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Hi Guys


It is late summer and that means in Switzerland that it's time fore some Fun Fairs! 2 weeks ago I've been to the Fun Fair in Wetzikon in the Canton Zürich. It's one of the larger ones in Switzerland. I went there by train.

When I arrived, I didn't went directly to the Fun Fair. I visited first my Grandpa, who lives in Wetzikon. I asked him, if he wants to come with me to the fair and he said yes. So we walked there. First I rode Swing Up, which is an old, but nice ride. After it, I went on Crazy Mouse, a spinning Wild Mouse. Then I went on the 80m (267ft) tall Swiss Tower, a drop tower. After riding it, I ate a chocolate banana and my grandpa and I went on the ferris wheel. Later I went on a 30m (100ft) tall Starflyer. Next rides were: Crazy Run (overbanked turn machine! ), Tower (kiddie Free Fall), Polyp (a Polyp ) and Mexico (Fun House). I didn't rode the pendulum rides because I know they'll make me sick. On the way back, I rode the Swiss Tower and Crazy Mouse again. It was now tome to go and I bought some caramel and sugared almonds. After I walked to my Grandfather's home, I said goodbye to him and I went on the train home.

It was a cool day and we had fun.


I made some POV's there and the one of the Drop Tower is already online, here it is:




And now the photos:


Then Crazy Mouse, a spinning wild Mouse


Next up, the Ferris Wheel


Uh, I don't want to fall off the track in the curves!


But first to get warm, a ride on a classical, cheap, long and fun ride!


Is that a drop tower?


Wohoo, 267ft drop tower!


From the back


After I got spinned around a lot, I went on the Swiss Tower.


After the Starflyer, I went on a ride called crazy run, where you can ride a lot overbanked turns! ;)


Fun ride


These fun Houses are always fun...


As when I wrote this post, it is Fun Fair at the time in my home Town, and one of the rides you saw there is also here, which one is it? You'll see it in a few days.


Tecnical facts, but in german


Then Polyp


Pendulum ride


These people are so tiny


And more rides!


View of the fair from the Ferris Wheel

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Looks like fun thanks for sharing!
Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more pictures.

No Problem

The Mexico themed fun house in Switzerland made the report for me! lol

Lol, I also made a "POV"

Thanks for the photos. Nice to see a picture of the Funtime drop tower. That thing is huge to be portable. I also can imagine how awesome the Polyp would be at night with all the lights on it.

You're welcome. Sadly I couldn't stay till it was dark, because I had school on the next day. But soon you'll see some nighttime pics of the Fun Fair in my Home Town!

The Drop tower is Huge and makes also a Huge fun!

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So here is my second part of this Photot TR: The Fun Fair in my home town, Einsiedeln.


The Fair was 3 days from Sunday till Tuesday (yesterday). I went on all 3 days and on Friday to look which rides are there. Because it would be to much text if I write to every day something, I just tell something about the rides I rode:


Alpenblitz: (Powered Coaster) it's a nice kiddie ride, but nothing for people with long legs, like me! My knees hurted a bit after the ride. It is also slower than other powered coasters, but that's because of the smaller tracks and tighter curves.


Disco Express: Fun & old ride which makes fun.


Bumper Cars: well, it's a bumper car...


Swiss Tower: Awesome 80m (267ft) Funtime drop tower!


Now to the photos:


This is the place where all the rides are.


No crowds!


Speed, I didn't rode it because I didn't wanted to puke on someone during the ride!


For all powered coaster nerds here! ;)


Powered coaster


Disco Express


Bumper cars are parked


And I'm feeling tiny with my height of 6ft 1-2in


It's soo talll


Südseewelle (southseawave)


Swiss tower in parking position


Everyone is bumping into each other


It doesn't matters where you are in my town, you'll see the drop tower! I saw it while I left the supermarket...


... while walking around in the town.....! Oh and on top of the tower you still have sunlight!


It's still or again up there


Finally It's sunday and I can go to the fair!


I'd say that the vehicle spent the most time up there than down on the loading platform! ;)


More crowds


Now there are some crowds


Ohh noo, Helix of death! Wee


Ghost train


Excepted if there are clowds


Oktoberfest colours?


