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[RCT2] Liseberg

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Hi ThemeParkReview.


Park is now finished



You can download it here if you want.


Here is the overview, a 9 MB screenshot.





I thought i should share a few screenshots of my Liseberg recreation. If i remember correctly this project started in late 2014. I've been working hard since. It isn't that much to do left, but i suppose it's at least 1 week until it's entirely finished.


The real park is the biggest amusement park in Scandinavia. The park has some really good coasters, for example Balder, Helix, Lisebergbanan and Kanonen. A lot of members here on the forum followed the construction work of Helix in the "Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, & Donkeys!" section, so i thought maybe some of you may like to know about this recreation.

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^^That looks great! I would love to see more pictures, particularly of the rides.


and I'll be visiting it in two weeks


What day are you going? I might be in the area around your visit, a meet-up could be fun.

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Holy crap! This looks awesome!


Thank you very much.


Wow this looks really accurate! Please post more shots around the park! Liseberg is my favourite park (and I'll be visiting it in two weeks) so It'd be fun to see every ride and coaster in tiny RCT versions before visiting them in real life


Thank you.

Nice! Yes, Liseberg is great! Hope you have a great trip.


^^That looks great! I would love to see more pictures, particularly of the rides.


Thank you.



Kanonen & Balder.


Lisebergbanan & Helix

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How did you change track styles within the same coaster?


It's actually a hack, made with 8 cars.

There is a tutorial here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=62508


Looks great!


Thank you. Glad you like it.




This is what the overview looks like right now. The 3 amazing Gothia Towers are in place. They aren't finished yet, but it's getting closer.


Lisebergshjulet and Helix station


Flumeride and rowing boat area.

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Hey TPR,


Long time no see.

I decided to work on this park a little while longer, to make it as good as possible. Therefore no release yet.

I've been busy with school lately and haven't had the time to finish it.


Hopefully this is done around Christmas (definitely next year)

Follow my project at New Element: http://www.nedesigns.com/project/295/liseberg/


Here are some new screens. Hope you enjoy:


Overview from today:



Restaurant Trebello:



Interested in fast food instead? Try Comics!


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Hey TPR.


This is my last update before the release on nedesigns.com.

I will post the download link here when the park is up. Hope you all like it.


There are a few things left to do before it's finished. I recently hit the object limit. But it's not the biggest problem.

Here are a few new screenshots. Hope you enjoy.


The station buildings of Helix and Atmosfear have gotten a new and more accurate look. I also added the IMAscore Helix soundtrack into the game. I hope to be able to get the new Mack custom trains made by X7123M3-256 on nedesigns (You can have a look at them here)


(Open the screens in a new tab for bigger size.)


This screen shows Universeum:


Kållerado has gotten a new enviroment, with more trees, plants and stones:


EDIT: Screens are hopefully visible in the comment below.

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