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Fight at Memphis fair.

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Here is yet another video of how stupid people can act, and the people at this fair were no exception.


Apparently these people were upset with the ride operator because the line was moving too slow. So what better way to fix the problem by starting a fight with him (yea, that was sarcasm ).



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I won't feed the hits on You Tube for this type of stupidity, but will say that there were two major fight outbreaks at local family-type events nearby this summer.


One happened at our own county fair that started between two 12 year old girls that erupted into a brawl of close to 200 people and another at the Italian Heritage festival in Buffalo that closed the festival down completely for the night.


Bottom line is that more and more Americans are stupid, ignorant, self-entitled a-holes that could care less for how they act in public nor care how they treat people or respect their surroundings.

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Quite honestly, I completly avoided the Delta Fair this year. Its $20 for admission alone into the lame, cigarette tanted atmosphere. The flats are "meh" and having been to so many parks, I dont appreciate the fair. It'spretty immensly popular here, but then again Memphis is equidistant to several amusement parks, but the non are under a 5 hr drive.


Lines also get very very long and confusing here. The Ring of Fire has had three hour waits before, most of the line unregulated by fencing.


In terms of the fight, I actually heard about this in school today.

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Ugh, I seriously had to mute my computer watching that video. So much unnecessary screaming, and yelling. No thank you.


SMH... Some people though. I'll gladly visit a real park, and leave places like the Memphis Fair for people like those in the video.

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I have to say that's probably the best video I've seen of opening day of Six Flags America's Bourbon Street Fireball "coaster". Isn't it a little late to be posting that now though? The ride's been open for awhile now.


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