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PixTR: "The 3 Credits Tour" Walibi Holland - Disney Paris

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Our Arrival Day / Day 1 at Disney Paris was the only day both parks were opened late. After that, the rest of the visit would have

the parks closing earlier (WDS 6:30pm; DL 8:30pm). So after our rest in our hotel room, and some unpacking, we took off to Disneyland,

and spent it's last opening hours, riding a good number of the rides, with hardly any queue to them.


I tried Space Mountain on my own, to check and see if David could take it. Turns out, I wasn't sure I could take it! Although SM

is now the recipient of new theming and special effects inside of it, the ride was still very rough and I was more than happy when

it ended. And I never rode it again, during the rest of our visit.


I rode Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, only because it was going into maintenance mode the next day. And riding it once

was enough, like Space Mountain. Raging Spirits in Disney Sea was much, much smoother than this was.


Here's some more photos, of the hotel room, and our first evening spent in Disneyland Paris...


Heading out of The Studios, to our hotel. With Ratatouille down, not sure which emotion I'm feeling at this time.....


Volcano! Looked tempting, but we didn't try it.


Our room, nice and tidy.


The beds, with two soft and two hard pillows. I was impressed!


And we were being looked after by Bambi, Thumper, and Flower.




That looks like a Cirque du Soleil tent. We'll check that out, later on.




DL is just as packed as WDS was, earlier. But we still got a lot of rides done

in just a couple of hours. (o:




Always loved the entrance to Adventureland at night.


The Castle really looks good from any angle. Truth. (o;


Heading over to ride Space Mountain.


Looks great at night, with all it's lighting on.


Load station.


It was not a great 'flight.' Indy & The Temple of Peril was much better, and that's saying a LOT.

(To be continued...)

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I admit that while I love currywurst, I am not sure that I would like fries coated in it.


Fries need to be crunchy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside...if they get soggy, they are nasty. That's why I would prefer my dipping sauce on the side, like your fries with the steak.

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^ I totally agree about how fries should be . And we actually got a heaping plateful of

awesomeness in the Disney Village at Annette's, when we had our non-park day there.


This was a single order of fries! ~ Taken Sept.22, 2015 at Annette's in Disney Village.

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After I'd gotten my rough Space Mountain flight over with, we started to hang around the hub area, as the new castle show

Dreams! was about to begin. And there was plenty of room around us to move around, without constantly bumping

into other people.


The show was great, and I was especially impressed with the water fountains and water screens they built and used in the show.

The mapping on the castle was really awesome, and when it turned the castle into other buildings, that was very cool. Of course,

there were fireworks in this show, and Disney didn't disappoint. There were a number of "WOWS!" for the fireworks, most of

which came at the end of it. Great show and I would definitely see it again, if I could.


After that, it was a slow walk to the park exit, along with everybody else, but we didn't feel rushed or crowded, getting

to it. And we window shopped a bit in Disney Village, before finally getting back to our room, for the night...


Theme parks look so much nicer when it's night, and their lights are on.



The airship got recently cleaned up, I'd read, and it certainly looked fresh and new to us.



EEEE! Full sized DUFFY in the building!


The candy shop on Main Street. Trivia: all of the 'candies' in those columns are glass and were all

hand wrapped one by one before being put in the columns.


Crowd assembling for Dreams! performance.


Looking back, it looks very crowded, but there was space to move around.


Not many, if any, photos of the show, taken. I was so thrilled with what I saw and heard,

I pretty much forgot to ake any pix. But I'm sure there's a video of the show here on TPR somewhere...


This was the "Frozen" part.


Great use of the water screens and "dancing waters."


The Main Street train station. Closed for maintenance, but still beautifully lit at night.


Balloon Escape Attempt #1. Didn't get far, damned trees.


The Disneyland Hotel.


The Studios had been closed for a couple of hours before DLP closed.


David tries to get a good shot.


Christmas starts to slowly creep into the Resort. This is a window at World of Disney in the Village.




Feed me some candy! And give me back the rest of my body!


The Sorceror's Apprentice a' La Lego.

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Day 2 at DLPR ~ Magic Morning ~ Riding Everything!