Night with the colorful Swiss Tower: rainbow


...when I come or go with the train...


Speed & Disco Express


Alpenblitz by night


Swiss Flag!


And have a nice ride you guys who are going up the Swiss Tower!


Actually I'm now "finished" with this Photo TR, but maybe I'll hit some more Fun Fairs the coming weeks. I'll try to wisit the Funfair in Zürich, which is the largest one in Switzerland.

I hope you enjoyed watching & reading my Photo TR.


The white Swiss + with the red, like the Swiss Flag is, looked very cool!

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Here is my TR of my visit to the Knabenschiessen in Zürich, Switzerland's largest Fun Fair from Sunday september 13th.


Sorry that it took that long, but I had no time to write the TR because of School!


So now let's start with the TR:

We arrived there at 2:30pm by train and we walked the street where the market was straight up to the rides. First we rode the Disco Express, Swing up and The Time Machine, a simulator where they played a few POV's from Alton Towers! So can I now add Nemesis, the powered coaster and the Schwarzkopf shuttle loop to my count?

Next we went on the drop tower, then a small fun house. Sadly the Mexico Fun House wasn't there! after we rode another simulator, which had 20 different films, my friend ran out of money, so we searched an ATM. There was a single one in the back of a van, but a looong line in front of it! While he was waiting in line, I went on Crazy Run and bought a drink meanwhile he got about 6ft further in the line. Because I was a bit hungry I bought some french fries. After waiting about 5 more minutes, he finally got his money! Then he went on Tagada, than on Monster. While he rode the Monster, I went on Around the World, a 200ft tall starflyer, where I had to wait about 15 minutes to ride! We bumped into other peoples on the bumper cars and we looked if anyone of us can do the "human powered loop" and I almost made it! We went on the Swiss Tower again and then we got in line for Crazy Mouse and 30min later we finally were sitting in the coaster! Jep 30min waiting at the Fun Fair! Oh and nearly everyone tried to cut the line! After we rode it we walked down the market street, bought something to eat and we went back to the train station to go home.


And now to the photos:


Drop Tower, I can see you!


Another angle


But Disco Express isn't a problem!


Swing Up too!


Huge pendulum ride


Some other ride


Swiss Tower,!wait, there's another tower on the left!


But that's not the drop tower, It's a Starflyer


This one too


I didn't rode this ride like many rides because I didn't wanted that my lunch leaves my stomach...


Classic ride


This ride does a lot loop de loop


Breakdance, idk!




200ft Starflyer


Did I mention that you can see the drop tower from the whole fun Fair? Like here


While waiting in line I had plenty of time to do some photos...


And here


Oh and the Simulator with Alton Towers POV's!


Drop Tower Time!


Nerd shot of the cable winch!


Fun House


Well themed ride




It's getting dark



And the lights are switching on



And now here ends this Photo Trip Report. I hope you like the photos. If you have any questions, you can ask me! There will be some POV comming soon and I'll post it here if I uploaded a new one!

BTW: WC means restroom in german and there I have to go now! ;)




Crazy Mouse

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The Mexico themed fun house in Switzerland made the report for me! lol


As a half Swiss, half Mexican person... I approve!



Here is my Walk On POV of the Mexico Themed Fun House, sadly with traffic, uhm pedestrian jam!



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Personally, I would enclose that Mexico Fun House, and then hit it with tons of lights and special effects,

all to do with the CHUPACABRA chasing after everybody! Popping out in unexpected places.



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How in the hell do they install the star flyer and drop ride so quickly?!! It was at one fair and then 3 days later was at another?


They don't require the use of a crane. They use hydraulics to raise and lower themselves in a manner similar to an expanding pole.

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Yesterday I've visited the LUGA in Lucerne, which is a convention, but has a small fun fair next to it. The main reason was the Drifting Coaster, why I went there. I was there only for an hour, because there weren't many rides I wanted to ride, because I didn't wanted to get sick

I've also mad a front- & reverse-POV of the Drifting Coaster! Here it is:




And now to the photos:


Leaving the train station and seeing this =)


Here I am


Almost there


Kiddie ride? Uhm, no thanks


The new for 2016 Drifting Coaster? YESSSSS




And a family slide

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