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Well, after losing my park that I started yesterday (and lost 2 hours later), I began a new park. I got alot of things from www.amazingearl.com/rct2, so I've gotta give a shout-out to him for doing such an amazing job!!! My park has alot of room, and surrounding the park is a small ocean/beach that is to extend past the grid. This beach should very likely be expanded eventually, but 1st we'll get some rides! So, I'd like to explain my park!


Entrance Plaza: An amazing retreat for anyone in the family. Sit back and relax as you watch the waterfalls, gardens, and trees. This is only your first area of adventure!


Main Midway: Your next stop to adventure, the Main Midway provides a variety of things to do. From flipping head-over-heels on the Berserker to cooling off on the drenching water ride Splashtastic to sitting down and eating at the food court, the Main Midway is a fun place to spend some time with the family!


RUMORS: A new section is headed to the park. It is the Congo, and it's feirce! Featuring animals of the wild and amazing coasters, will the Congo be a family retreat or a place for the thrill-seekers only???


Now for some pics of the first 2 sections to hit on your day here at Six Flags BeachSide!!![/b]



PS: Stay tuned for more News, Rumors, and Pics of the newest park to open in the States, Six Flags BeachSide!!!

--Tyler 8)


Overview, see some of the beach?


Could this be the beginning of the Congo, or just trickery by Six Flags???


Main Midway in Full


Food Court on Main Midway


Entrance Plaza

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Well folks, there's something goin on at the Beach!!! All the public knows is that there's 2 signs at the end of the Congo entrance section, which you'll see later! But, the park hasn't covered the new things from everyone! Carrie Pine, a guest and season passholder to the park, got off Splashtastic saying:


"As we rounded the top 180* turn on Splashtastic, our favorite ride in the park, we noticed something different. Behind the hill was track pieces! We noticed a trailer, the truck seemed to have left to get something. We noticed latticework supports on the trailer bed and some wooden track that must've already been unloaded! A woodie would be an amazing addition to the park, we need a coaster! Hopefully I can go to the park once a week to once a month and continue to update!!! We will find out what's goin on at the Beach!!!"


Here are some pics that Carrie managed to snap without security noticing. We will continue to work with her to unravel this case!


.....this sign makes a SF construction update real!!!


The 1st sign which put together with.....


Even the ocean has been barricaded to allow trucks to pass!


Track and Supports!!!???!!!

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Just a point... Steel Coasters come in pre-built pieces so seeing them sitting around makes sense. Wooden Coasters are completely built on site so you would only see large stacks of wood unless it was being built. The first things built on wooden coasters tend to be the support structures so the best thing to do would probably have been to build the supports and part of a lift hill or something.

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IT'S HERE!!!!! There wasn't a press release until a month ago, in Six Flags fashion. It wasn't posted on sites for security reasons. Don't worry, the next coasters will have press releases! Here's some stats:


Height: 115 feet

Drop : 105 feet

Speed: 58 mph!

Capacity: 3 trains, each with 6 cars of 4 seats each. 24 people per train.

Colors: Tan with silver railings. One blue, one red, and one orange train.

Features: 2 full tunnels, one with 2 pass-throughs!

Make/Company: Wooden Twister/GCI Coasters




Overview of SFBS (HAHA! The name has BS in it!!!)


NO SCENERY! This is one heck of a coaster!


The helix middle, like SoB but smoother!


Smile Robb and Elissa!!!!!


Headed through the twisty top at over 100 feet!


Look who showed up for the new GCI woodie!!! And they're in the beginning tunnel!!!

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To lexington and zburns999: Thanks alot for the kind words! Of course, this coaster is smooth unlike those two !


To ParkTrips: ROAR: Unleash the Beast at my home park SFA uses these normal trains like I used, and it is a GCI. Also, Wildcat at Hersheypark uses them! So A GCI can definately use these trains!


To DATman: Thanks for the kind words, this was all inspired by zburns999 with his Six FLags Acres of Adventure park!


Big props to zburns999 for starting this realistic park building that we all seemed to have adopted!


To Twister II: WOAH!!!!! That is amazing! I've never even seen that coaster! I just thought of Twister II, but made it different! OMG! I can't believe how close mine and Mr. Twister look! WOW !

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There are a lot of rumors flying around now! They all point to Congo Expansion. Here's what we've picked up:


1) A river rapids ride

2) Another hydro-flume

3) A giga coaster (the most outrageous rumor so far!)

4) Scattered flats, possibly 4 of them

5) A large woodie (Again, would this come so soon?)


Who knows what SFBS could do! There are a lot of other rumors floating around there, who knows? All we can tell you is that for the 2006 season, The Congo will be expanding A LOT! So, let's see what finds out, press releases should come soon!!!

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