Our first actual full day at the resort started with the included Breakfast at the Lodge. But, what

was thought to be the usual "Continental Breakfast" (which usually meant beverages and only

pastries), was really a pretty full breakfast buffet in itself. Meats and cheeses were included

as well as several types of bread to toast (or not), plenty of fruits, yogurts and even soft/hard

boiled eggs were available! So we loaded up pretty good, for our day ahead.


This actually turned out to be our only Magic Morning that we did, which was for Disneyland

only. But in that 2 extra hours, we got a couple of Buzz Lightyear rounds in (and started improving

our scores, yes!); went to peter Pan and took two flights over London and Neverland; took a spin

on Dumbo, which during MM is awesome and not so crowded as it usually is during normal hours;

visited our awesome buddy under the castle; and did the Tea Cups as well, though the spinner

disk was way too 'braked' for it to be an easy spin.


I nearly bruised my hands trying to turn that darned wheel. Oh well. I'm betting somebody probably nearly

broke the thing, spinning it so wildly before (and the constant puking from the wild spinning, yes?),

so management decided to slow things down, sort of.


Our 2nd Day Begins!...


Our morning begins after breakfast, with views of Lake Disney, The Village and the PanaraMagique balloon!


Still have to find out what's what with that Cirque-like tent over there.


The Castle Shot. Unfortunately, without the top turrets, but we know where we are, LOL.


The Cups. Great to ride. Hard to spin.


The lanterns above The Cups.


In the Dumbo queue, with a (then) view of IAsW's ongoing renovation.


David, not knowing that "Talk Like A Pirate Day"... was two days before this. (21-09-15)


Visiting a familiar friend.


Not looking too peachy at this time. Must of been on a bender, the night before.


Then, he realizes somebody is there, and he gets going, and then he sings...


"It's so EASY being GREEN!" We left quietly amid the wake-up roaring.


Waiting by the "rope drop" to get to Pirates, we saw this. Looked nice and calming.


Where we were headed, at park opening time.


But first - Rules and Pirate Stuff to be read out. Then we were off to Pirate Land!


After the ride, we headed over to Thunder Mesa. But - doesn't the Robinson "tree" look kind of...faded? )o:


Big Thunder wasn't quite running yet, so we went to the lovely Manor immediately.


View from the front porch just before entering The Manor - and Thunder is running!


First things first. The Manor, then The Railroad...

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^ I totally agree with this. I mean, it's on an ISLAND, and it's got a killer finish to the ride, and... it's on an ISLAND!



Here's a pair of the ornaments David and I separately picked up at the same time, in the same Amsterdam shop!

We didn't tell each other, until we were outside of the shop, and showed each other what we got.


Surprise! And in both our fave colours too - he picked purple, I picked red for myself. And this didn't turn out to be

the only time this happened on our trip. We surprised ourselves again, at the Disney Paris Resort.


Here's the birds that are now on our tree. Via Amsterdam!


Where we found our little songbirds, in Amsterdam. (Sept.13, 2015)


Red for myself, purple for David. Perfect!

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Day 2 at DisneyParis continues at WDS...


We didn't do the Tram Tour, because we've done it at least three times before.

We didn't do the Stunt Show, because we'd already seen it before, and that was

a lot of time to invest in one just attraction for us. Parades are exempt for this.


And we didn't do the Armageddon Special Effects show, because...... well, just because.


So while waiting for Ratatouille to be up and running again, we decided to just stick

around the Studios and do everything else there, besides the three above...


This guy in Phantom Manor keeps laughing, and laughing and...


"Hurry Back. Hurry Back. Don't forget to bring your.............passport with you."


Phantom Manor done. Check.


Big Thunder Railroad done. Check. And still as awesome a ride as ever!


Even on shop signs, they allow smoking! I also noticed the designated smoking areas in

both parks were hardly used, but the rest of the parks were open season for this.


A heart set for photos, but not up for very long, we found in a couple of days.


In Casey's Corner, we had a snack, and then I noticed this against the wall.


Cool looking, and not in too bad a shape, I saw. Then, I moved in closer and saw...


This. (o: I smiled.


Halloween starts to creep into the parks (at this time, late Sept.).


"Let them go, let them go..."


Back to the Studios to check on the Rat.


Still pretty cool, to look down this.


