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What is your favorite product from each manufacturer?

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Had a conversation w/ a friend about this so thought this might be interesting to post here. Knowing my luck there is probably a thread about this (mods please merge if so?)


What is everyones favorite product/model from each manufacturer?

Obviously it should be something you have actually ridden.


For instance mine would be:


B&M - inverts

Intamin - hypers/blitz/prefabs

Premier - spaghetti bowl launcher

S&S - Screaming Swing

Larson - drop tower

Arrow - mine trains? lol

Vekoma - SLC (its either that or boomerang for me, at least SLCs are not boring)

HUSS - enterprise

Funtime - Star Flyer

Morgan - hypers

Chance - Pharaoh's Fury/swinging ships

Schwarzkopf - Bayern Kurve

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Top Posters In This Topic

B&M - inverts

Intamin - hypers/giga

Premier - full throttle looks fun


Larson - drop tower

RMC - I box

Arrow - Log FLume

Vekoma - SLC

HUSS - giant frissbee

Sally - I guess dark rides

Morgan - hypers

Chance - Hyper lite gtx

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B&M - Hypers

Intamin - Hyper (Mega) coasters

Arrow - Hypers or near hypers (e.g., Magnum, Viper, Shockwave)

Schwarzkopf -- clutch launched loopers (e.g., Montezooma's Revenge) and Jet Star III (?) (e.g., Whizzer)

Vekoma - disney coasters!

Morgan - hypers

Premier - only been on Speed, but I liked it

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B&M - Inverters

Intamin - Hyper/Mega Coasters

Premier - Sky Rocket II

S&S - Screaming Swing

RMC - I-Box

Arrow - Hyper Coasters

Vekoma - Mine Trains

HUSS - Breakdance


Plus a few more manufacturers to add into the mix


Gerstlauer - Infinity Coaster

Mondial - Top Scan

Mack - Launch Coasters

KMG - Afterburner 32

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B&M - Invert, hyper

Intamin - Hyper, LSM launch (Maverick)

Vekoma - GIB, Invertigo

Premier - LIM Launch Shuttle (i.e. Mr. Freeze)

HUSS - Troika, Condor

Mack - Sea Storm, Musik Express

Zamperla - Giant Discovery, Disk'O Coaster

Larson - Super Shot, Flying Scooters

Zierer - LIM launched coaster (i.e. Verbolten), Wave Swinger

Arrow - Looping coasters (i.e. Vortex, Drachen Fire), suspended coasters

S&S - Screamin' Swing

Mondial - Top Scan

Schwarzkopf - Bayern Kurve, speedracer (i.e. Whizzer)

Eyerly - Monster (like CP's and KI's)

Chance - Hyper

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Fun topic, and a little different. The company I have the most experience with is B&M, having been on several of their models (sit-down looper, floorless, hyper, invert, wing, flyer)


Arrow - Mine Train (Thunderation)

B&M - sit-down looper (Wildfire)

Chance - Pirate Ship

Eli Bridge - Ferris wheel

Funtime - Star Flyer

Gerstlauer - spinning coaster (though I'm sure I'll like Eurofighters and Infinity coasters better once I get to ride one)

Hopkins - log flume

HUSS - Condor

Intamin - rapids ride (but the only coasters of theirs I've ridden are American Eagle and Vertical Velocity)

Larson - Flying Scooters

Mack - Twist 'n' Splash (Tsunami Soaker)

Mondial - Windseeker

Morgan - Hyper coaster

Moser - drop tower

Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters - anything by John Allen

Premier - LIM Launch Shuttle (Mr. Freeze)

RMC - Topper Track (Outlaw Run)

S&S - Screamin' Swing

Sally - Justice League: Battle for Metropolis

Schwarzkopf - Looping Star (Silver Bullet)

Tivoli - Troika

Vekoma - suspended family coaster (Steel Lasso)

Zamperla - Disko

Zierer - flying carpet

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Arrow - 4D Coaster

B&M - Invert

Chance - Hyper GTX

Gerstlauer - Eurofighter

HUSS - Enterprise, Top Spin

Intamin - Blitz, Hyper

Larson - Super Loop

Mack - Sea Storm

Mondial - Windseeker

Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters - Phoenix/Comet

Premier - Sky Rocket I

RMC: Ibox

S&S - Space Shot

Schwarzkopf - Enterprise

Vekoma - Boomerang

Zamperla - Motocoaster

Zierer - Impulse

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Ooh I like the idea of this thread. Here's my input:


B&M - inverts, for sure.

