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New York to SFGADV


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So me and my brother are headed out to New York next week on a business trip, Monday to be exact. Anyway having not been to New York since I was 11 I booked my self a few extra days to enjoy it. Only being 60 miles away I'd be a fool to miss out on SFGADV and all its creds. So I have a few questions:


Bus, Train? How do I get to it, it seems there is some sort of bus running from New York however the earliest bus doesn't arrive till 11.30 and as I'm expecting it will be packed I want to try get there for opening. Is a train an option? I've tried to research a little with out much luck.


This leads nicely onto my next question, crowds. I'm thinking Sunday will most likely be the best day, not that it will make much difference. I'm almost certain ill be investing in flash pass although as to which level I'm unsure. I think platinum will be my safest bet.


Is it a good idea to hit certain rides at certain times. I imagine Kingda Ka and Eltoro are best to get out of the way first but then if I have a flash pass I guess it wont make too much difference.


Lastly are there any other creds I should look out for around the New York area?

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If you do a search you'll see we have MANY threads about getting from NYC to SFGAd. They will all tell you your best bet by far is to rent a car.


Once you make it to the park, Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro are the most temperamental so I would head to those after securing a decent FlashPass option for the rest of your day.

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