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Photo TR: Dismaland. Weston Super Mare, England

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The issue I have with the whole Dismaland thing is what is it trying to say? Is it a comment on theme parks or a comment on fairgrounds. I'm suspicious because I have worked in the amusement industry for 30 years


It doesn't paint a pretty picture of either and looking at what's inside, despite the fact I work 3 miles away from it I wont go.


It has become a celebrity must do and be seen there (another reason I wont go) also after it closes the site goes back to what it was, and abandoned swimming pool complex on the seafront that nobody can work out what to do with it.


after all banksy is seen as being subversive but he is still charging people money to go and see his concept park...and would you pay to see a pile of rubbish and shopping trolley?


I think you are missing the point. this isnt a comment on fairgrounds or theme parks, its our culture as a whole. It is taking somewhere that is supposed to be a happy place, and using it to showcase how negative the world can actually be. I had never heard of the artist before this, but this looks REALLY well done, and i am trying to figure out if i can make it over there to go see it.


As far as what will happen after, well that is a problem with our culture as a whole. There are many disused public places the world over that now unfortunately sit empty and disused.

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OK. Helped a friend get two tickets for this Thursday show at 11:00 Sept 10. They are not going to be able to use them now, stuck in Amsterdam. So...


2 free tickets up for grabs for Thursday (tomorrow) at 11 am


Please PM Me if you can use them.

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Geat pictures! Thanks for sharing, several people I know have been by the looks of my Facebook feed, but only posted a few photos each. Whilst I'm not into art I think this is one arty place I would actually go.


I like the staff too, I can imagine its hard not to laugh at how grumpy they are. Bet it takes some people ages to get through security!

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^I actually think the Theme Park overlay of the exhibit is a commentary on how society as a whole seems to be obsessed as well as entertained by all the tragedy that surrounds us.


This. A lot of this stuff is generally aimed at a British/European audience, like the migrants on boats who are perpetually floating and chased by police.

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Quite an impressive TR of Dismaland, thanks for being so thorough for those of us who were curious and/or aren't able to go. I've seen Exit Through The Gift Shop several times and it still does my head in. How long were you there for?

I went for three sessions over a day and a half. One day session would be long enough, but I did travel a long way, so I indulged. I did leave early the 2nd day and went 20 minutes away to visit Brean Leisure Park and got three coaster credits in.


I didn't think the park was commenting on theme parks. It was commenting on the way our world is heading and what we are and aren't doing about it. Putting these topics in a fun family environment makes them more striking and starts the conversations about immigration perils, consumerism aimed at children, tabloid culture, .....

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I think people are missing the point with this. It's not a comment about theme parks, it's more a comment on society framed within the subject of a theme park. Theme Parks are simply the display mechanism.


While I agree with you, I also believe they are criticizing the theme park industry quite blatantly.

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