I gave it my best scream - and scared a couple of adults, lol!


Ratatouille was still a no-go so we went other places to kill time. And this is

how NOT to ride a parachute. I have no idea what I was thinking at the time.


We also tested our French Driving Skills here. But we could only go in circles. :p


And yes, we even rode the flying carpets (the one in TDS is much nicer, sorry Paris).


Thinking of you, Chuck. (And yes, it's not an actual 'button' there, but the sentiment's the same.) (o;

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You didn't have the best luck with Ratatouille did you?


In June I think I only saw it go down once for a short while. Although we only got on it once, as we avoided it when it had lengthy queues because our youngest wouldn't have been fun to entertain during the wait. It was definitely a great ride, and I loved that the whole family could go on it, it was slightly weird taking our just under 1 year old daughter on it, but she seemed to enjoy it even without the 3D glasses.


I have to echo your comments on Bistro Chez Remy, we ate there and it was by far our favourite meal of our trip. We also sat next to the unload station of the ride, which was cool watching the rats park up in unison. The only downside to it is that it's a bit loud in there, with it being mostly one large room, I think it could've benefited with being divided into smaller sections.

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^ Yes, at first we thought it was way too noisy inside Bistro Chez Remy. But after several minutes, it sort of turned into "white noise"

and we carried on normal conversation without having to whisper. And also, somehow, after our 3 pm arrival, the crowds in the place

seemed to thin out, and there were far less people there when we left, than when we arrived.


And after the two down times we visited Ratatouille, we did eventually make up for them with several rides on the attraction.


The Dumbo Shot.

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Day 2 at DLP Ends with.... a Tex Mex Buffet!


So, as they sometimes say, "third time's the charm." And it did just that for us with Ratatouille. After we had finished riding some of the

other attractions in WDS, we made one more attempt at visiting Plaza de Remy - and.... open and running! Woo hoo! So we got into the

queue, which was supposed to be a 20 minute wait, and then..... shut down! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRgh! But they told us it would be "only a

few minutes".... Yeah, sure of course it'd be ready in that time.


But - it did take only about 10 minutes and then we were moving again.


No shots were taken on the ride. And there are at least a few POVs of it in the TPR site here. And taken much better than I ever could or would.

But I did include a bit of two SPOILERs in this set of photos. So be prepared, and "some" shall be revealed. It's a great family ride I

must say. I really enjoyed it, much more than I thought I was going to, with all the knowledge of it beforehand. Enjoyed it enough to do it 5 times

in a row on another day! And Thank You Ratatouille, for the Single Rider Line.


The day ended with our first (of three) buffets we would attend. Our first and last meals were table meals (Remy and Blue Lagoon).

Which then made us realize that the "Standard" Half Board Dinning Plan needed to be upgraded next visit, to the "Plus" level. Plus affords

a choice of table service restaurants (Standard covers most of the buffets on-site), and although we could still use our Standard vouchers

in the table service, we still had to pay the difference, once the voucher was deducted. But that was okay. It was our first time using

this system, and now we know what we need for next visit. PLUS Half Board!


And of the three buffets we did during our visit, La Grange was #2 in my Disney Foodie Opinion.



This third time IS the charm - as the Rat is up and running around! Awesome fountain, too.


I still get a kick out of these adverts for Gusteau's frozen foods.




Lucky Number! David finds his in the Ratatouille queue (He was born in 1947).


SPOILER! In the queue the image of Guseau comes to life and speaks either in french or english. But for our

first time in line, the sound wasn't synced right with the animation. About (literally) 10 seconds off! But our

next ride later on, it was fixed and Gusteau was his old self again.


SPOILER! The blueprints of the Rat's route through the show building. That's all I'll tell. (o;


After the ride, we strolled through Toy Story Land, and headed back to the front of the Studios.


Hey Elissa. How's it going?


Of the two theatre shows WDS did, this was about the only thing I could take a photo of, as Cinemagique

is all films (but updated which was great) and Animagique was too much fun to be spending lining up shots,

etc. And Animagique is scheduled for a complete show makeover, so that was another reason to see it one more time.


On our way back to the hotel, I spied this, and then wanted to know....


