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What is your favorite product from each manufacturer?

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Just doing coasters here...


B&M - Inverted, with flying coming in a close second.

Intamin - Giga, but pretty much everything they make

Premier - Sky Rocket II/Triple Launch Coaster (Tempesto, Sky Scream, etc.)

Arrow - 4th dimension roller coaster

Vekoma - Mine Train (this says a lot about the quality of their bigger installations...)

Mack - Launched Coaster

Schwarzkopf - Classic Looping Coaster

Gerstlauer - Infinity Coaster

Giovanola - Hyper Coaster


I need to ride more major coasters by Zamperla, Zierer, Morgan, TOGO and Maurer-Söhne to judge them fairly. GCI, GG, Dinn, RMC etc. are pretty self-explanatory...

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Intamin-Woodie with Giga a close second

Arrow-Multi Looper

Premier-Spaghetti Bowl


RMC-Iron Horse Treatment


ARM-Drop Tower



S&S-Double Shot

Arrow-Mine Train


And let's see who can guess my favorite type from GCi,CCI, and Gravity Group?


You guessed it, Woodie!!!

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B&M - Dive Machines

Intamin - Hypers

Premier - Launch coasters

S&S - El Loco

Larson - Freefall Tower, duh!

Arrow - Corkscrew Coasters

Vekoma - Mine trains

HUSS - Frisbees

Funtime - Slingshot/Star Flyer

Chance - The Hyper GTX coaster (aka Lightning Run)

Schwarzkopf - Shuttle Loop

Zamperla- Air Race

Gerstlauer: Eurofighter

MACK: Water Coaster

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Arrow - 4D Coaster (Eejanaika if it counts towards S&S, otherwise X2)

B&M - Invert (Montu), but favorite overall is Kumba

Chance - Hyper GTX

Dynamic Attractions - Flying Theater and Radiator Spring Racers system

Fabbri - Drop Tower

Funtime - Star Flyer

Gerstlauer - Infinity Coaster (Monster)

Golden Horse - New gen mine train

Hopkins - NOTHING!

HUSS - Break Dance

Intamin - Blitz Coaster

Jiuhua - HUSS Booster knock-off

Larson - Super Loop

Mack - Mega Coaster (Flash)

Maurer - Looping Coaster (Venus)

Mondial - Windseeker

Morgan - Hyper coaster (SD2000)

Premier - Spaghetti Bowl

RMC - Topper Track (Outlaw Run)

Sansei - Pirates of the Caribbeans at SHDL

S&S - Launch coaster (Dodonpa)

Senyo - Family Coaster (Vanish)

Schwarzkopf - Shuttle Loop

Togo - Hyper coaster (Fujiyama)

Vekoma - Motor Coaster (TRON)

Zamperla - Giant Discovery

Zierer - wave swinger

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Here's my very long list of favourite products from each manufacturer!


Arrow Dynamics- Suspended Coaster

B&M- Hyper Coaster

Barr Engineering- Log Flume

Chance- Sea Dragon

Chance Morgan- Hyper Coasters

Charlie Dinn- Wooden (The Beast at Kings Island)

Eli Bridge- Scrambler

Eyerly- Monster

Fabbri- Mega Drop

Funtime- Slingshot

Gerstlauer- Sky Roller

Hopkins- Shoot The Chutes/ Splash Boats

Huss- Giant Enterprise

Intamin- Giant Drop

KMG- Spin Out

Larson- Fire Ball

Lusse Bros- Bumper Cars (Krachenwagen at Canada's Wonderland)

Mack Rides- Calypso

Maurer- Wild Mouse

Mondial- Top Scan

Premier- LIM Launched Coasters (with inversions)

PTC- Wooden Coaster (The Racer at Kings Island or Thunder Hawk at Dorney Park)

Reverchon- Portable Log Flume

S&S- Screamin' Swing (Combo Tower comes at an extremely close second!)

Sally Corporation- Boo Blasters (Kings Island)

Sellner- Tilt-A-Whirl

Tivoli- Orbiter

TOGO- Stand-Up Coaster

Vekoma- Flying Dutchman Coaster

Wisdom- Avalanche

Zamperla- Vertical Swing

Zierer- Wave Swinger

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Arrow Dynamics - Log Flume

B&M - Hyper

Funtime - Star Flyer

Gerstlauer - Infinity Coaster

Intamin - Plug N' Play Wooden Coaster

Mack - Launched coaster

RMC - Topper Track

S&S - Screamin' Swing

Vekoma - Custom Mine Train (Expedition: Everest)

Zamperla - Disk-O

Zierer - Custom Schwarzkopf (Lisebergbanan)

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Surprised I didn't see this sooner, I like this thread!



B&M - Flying coasters. Especially Starry Sky Scraper.


Intamin - This is a tough one, Intamin has a lot of great designs. People will crucify me for saying it, but I absolutely love the ZacSpin. I love the russian roulette style experience, you never know if you'll get killed, get a great ride, or get absolutely nothing. Not knowing is awesome.


Premier - Launched Spaghetti Bowl


S&S - 4D Free Spin


Arrow - 4th Dimension (X was originally an Arrow before it became S&S)


Vekoma - Definitely the GIB. Need to get out to SFNE to visit Deja Vu soon.


Zamperla - Motocoasters are fun.


Mack - I am a sucker for spinning coasters, I love that the ride is different every lap. I love Undertow at SCBB.

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Mack - I am a sucker for spinning coasters, I love that the ride is different every lap. I love Undertow at SCBB.