Intamin - Blitz or Terra whatever people call them. Maverick, Monstre, etc

Premier - X car customs, aka sky rocket style.

S&S - Screaming Swing

Larson - drop tower

RMC - Only been on the woodie version, so I guess that!

Arrow - 4D or loopers

Vekoma - Flying dutchmans


Sally - N/A

Morgan - hypers

Chance - Mega Lites (Lightning Run)

Schwarzkopf - Shuttle Coasters.

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Arrow - Hyper Coaster (Magnum XL 200)

B&M - Sit Down Looper (Kumba)

Chance - Zipper

Funtime - Star Flyer

Gerstlauer - EuroFighter (Fluch von Novgorod)

Giovonola - Hyper Coaster (Goliath & Titan)

Hopkins - Desert Storm

HUSS - Kieppi

Intamin - Pre-Fab Woodie (El Toro)

Larson - Shock Drop

Mack - Spinning Coaster (Euro Mir)

Maurer Söhne - X Car (Shock)

Mondial - Windseeker

Morgan - Hyper Coaster (Phantom's Revenge)

Moser - Gyro Loop

Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters - Phoenix

Premier - LIM Spaghetti Bowl (Poltergeist)

RMC - Topper Track (Outlaw Run)

Reverchon - Spinning Coaster (Primeval Whirl)

S&S - 4D Coaster (X2)

Sally - Gobbler Getaway

Schwarzkopf - Double Looper (Colossus the Fire Dragon)

Tivoli - Orbiter

Vekoma - Giant Inverted Boomerang (DejaVu)

Zamperla - Motorbike Coasters that aren't Pony Express

Zierer -Tower Launch Coaster (Wicked)

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B&M - Dive Machine

Intamin - Hydraulic Launch Coasters. IE: Top Thrill Dragster.

Premier - LIM Launched Shuttle Coaster. IE: Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast.

S&S - Combo Shot Towers. IE: Superman Tower Of Power at SFOT.

Larson - Drop Towers

RMC - iBox Track.

Arrow - mine trains? lol

Vekoma - Inverted Boomerang. IE: Invertigo at Kings Island.

HUSS - Nothing. To many of their rides are spin-n-puke, and I'm not about that life.

Sally - N/A

Morgan - Hyper Coasters

Chance - Pharaoh's Fury

Schwarzkopf - Shuttle Coasters IE: Greezed Lightin'

Maurer Söhne - SkyLoop

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Arrow - Hypers Coaster (Magnum XL 200)

B&M - Giga/Hypers (Tough call, since I love so many of their products!)

Chance - Chaos

Gerstlauer - Coastersaurus (Clearly, I haven't been on many Gerstlauer's! )

Giovonola - Hyper (Considering I don't even like Goliath, it's no wonder they went bankrupt!)

HUSS - Giant Frisbee

Intamin - Blitz/LSM Launch Coaster (Maverick)

Larson - Super Loop (barely edging out the Tilt-a-Whirl - yipee...)

Mack - Log Flume (Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls)

Mondial - Windseeker

Morgan - Hyper Coaster (Phantom's Revenge)

Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters - Blue Streak

Premier - Batman and Robin - The Chiller ( )

Reverchon - Spinning Coaster (Exterminator)

RMC - Haven't ridden any yet (But I imagine it will be Goliath in a week! )

S&S - 4D Coaster (X2)

Sally - Dark Rides

Schwarzkopf - Shuttle Loop (Montezooma's Revenge)

Vekoma - Expedition Everest (Imagine my shock when I realized a Vekoma was in my Top 10!)

Zamperla - Spinning Wild-Mouse (Ragin' Cajun)

Zierer - Jaguar (By default, I think it's their only coaster I've ridden!)

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The number of manufacturers I pull out of thin air will be a good indicator of how much I'm trying to kill time at work today. Okay here goes... I'm leaving out any manufacturer where I haven't ridden at least 2 types of products they offer which includes RMC.


Arrow: Log Flumes (honorable mention to suspended coasters)

Bisch-Rocco: Flyers

B&M: Inverts (My favorite 2 B&M coasters are Fury and Kumba but Inverts are the most consistently great)

Chance: Zipper!

Dinn: I don't count Wild One or the Beast, so I'm going with Mean Streak. Hi haters!

Eyerly: Roll O Plane

Frank Hrubetz & Company: Paratrooper (these guys made them, Round Ups, Tip Tops and a few others).

