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[NL2] Deere839's Construction thread!

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Take a Vote on witch park you want in nl2 after River Side Park!


First park is Six Flags Over Florida. Take a walk through this Huge Park with a Huge line up of coasters and Flats Lets start from the right side of the park where you have Goliath. This ride is the Tallest coaster in the world at nearly 480 feet tall!! Next is White Water The biggest water park in the south!!!Next we go to Bugs Bunny BoomTown where there's 2 coasters and tons of kiddie flats where you can never get bored. Next take a ride on The Wild one the oldest ride of the park!now take a spin on the Pandemonium where you will never get the same ride!!!After that take a ride on The Mind Bender This classic coaster is deffinally one of the bigger of the arrows!Take a ride on X:Reborn The BIGGEST 4D Coaster Ever Built!!Now entering The DC Universe starting up with Green Lattern The Longest Stand Up Ever Built.Next up you got The Jokers Dual! this dualing RMC is the longest in the world with never before seen elements.Take a launch on Mr Freeze: Reverse Blast where you dont launch forward but you launch backwards!Next up Batman:The Dark Night the biggest baddest floorless coaster around! next up Gotham City Gauntlet is deffinally a batman ride you will love!! now time to ride Batman The ride where you can ride forwardsnd BACKWARDS!now challenge your friends to fight with batman superman and more in JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis and finally superman ultimate flight fly with superman to fight crime!



Next up is a cedar fair park where it will be more of a story line.The first cedar fair park in Texas Meet Texas Adventures This Small park Lets start with this B&M Mega coaster the biggest ride in the park.next enter Soak City where you can make a big splash every day! after that take a ride in on the parks wild mouse where you can always have a fun ride.now take a flip over the front gate on the B&M Wing coaster the 2nd tallest ride in the park.now enter camp snoopy where its always fun with snoopy!now take a ride on the intanim launch where you launch right into a 130ft top hat.now take a ride in the longest ride in the park The GCI woodie where both sides is a different ride.



Next park is a B&M test park think eruopa park but owned by B&M this one is self explaining.



now finally Thrill Zone City. lets start with a classic B&M invert from the 90s era! this ride is will go with terrain.Next is the biggest baddest 4D coaster on the planet.Next is the second wooden boomerang on the planet with unquie elements never before seen!now a intanim launch coaster like Xcelerator but bigger better and longer!now time for the worlds first Mack Giga with never before seen elements ever!now time for a B&M Flyer with a generic layout.next up is a B&M stand up where you can stand your fears!now for a fun ride with a wild mouse! next up is the longest coaster in the world with this RMC. Next up is the biggest B&M floorless coaster in the world! or you can ride a classic woodie if thats your style and finale a B&M Hyper like no other this beast will be huge!


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