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CJ Barrymores to add 2 rollercoasters.

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CJ Barrymores FEC in Clinton Twp Michigan has plans to add 2 Rollercoasters in the next 2 years. The type of coasters have not been announced, but some stats have been released for one of them.


36 foot drop and a loop. Nothing is known about the other coaster at this time. My guess is a pinfari looper like what beach bend used to have.


The FEC, also plans on adding a zipline, a 2 story Lazer tag arena, a drop tower ride, and another go cart track with a 50 spiral ramp.


Here is a brief story about the plans...



This is great news as it will be great to have a coaster a few minutes from my house.


Some more info here...



The coaster is being purchased from "rides4you" in N.J.

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Pretty cool news! That picture of the coaster they're getting is clearly Python based not just on appearance, but the buildings visible behind the coaster, which match up. I've never found those kind of coasters to be that great, but hey: a coaster is a coaster. If I'm in the Detroit area sometime, I'll look the place up - probably as much for everything else as the coaster, but that's not a bad side benefit!

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Swung by the park, and there has been a lot of construction of the coaster in the past week or so. Here are some pictures....


Look what I see looming


They were working on it while I was there


Lots of pieces sitting in the parking lot


Looks like the train and a bunch of wheels.


Top of loop?




Working hard


One last peek

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After seeing thrillrider's pictures I had to go see the coaster for myself. A lot more has been done since Sunday, such as the loop and other parts.

I thought that construction wouldn't be started in the spring. It looks like most of the track is complete only two pieces left in the staging area.

Can't wait to ride it even if it's a crappy ride at least there is a roller coaster within a 20 minute car ride from my house.

Here is a picture of what the coaster looked as of this afternoon.


As of 10/13/15

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I would be extremely grateful to have almost any coaster near where I live (closest one is a Reverchon spinner and a Vekoma family coaster about 5 hours south), but I don't think I would ever be able to feel any sort of excitement for a Pinfari looper. But hopefully for you this can help the park develop into something better in the future.

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I know I shouldn't too excited for a Pinfari. When I was younger my family when to the London Western fair in Ontario Canada (my home town) they had a Pinfari Zyklon. I rode the crap out of and thought it was the best thing ever. That was the deal until I went to Cedar Point and found way better coasters. It just doesn't seem real that a coaster of some kind is in the metro Detriot area, beside the crappy Jeeper's Python Pit coaster.

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The coaster is now open.

Went and did two laps on it tonight, definitely nothing to write home about.

Rode once in the front and once in the back. I liked the back for the first drop, and the front for a "smoother" ride.

The kids there thought it was the fastest thing ever, I felt a little out of place being one of the older ones there.


Here's some local news coverage of the rides opening.



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