Funtime: Sky Screamer

Gerstlauer: Euro Fighters, especially of the mysterious and mine-y variety

Hopkins: Log Flume

Huss: Giant Frisbee

Intamin: Basically everything but I guess Giga's. Honorable mention to wood coasters and 1st gen freefalls.

Larson: Drop Towers

Mack: Log Flume

Mondial: Windseeker

Morgan: Hypers

Premier: Spaghetti Bowls

Schwarzkopf: Everything!

S&S: Drop Towers... Hypersonic was awful

Togo: lol... standups I guess even though I hate them

Vekoma: Giant Inverted Boomerang (when running Vekoma trains) Honorable mention to the Mad House (Houdini).

Zamperla: Frisbee


And last but certainty not least (they made Space Spiral so I can count them... get your drink ready everyone...)


Von Roll: Sky Rides

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Arrow: Log Flumes (honorable mention to suspended coasters)

Hopkins: Log Flume

Mack: Log Flume


This. We need more log flumes!


And last but certainty not least (they made Space Spiral so I can count them... get your drink ready everyone...)


Von Roll: Sky Rides

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Arrow-Log Flume




Chance-Hyper GTX


Gerstlauer-Iron Rattler trains






Larson-Drop Tower


Mack- Hyper


Premier- Full Throttle




S&S-drop tower


Schwarzkopf- Triple Looper


vekoma- Giant Inverted Boomerang

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Arrow - Hyper Coaster

B&M - Hyper Coaster

Chance - Zipper

Funtime - Star Flyer

Gerstlauer - Spinning Coaster

Giovonola - Hyper Coaster

Hopkins - Log Flume

Huss - Jump 2

Intamin - Pre-Fab Wooden Coaster

KMG - Fireball

Larson - Drop Tower

Mack - Spinning Coaster

Maurer Söhne - X Car

Mondial - Top Scan

Morgan - Hyper Coaster

Moser - Frisbee

Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters - Wooden Coaster

Premier - Sky Rocket II

RMC - I-Box

Reverchon - Spinning Coaster

S&S - 4D Coaster

Sally - Shooting Dark Ride

Schwarzkopf - Looping Coaster

SDC - Matterhorn

Tivoli - Orbiter

Vekoma - Anything at Disney

Zamperla - Power Surge

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This is pretty neat thread. I'll post these as they come into my mind, I don't have the patience to make it alphabetical lol.


B&M-Inverts (haven't ridden all that many but Raptor and Batman kick all kinda of behind)

Intamin--Prefab/Giga (looked though my list of fav Intamins and I have El Toro followed by both Gigas so not sure which to choose overall)

Vekoma--Flying Dutchman (they're not *that* bad)

Premier--Spaghetti bowl launchers

GCI--Idk... something smoother than Roar

Arrow--Log Flumes/hyper (haven't ridden Magnum on a good day so I need to give it credit as it was at least 'okay')

Larson--haven't ridden their drop tower so I guess flying scooters


I'll basically stop there because I'm not a huge flat ride person and I haven't travelled all too much.

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  • 4 weeks later...

ARM: Drop tower

Arrow: Thunderation

B+M: Nemesis

CCI: BoulderDash

Chance: Hyper-GTX / Zipper (tie)

Dinn: RMC support structures

Fabbri: Spinning Madness

GCI: Millennium Flyer trains

Gerstlauer: Heiße Fahrt

Giovanola: EuroStar

Gravity Group: Voyage

GravityKraft: Timberliners

Herbert Schmeck: the Coney Island Cyclone

Hopkins: Policy Lake Mining Co. (The log flume at Canobie)

HUSS: Giant Frisbee

Intamin: Maverick

Interpark: Wild Wind

John Allen: Racer @ Kings Island

John Miller: Upstop wheels


KumbaK: SLC trains

Lagoon: Cannibal

Mack: Helix

Maurer Söhne: SC-2000

PAX: Wild Train (you know which one)

Pinfari: XP56

Prior + Church: Aeroplane Coaster

PTC: Station air gates

Ride Centerline: whatever they feed Alan Schilke when he comes into work

RMC: the I-box track

Sally: Mine of Lost Souls (best dark ride ever IMO, partially because no shooting random stuff)

Schwarzkopf: Olympia Looping / Mind Bender @ Galaxyland (tie)

SDC / S&MC: Windstorm / Hurricane

S+S: the El Loco standard model

Traver Engineering: Cyclone Racer

TrioTech: I know jack about these guys.

Vekoma: SLC (with new/KumbaK trains)

Zamperla: Air Race


I'm sure I'm missing some. Oh well.

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