I'm pretty sure Undertow is a Maurer Sohne spinner, not a Mack.


But anyway...


Mack - Mack Launched - Blue Fire really surprised me. The launch was average, but the second half of the ride was great, especially the ejector inline twist.


B&M - Hyper - I was lucky enough to ride Silver Star in the front row with little to no trims. The floater air was plentiful and fun, but not that strong. Raging Bull was also a standout ride even with trims.


Intamin - Wing - Skyrush's airtime. Do I need to say more?


RMC - Hybrid - Only been on TC, Goliath, and Joker. TC was the standout.


Premier - Sky Rocket II - Superman in the front was an amazing experience. The airtime coming into the roll and the hangtime in it make a great ride.


Arrow - 4D - I really like X2 on its good days.


Gerstlauer - Eurofighter


Morgan - Hyper


Vekoma - Custom Mine Train - Expedition Everest is a great ride, not just for the theming (but it does play a big role)

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Time for a redo.

B&M- Hyper. I've only ridden Raging Bull and Nitro, but Nitro has great airtime and it's also my Favorite B&M.

RMC- I-Box conversion. 4 out of the 5 RMCs I've ridden are I-Box conversions and all of them are great rides. Wicked Cyclone is probably the best RMC out there in my opinion.

Intamin- Prefabricated Wooden Coaster. El Toro is my favorite coaster overall, so it's no surprise that the Prefab Woodie is my favorite product from them.

Zamperla- Giant Discovery. Riddler Revenge at SFOT is the only Giant Discovery I've ridden, but it sure is my favorite flat ride.

S&S- Free Spin. They're everywhere, I know, but all 4 of the ones I've ridden are pretty fun rides.

Premier- LIM Coasters. Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast is my third favorite launched coaster behind Thunderbird and Storm Runner respectively, and the Spaghetti Bowl coasters are fun and compact.

GCI-Millennium Flyers. Probably the best-looking wooden coaster trains that aren't PTC trains. Timberliners do look cool though.

Vekoma-Flying Dutchman. None of the Vekomas I've ridden have really stood out to me other than Batwing at SFA. Most of them are Boomerangs, SLCs or Junior Coasters.

PTC- Wooden Coaster trains. They're probably the first thing to come to mind to any Wooden Coaster.

Schwarzkopf-Looping Coaster. Shockwave is probably the coaster I've pulled the most G-forces on and SooperDooperLooper was probably the ride I've ridden that's aged the best.

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I'll base off what I have ridden.

B&M: Hyper or Inverted Coaster

Intamin: Giga or Bitz Coaster

S&S: El Loco or Screamin Swing

Vekoma: Flying Dutchman

Arrow: Custom Looping Coaster or Log Flume

Zamperla: Disk'O

Mack: Bobsled Coaster

HUSS: Enterprise or Frisbee

Premier: Spaghetti Bowl

RMC: Topple Track

Gerstlauer: Euro- Fighter

Schwarzkopf: Looping Coaster

Larson: Super Loop

Funtime: SkyScreamer

Chance: Chaos

Mondial: WindSeeker

SDC: Galaxi

Eli Bridge: Scrambler

Zierer: Wave Swinger

Sally Corp: Classic Shooters(Dens of Lost Thieves)

Hrubetz: Paratrooper

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B&M - Inverts or Standups (ducks)

Intamin - As much as I like Maverick, I think Giga/Hyper.

Premier - Shuttle Launcher (Chiller, Freeze)

S&S - Whatever Powder Keg is.

Arrow - Megalooper

Vekoma - GIB

Morgan - Hyper

Schwarzkopf - Looper

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Out of the coasters I've ridden so far:


B&M - flying coaster

Intamin - Accelerator

Premier - launched, looping coaster

S&S - 4D, controlled-spin coaster

Arrow - mega-looper

Vekoma - Boomerang

Schwarzkopf - looping coaster

RMC - I-Box hybrid

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Arrow - I guess regular loopers because of Tennessee Tornado?

B&M - Don't kill me but wing coasters

Intamin - Blitz (Maverick/Cheetah Hunt)

S&S - Screamin Swing

Vekoma - Flying Dutchman

RMC - Launched wooden coasters (when they're open)

Premier - Full Throttle!!!!

HUSS - Giant Frisbee! I love these things

Gravity Group - I guess since they don't technically have anything other than wood coasters - Voyage

Mondial - Windseeker (these things scare the pee out of me)

CCI - Same story as GG but Legend reborn

GCI - Millenium Flyer trains (I'll take these things over PTC any day)

Chance - Hyper GTX

Sally - Who doesn't love a good turkey calling experience?

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B&M: Floorless

RMC: Topper Track

Intamin: Blitz

GCI: Out and back wood coaster

Morgan: Hyper

Arrow: Suspended

Vekoma: Boomerang

Premier: Sky Rocket III


Mondial: Windseeker

S&S: Double Shot

HUSS: Top Spin

Chance: Wipeout

Larson: Flying Scooters

Eli Bridge: Scrambler

Zamperla: Disk-O

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Arrow Dynamics - Log Flume

B&M - Hyper

Funtime - Star Flyer

Gerstlauer - Infinity Coaster

Intamin - Blitz coaster

Mack - Launched coaster

Maurer Söhne - Spinning coaster

RMC - Topper Track

S&S - Screamin' Swing

Vekoma - Custom Mine Train (Expedition: Everest)

Zamperla - Disk-O

Zierer - Custom Schwarzkopf (Lisebergbanan)


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