all. I think it was around $15 per person round trip? Prices have probably changed, but I don't imagine they're that bad.

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Uber is your only option (besides renting a car). This question is asked 3-4 times a week on reddit. Mears is a huge area monopoly who has bought out the mayor and his government and is doing what it can to supress Uber service, but Uber still works great everywhere but FROM the airport.


Do not consider any Bus. None of them run at convenient times anywhere in the city except Disney's Magical Express.

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Lynx is the cheapest way, but it can take up to 3 hours and a few transfers to get there. I would look into taxis or Mears. Uber would be good too.


Are you staying onsite at Disney? Many offsite hotels have a shuttle to and from the hotel to Universal for free or a nominal fee.

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