Disney Village... Dome? I know that it was originally built for an on-site Cirque du Soleil show, like in

Florida. But just as the building was built, the on-site Cirque show in Tokyo Disney (ZED) shuttered from

loss of income, late 2011. So I guess they sort of nixed Cirque, but still had to figure out what to do with

what they already built. Hence, the Disney Village Dome!


Still - it would have been so awesome to have an original Cirque show right there at DLPR!


Another HUGE TENT nearby. One of the first times I have ever seen the Mickey logo...with a tie, lol.


With a few minutes to spare before our meal in the Village, we hung around here.

But we weren't going to either Rainforest Cafe or Earl of Sandwich.


Elephants and Candy Cane Columns! Who knew they'd work so well together? :p


There used to be lights strung between these things, but Disney took them down long ago.


Dinner is served! At La Grange, above Billy Bob's Bar!


Starter plate. With Cheese on Sticks! (o:


Of course in this place, I had to make some nachos.


David kept piling more meats and stuff onto his, so I took a pic of his plate.


Dessert. They really go for varied tarts everywhere at these buffets! This was the case at the other two

we went to, as well. But the tarts were all great, and worth a repeat bite here and there. (o:

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That buffet looks much better than the one we had at the Cheyenne, which was a bit on the poor side.


I'd definitely recommend the Plus dining plan though, the difference in the amount of places you can eat is huge. We ate at Chuck Wagon (Cheyenne buffet), Bistrot Chez Remy, Café Mickey & Blue Lagoon, and we thought the value with the dining plan was good and the menu choices were fairly varied.


The only poor thing with the dining plan is the tea-time treat in my opinion, our issue was that we had our main meal at lunch time, so by the time we were getting hungry we either missed the time window to collect them or we found ourselves waiting in a huge line in the limited places you could get them. Also the choices were a bit limited (either a donut or ice cream bar), we ended up with quite a few left on our last day, so we left with a bag full of bottled water and donuts.

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^ Yes, I agree about that "Teatime Treat." Out of our five major meals there at the Resort, we had the half-board plan, three of them were mid-afternoon, so when we were finished, we headed back to the hotel for a break. Then, we would pick up a Teatime Treat thing, but we usually left the donut unwrapped in the room and ate it later. The ice cream bar, of course, we ate immediately. But in the end, we didn't use three of the certificates and just brought them home as souvenirs of the visit.


And it was a limited selection, being either the donut or the ice cream, but that was okay.

We just didn't use it as much as we thought we were going to. (You get a certificate for

each night you stay, for each afternoon in the visit).


Our dining was at La Grange at Billy Bobs; Bistro Chez Remy; Hunter's Grill; Agrabah Cafe;

and the Blue Lagoon. The least favourite of the five was the Agrabah. It just wasn't

as good we felt, as the other places we ate, buffet or not.


Random balloon shot from the outdoor deck at the Sequoia Lodge.

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Definitely good advice for my fiancée and I! We're going to look into the Plus Half-Board Meal Plan when we're there on our honeymoon. We're also most likely going to be staying at Sequoia Lodge.


Bill, looks like you and your partner had a great time!

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^ We had such a good time at the Sequoia Lodge, we definitely want to stay there again.

I think part of the enjoyment was that swimming pool, sauna, steam combo at the lodge.


Forgot to add. And MOST IMPORTANT. You can't buy into the Dining Plan at the Resort, itself.

You have to order it, when you make your hotel reservation, etc. We used the main English

site, which links through the UK I believe, and we did it all at once. Then, two months before

we got there, I started making midnight calls (morning for them) to the Reservations Line,

for the restaurants for which day, time etc.


You can make restaurant reservations when you get to the resort/hotel itself, but we felt it was

much more park time to our advantage, to call ahead and reserve, than wrestling through what was

available, at the hotel itself. Arrival day is busy enough, and with the advance reservations, that's how

we got our wonderful afternoon meal at Remy's, the day we arrived by train from "downtown" Paris.



Photo from the internet. The pool, with the jacuzzi in front. The slide and outdoor pool were closed during our stay.

And it was never this crowded like in the photo. We did visit in late September, so that may have helped.

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Day 3 ~ Our No Parks Day!


