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What's new for 2016

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Just like we did for 2011 - 2015 this thread will serve as a place to house a list of "what's new" for 2016 at major parks and links to the announcements. We encourage you to notify us of any new rides/coasters by posting in this thread.


Discussions about individual rides and parks should continue in the appropriate discussion thread through the links in this thread.


Rumors will not be included. We also don't plan to list every random out of the way upcoming attraction, so outside of major announcements this is limited to parks TPR has covered (or will likely cover in the future) in the Park Index.


New Parks for 2016

AnkaPark (Turkey) - includes 14 coasters

Motiongate (Dubai) - 5 coasters

Legoland Dubai

Ocean Park (Vietnam) - 3 coasters including Led Zeppelin from Hard Rock Park

Hefei Wanda Cultural Tourism City - 4 coasters including Dueling Tilt Coaster and an Intamin

Wanda Xinjian - 4 coasters including a GCI woodie and an Intamin

Fantawild Nanning - one coaster (Vekoma Boomerang)

Wanda Binhu - two coasters, expected to be a wing coaster and accelerator

Wanda Harbin - one coaster

Hangzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Park - 3 coasters including a Gravity Group woodie, Vekoma Boomernag and a Mine Train


New rides/attractions for 2016


Adventureland (Iowa) - Monster (Gerstlauer)

Alabama Splash Adventure - Scrambler

Beech Bend - Spinning Out, SBF Visa spinning coaster

Busch Gardens Tampa - Cobra's Curse (Mack Spinner)

California's Great Adventure - Vortex conversion to floorless

Canada's Wonderland - Skyhawk and Flying Eagles

Carowinds - huge waterpark expansion add five classic flat rides

Cedar Point - Valrvan (B&M Dive Coaster)

CJ Barrymores (Michigan) - Pinfari Cyclone (from Playland's Castaway Cove)

Dollywood - Lightning Rod (launched RMC)

Edaville USA - Kersplash (from Puyallup Fair)

Epcot - Frozen Ever After

Great Escape - Greezed Lightnin' (Larson Super Fireball)

Indiana Beach - Larson Super Loop

Kentucky Kingdom - Storm Chaser (RMC conversion of Twisted Twins)

Kings Dominion - Delirium (Giant Frisbee)

Kings Island - water slide complex

Knott's Berry Farm - Ghost Rider restoration

La Ronde - Vampire to ride backwards, Phoenix (Flying Scooters) and Gravitor

Lake Compounce - Phobia Phear Coaster (Premier launch)

Legoland California - Ninjago Land

Miracle Strip Pier Park - Starliner

Playland's Castaway Cove - 3 new coasters: Gale Force (S&S Launch) and Whirlwind (SBF Visa spinner) and a Miler kiddie coaster

Quassy - waterpark expansion

Sea World Orlando - Mako (B&M hyper)

Silverwood - Mat Racer for Boulder Beach

Six Flags America - Splashwater Falls

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom - Roar to be transformed into Joker

Six Flags Fiesta Texas - three new rides: Fireball, Spinsanity, Hurricane Force 5

Six Flags over Georgia - 12 new rides in 2 areas, major rides Joker Funhouse Coaster, Wonder Woman Flight School (Flying Scooters), Superman Tower of Power (65 ft drop), Daffy Ducks Bucket Blaster (Zamperla Splash Battle)

Six Flags Great America - Justice League: Battle for Metropolis

Six Flags Great Adventure - Total Mayhem (S&S Free Spin)

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Revolution to get new trains with lap bars in 2016

Six Flags Mexico: Justice League: Battle for Metropolis

Six Flags New England: Fireball, Bizarro to be rethemed back to Superman

Six Flags St. Louis: Fireball

Six Flags over Texas: Three new rides: Riddler's Revenge (Giant Frisbee), Catwoman Whip (Zamperla Endeavor??) and Harley Quinn Spinsanity (rethemed Crazy Legs??)

