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Cinecittà World Closes Early After Poor Season.

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It seems Cinecittà World in Rome is in some trouble after a poorer than expected first full season. The park which only opened in 2014 and features a new model of the Intamin 10 looper will end the annual season officially on September 27 despite the original calendar having the park open most weekends until Christmas


According to some rumors the park will attempt to regroup this winter in order to boost its image in 2016.



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The park will add 4 new "big rides" for 2016 with a price tag of 6 millions euros.


It definitely has a great potential, the rides are original (Darkmare is excellent!) and the scenery impressive. It lacks a global coherence, though, and I'm afraid the materials used will be destroyed in no time...

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Neither park is conveniently located near the train and require use of a shuttle to arrive there. I think that's a big part of it. Also, realistically, I was in Rome for 3 solid days and never once thought, "This isn't strange or different enough. I need to go to an immersive theme park experience." There's enough ruins and crazy stuff/sidestreets/whatever to entertain the tourists coming for eons before they feel the need to take a 45 minute bus ride out to the suburbs. Oh, and the Italian economy is going down the crapper. There's that too.

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Look like they did post on their Facebook page on November 7th about getting tickets for the 2016 season. Hmmm...


Are you ready for a long night? Thanks to the white night shopping online, you will have the opportunity to receive a good discount of 50 % to be used by the opening day of sales, until 28 February 2016 to buy a ticket open or a subscription for the next season .
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Yes, the park is fine and the "journalists" spread bullsh*t all over the place. It's actually a company that worked with/for the park that went bankrupt if I understand correctly.

The park IS NOT going to close, at least for another year (it's not in a very good helth either).

As we were told by a staff member in September, they plan to add 4 rides in 2016 for a price tag of 6 millions euros.

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