When we first planned the trip, as part of the planning, we decided to spend at least one day at the

Disney Paris Resort not going to either park. Rather than that, enjoying some shopping time in

the Disney Village, more time enjoying everything at the Sequoia Lodge (read: pool, sauna, jacuzzi...).


And it was the first day at Disney we got some real rainy weather, that made staying away from the parks

so much easier, lol.


Dinner that evening would be at the Lodge, in the restaurant I have been wanting to dine in

for - ever.... Hunter's Grill. Which claims to have a very sizeable and varied buffet available.


It did not disappoint. In fact, of the three buffets we did this was #1, definitely!

Here are the photos of our day "sans parcs"...


Looking our our window - doesn't look good - but that was ok.


In the Village, we find a not-so hidden Mickey.


The sad wet little building that is the train station "Marne la Vallee". 40 minutes+ back to Paris from here.


When the rain really started coming down, EVERYBODY immediately dove into the World of Disney.

Good thing it's a very big store with plenty of (shopping) space for all.


After poking/shopping around World of Disney, we went over to

the other side of the Village for a mid-afternoon nosh. (o;


Hadn't seen one of these in a while.


And it shows you how 'dated' it is, at Disney. Um....what's a franc? :p




And I'll have one of (all) of those, please?


What we got. And this is a SINGLE order of fries, too! The vanilla shake was excellent as well.


The LEGO Sorcerer's Apprentice by daylight.


Heading back to the Lodge, we see the extensive renovations going on over at the Newport Bay Club Hotel.

I'm sure a lot of it has been finished by now, with a lot of the scaffolding down.


So we "Shopped till we Dropped", then settled into comfy deck chairs just outside the lobby floor.


And yes, it was pretty wet, by the time we returned...to a nice swirling jacuzzi and pool swim. Mmmmm.


Balloon Escape Attempt #2 - we didn't stick around to see what happened to it....


Light fixture high above, in the Sequoia Lodge main bar.


And after all that rain, the clouds finally start to move out.


Just outside the restaurant.


Where we're going. Buffet #2! (o:


Starter plate. Also, at this time, Magner's Cider was the cider of choice at Disney. And it was great!


Appetizers, etc.


Meats, pasta, veggies...and more meat!


My dessert plate. Every flan and tart I could fit on it. They were all excellent.


All in all, I'd say it was a pretty successful choice for dinner. We want to come back and eat there, again!


Hmmm. Children of Disney Villains. In one of the elevators to our room.

What will Disney think of next? (The other one had Inside/Out) (o; 'Night.

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^ It was, it was, Phil! Besides that, although the seating and ambiance of the place is not too 'intimate', they put

us in a small area with smaller tables (2-4 patrons each), and away from the larger "group tables." And we got

the most diligent, sweet waiter-person we ever had on the trip! I wish I remembered his name.


He was so attentive, he actually waited with my cider beside our table, until I returned from getting my Starter Plate

from the buffet! And then he opened it and poured it. I mean, it was only cider, but the way he took care of

us... we couldn't resist leaving him a good sized tip (we hoped) for him.


It was as close to table service as we got from our three buffet dinners, which made wanting to come back to the

Hunter's Grill an easy given, from the both of us. And the hotel.

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I'm disappointed we didn't eat at Hunter's Grill now. We originally were booked for dinner there on our last night, but after our fairly lack lustre buffet at the Cheyenne we swapped our reservation at Hunters for a lunch at the Blue Lagoon. We'll definitely have to put it on our list for next time.


Really loving your trip report.

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^^ I'd also mention in advance, NOT to go to the Agrabah Cafe, in Adventureland. I was all looking forward

to a really exotic selection of foods in the buffet. Turned out to be a disappointment. The food was 'okay'

and that's about all. That was of the three buffets we went to, our third choice. So we aren't going to return to it.


And thanks for the LOVE of the report, heh. All I can do, is do what I can, and hope people enjoy going through my TR.


^ That brings up a remark about tipping in Paris. We weren't very sure about whether to tip or not, and then what

amount etc. to tip. We only did it a few times, this being one of them at Hunters Grill. And although, it's

usual to not leave more than 5-10% of the bill in Paris, we stuck to our 15% like at home, and that felt right to us.




