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Playland's Castaway Cove Discussion Thread

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Hartley said Playland held a contest on Facebook in which people submitted name ideas for the second coaster. Hartley said the company narrowed them down to five potential names this week – RumRunner, SurfRider, The RedRaider, WaveRunner and WildWaves.


I guess my none of my names were chosen.


I don't remember the specific names I suggested, but all my suggestions mentioned Surf, Runner, Dune, Rider or Waves.

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Well it looks like they have been pouring more footers. Possibly for the station or maybe for the kiddie coaster going around Gale Force? Other than that just a few more supports have gone up but no track or anything really exciting yet.


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^ Don't worry about posting updates, any updates are worth it.

I find this a little more of an interesting build than Valravn or any other B&M construction.

Just don't know the order that they will build it, not unlike a B&M which is brakes, station, lift and then the rest or the course.

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^ LOL there is activity if you look closely at the webcams, people are moving about on the ground, I guess they are just not working high up with the wind and rain. Chance for T-storms today too. Kind of lame to see a halt to the progress but it looks like the rain is going to break tomorrow so hopefully we'll see some more movement.

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The rain has cleared and we have a giant piece of track being installed right now. #geekout


edit: OK maybe not, there seems to be some confusion @ the construction site as to what to do with that piece LMAO


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