Universal Studios Hollywood - Flight of the Hippogriff and Forbidden Journey

Universal Studios Islands of Adventure: Skull Island: Reign of Kong

Valleyfair - Announcement on September 12th

Wild Adventures - Dinosaurs

Worlds of Fun - Planet Snoopy upgrade, 5 new family rides including Woodstock Gliders and a HUSS Condor and HUSS Troika



Bayern Park - Gerstlauer Sky Fly

Djurs Sommerland - Soulken, a Polyp ride built by Gerstlauer

Energylandia - Vekoma launched coaster, GCI woodie

EuropaPark - renovated children's area, Conversion of Alpen-Expressen into a virtual reality coaster

Fårup Sommerland - Hotel Fårup to open

Gardaland - Adventure Hotel and Kung Fu Panda coaster (spinning Fabbri)

Hansa Park - Wave swinger and Kleine Zar( kiddie coaster)

Kolmarden - Wildfire (RMC woodie)

Legoland Billund - Ninjago (new area includes a dark ride)

Nigloland - Funtime drop tower and a Zierer kiddie drop tower

Parc Asterix - Disk-O (DiscoBelix) and possibly a Zamperla Suspended Windshear

Paulton's Park - Raptor (Vekoma family boomerang) and Flight of Pterosaur (Vekoma Suspended)

Phantasialand - Taron (Intamin)

Plopsaland de Panne - Heidi The Ride (GCI woodie)

Terra Mitica - Grand Luxor Hotel opening

Thorpe Park: dark ride

Tivoli Gardens - flat ride from HUSS, the evolution of the Condor

Tusenfryd - Rapid River

Walibi Belgium - Pulsar (Mack Powersplash)

Walibi Holland - Lost Gravity (Mack Mega coaster)

Walibi Rhone Alps - Timber (Gravity Group woodie)


Middle East

Ferrari World - Flying Aces (tallest loop) and an Intamin




Everland - a New Fun House and Panda Exhibit

Fantawild Dreamland (Tong'an) - Vekoma suspended

Hong Kong Disneyland - Iron Man simulator

Tokyo Disneyland - addition of fourth hotel

Universal Studios Japan - B&M flyer



South America

Fantasilandia - relocation of Devil Devil Run (from Ratanga Junction)

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Looks like a great year! (Not as *spectacular as last year IMO but still great!) Thanks for putting this together, by the way. It must have been maddening after a while


It is not maddening unless you read the comments people make about the additions.

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The looping "coasters" are taking over! Everybody head for the hills before they take over Six Flags and move on to Cedar Fair!


With the new dive coaster coming and pipescream "counting" as a coaster according to the park, maybe CP could build a dueling set of Fireballs and retake the Coaster Capital record

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Some more...



new parks

Shanghai Disneyland (China)

Fantawild Hangzhou (China) (Gravity Group woodie)

Fantawild Nanning (China)

IMG Worlds of Adventure (UAE) (Bluefire-clone + Spinning Coaster)

Wanda Binhu (China) (flying coaster + accelerator)

Wanda Harbin (China)

Wanda Hefei (China) (dueling tilt coaster + Intamin Yolocoaster)

Wanda Xinjian (China) (GCI woodie + Intamin hyper)



Chessington - new flat ride + high ropes course

Duinrell - Gerstlauer Sky Fly

Europa-Park - new kids area

Fårup Sommerland - hotel

Futuroscope - Flying Theater (like Soarin)

Gardaland - second hotel

Legoland Denmark - new Ninjago area

Legoland Germany - third hotel

Nigloland - Funtime drop tower + kiddie drop tower

Parque Warner Madrid - hotel

Rodel- und Freizeitparadies St. Englmar - Zierer Family Coaster

Terra Mitica - hotel



Ferrari World - Dynamic Attractions SFX Coaster



Hong Kong Disneyland - Iron-Man motion simulator

Tokyo Disney Resort - fourth hotel (retheme of the "Palm & Fountain Terrace" partner hotel)




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Thanks, I was able to confirm some of the ones I did not know about previously, do you have confirmation (links to articles or websites) for the following



Chessington - new flat ride + high ropes course

Duinrell - Gerstlauer Sky Fly

Legoland Germany - third hotel

Parque Warner Madrid - hotel



RCDB stills shows Shanghai Disneyland, IMG, Wanda Hefei, Wanda Xinjian and Ferrari World's Missions Ferrari with 2015 openings, these remaining parks below I'll check if someone has posted links on TPR yet


new parks

Fantawild Hangzhou (China) (Gravity Group woodie) (not sure how this is listed in rcdb)

Fantawild Nanning (China) 2016???

Wanda Binhu (China) (flying coaster + accelerator) 2016???

Wanda Harbin (China) 2016???

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Everland is getting pandas for 2016: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1585731#p1585731 and a new fun house: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=70969&p=1633612#p1633612


Whatever is going on in Global Villages building could also be 2016 with the timing of when it was shuttered but it could also be 2017. I'm thinking 2016 since the flume ride had a similar replacement schedule last year. Also a hotel resort in 2017 to replace Eagle's Fortress whenever that thread opens up.

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