Have a Happy Holiday Season everybody! Best Wishes to

all of you, your families and friends, and for the New Year ahead.


Joyeux Noel!


Our first ever Disney Ornaments (it's true!), bought in the Sequoia Lodge gift shop. (o:

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A short posting, to wish you all, around the world, a


Happy New Year!


Here's looking forward to an amazing Coaster Year and all the

hot dogs, and cotton candy that goes with it.


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Day 4 in Disney Paris Resort


Our fourth day in the Resort was basically split between the two parks, with a mid-afternoon meal at our third buffet

choice: Agrabah Cafe.


Now as I said before, the Agrabah Cafe was a disappointment to us. Mainly because the selection of food was pretty

nondescript. Dull looking even, compared to how the other buffets we went to (Billy Bob's; Hunters Grill) were laid out.

And the food tasted 'ok' and not much more. But at least we tried it, which is what I'd wanted to do before we got there.

And now... we have. Of the three buffets, this one would be our last choice to return to.


IF we chose to return to it. And I don't think we will.


We also managed to get a few more rides ridden in both parks, as we still had time before our meal,

and not long queues at all, for most of these.


(To be continued...)


A lovely day for park hopping!


Hello Disneyland Entrance Hotel - we'll be over there in a little while...


We went to Toy Story Playland and rode the other 2 flats there (Parachutes and Slinky Dog).


But first - a photo with the big guy!


Our destination.


"View from the Queue" (o;


Ratatouille and it's show building.


Red Racer on the left; Slinky Dog on the right.


Up it goes!



Um, something is wrong with this s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g. Isn't it?


Back for another ride on The Rat. And Gusteau is in sync now, yay! His voice now matched the motion.


End of the ride. Where rats rest.


Thinking of you, Elissa.


We checked out the Animation attraction, which had new film clips added to it's montages. Still enjoyable.


"Here I stand, in the light of da-a-ay..." (And I'm all yours for 49.50 Euros)



And we "checked in" to the Hollywood Tower Hotel. Excellent ride programme we thought (AND felt, lol!)


Now over to the Magic Kingdom. Gazebo shot #1. No flash on us but the background looks nice.


Gazebo shot #2. Use the flash and the background sky disappear.


Walking through the Fuzzy Liberty Arcade. Though we didn't need to use the arcades for rainy weather,

there was hardly any crowds in either of them! Made it much easier to get to the back of the park,

and back to the front, etc. (o:

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Panoramagique Balloon Shots!


Between the other photos posted, here's a couple of the Balloon attraction they have at the edge of Lake Disney.

We rode it back in 2007, and were going to repeat the visit - then we just decided not to. No reason. The interest

just wasn't there, when we were actually there. Mood swings do that. (o;


Anyway, I took several photos of the Balloon, as it was still running, into the dark evening, from our room,

without flash, and here's a couple of what turned out:


It looks like they were just testing the flights without gp in it.


With a background sunset - really nice. Sept.22-2015.

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Day 4 at DLPR cont...


After spending the morning at the Studios, we then headed over to Disneyland Park, and rode a few more flat rides

before our meal reservation at the Agrabah Cafe, later in the afternoon.



Looking back to Main Street, from the Castle.


Glass artists are awesome at what they do! This was in the Liberty Arcade.


Isn't this supposed to be a pumpkin right now?


You can never go wrong with too much beanstalk.


First the train.


Then the canal boat.


Bleah #2 - Bleah #1 was at Walibi Holland.


Snow White and the dwarfs have a new neighbour with "location, location..."


Some things just don't get the attention they deserve. (o;


The Little Mermaid's Prince's home. Mermaid's in the water.


I love this scene, as it's so random and WHITE among everything else there. And Disney did make

an animated film of it, so it counts. This is "Peter and The Wolf" which has a great children's classic

score written for it, with some of the score used in the Disney film as well.


Chernabog checking to see if his deodorant is still 'fresh.'


Belle's Village Below.


Beast's Castle Above. It's a Yin/Yang kind of thing.


Shhhhh. Don't look now, but I don't think we're alone in this canal.


The Wonderful City of OZ. Because, because, because....


Like clockwork, Casey tries to run over the Beast's Castle, without success.


And then it's all downhill from there. (To be continued...)

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