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[NL2] Hersheypark

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Hi guys! So instead of flocking the Hersheypark discussion thread I've decided to create one here for people to view. I started this project a month after NL2 was released and at first it was just a Skyrush recreation. After a bit of a stall in progress I recently finished Skyrush to exact proportions and it is 100% done from entrance to layout. Unfortunately my laptop cannot handle a full recreation with every detail, so I have been able to create other coasters such as Great Bear, SDL, Comet, Storm Runner, Sidewinder, and Fahrenheit. Not all coasters are 100% complete because I have decided to make the park look best for screenshots since my system cannot handle everything. I hope you enjoy the photos I have taken and I will likely take more and possibly add more detail eventually if my system permits.


Creek path



All 3 Intamins


Skyline shot






My personal favorite






Lighting turned out very well


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This is SO cool, and incredibly well done in the attention to detail and overall layout accuracy! The hill and turn curvature of Skyrush looks *slightly* asymmetrical/off, but that's just nitpicking. Seriously, well done! Any chance we could get a download? I'd love to be able to virtually go to Hershey again since I won't be able to go back for a long time!

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Thank you everyone! And to reply to the nitpick, I also agree the drop curvature is slightly off on Skyrush. The pull out should be drawn out a tad more but it would've required a lot more work with the supporting. I redid it twice so a third time would've been the death of me. As I said it is not necessaryily a complete replica as other than Skyrush the other coasters are there for show. If anyone would want to "finish" or play around with the park I will try to fix up the park package and make it available! My computer is good but it takes a lot to recreate a whole park for a laptop

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I have been working on another project but will very soon return to this one! I am still looking for a Skyrush model so if anyone has any clues let me know. I have tried asking Code Master from Twitter however I do not think he uses it anymore. If anyone could ask that'd be great

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