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Playland's Castaway Cove Discussion Thread

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It is the Scandia Screamer, at a Scandia Family Fun Park in Ontario, CA. I've driven by this coaster many times on our way to Knott's and Disneyland, but I've never taken the time to stop there. I've actually been hesitant to ride it because it looks like it's going to fall apart. There's a trip report on TPR somewhere from this Scandia. Here's the link on RCDB: https://rcdb.com/399.htm


It does not look like it's going to fall apart and it is one of the most intense and insane little coasters I've personally ridden. I live not far from Scandia and ride the screamer pretty often and it packs one hell of a punch I love the Scandia screamer and hope it stays around for many more years to come.

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I'm fine with some construction delays and especially technical delays that prevent a coaster opening (stuff happens), but I'm really not enamored with the park building a second coaster around the headliner during peak operations causing neither to be open for the entire operating season they were announced for. This was poorly planned.

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^thanks for the update! Might be set for a Labor Day opening!


Just what you want when you're a park located on a boardwalk in New Jersey.


Will be very busy I'm sure. I'll wait a few weeks before heading down if it does open. I work 6-2 on weekends but I can swing a half day trip.

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^ I just saw that and came in here to post it. I guess its a sure bet they won't be open at all this season. What a letdown.


That said, I'm still stoked to try it given it does open next year (and I sure hope it would after all this!)

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Will Morey's woodie or this open first? Is it the next flying turns?





Three coasters

Coaster A: Coaster A is announced in 2015 and scheduled to open in Summer 2016, but opens in Fall 2016

Coaster B: Coaster B is announced in 2011 and scheduled to open in 2013, at the end of 2016 no progress has been made

Coaster C: Coaster C is announced in Fall 2005 and opens in Fall 2013

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Here is a good shot by Great Adventure Connoisseurs member Leo took of both Gale Force and Wild Waves completely finished. It'll be interesting if they do get them up and running for a few weekends and then they'll be new to everyone else in 2017. I am heading down to Wildwood the 24th so if this is running I'll try to pop up to Ocean City. Can't lose hope (even though I wanna).


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Holy crap. I drove past it a few months back, and didn't realize how close that house is. I don't know if I would love to live that close to a ride or hate it.

Honestly, it all depends. Most amusement parks open at 9 or 10 in the morning, which is fine by me as I'd be at work by then. The deal breaker is when the park / rides close. 8 PM? Sure, no problem. 9 PM? If I were living on my own without children, fine. 10 PM? No thanks, I'm filing a noise complaint.


Based on their current schedule, they don't close until 11 every night during normal operation. If Gale Force were open all the way until then, and THEN took all the riders remaining in the queue afterward, as a neighbor, I'd be very upset.

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^ Well its not like the park itself is new. Whoever owns that house (and I have a good feeling its likely a weekly rental due to its $$ location) has been dealing with screaming amusement riders for years now - the old Pinfari was right against that house before they tore it down.


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I passed through Ocean City tonight. My trip was unrelated to Gale Force, but I was sure hoping it'd be up and running by now. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be.


But hey, whatever, have some pictures anyway because I feel like it!


The figurative sun has yet to rise on Gale Force, so have this sunset photo instead.


It looks like what you'd get if a Premier launch clone and Lost Gravity had a tiny-size kid.


Spokes of the wheel.


Hazy evening at the beach.


I was not paid for this wedding photography.


A look at Castaway Cove from the beach. The wheel and super shot were running all evening.


Even the birds are waiting impatiently for the thing to open.


Sorry, another sunset picture.


OK, one more. Reflections are cool.


The main boardwalk entrance to Castaway Cove at night.


Long exposure on the wheel provides a neat effect.


Grr. So close, and yet...


A wider view of Gale Force. Because everything at Castaway Cove is packed in so tightly, it's hard to set up for good night photography.


So, yeah, I rode the spinner. Credit granted. Cha-ching. I'm horrible.


It's no Jungle Twist, but it was fun. For some reason, the train got sent around for 6 or 7 laps. About 5 or 6 more than I really needed.


Somebody here will probably appreciate this shot, so here you go.


Some day, Gale Force. Some day.


A distant view of Castaway Cove from the Music Pier.


The north end of the boardwalk at night. It was really, really hazy, which was fun for photography.


Looking down the boardwalk. It's after labor day, but as it was a Friday night, there were still a lot of people around.


OK, this isn't Castaway Cove -- it's the wheel at Gillian's. Had to post this one.


One more from Gillian's to close it out -- a 10-second exposure from down on the beach. Will never get tired of shooting Ferris wheels at night!


That's it!


Oh, and that spinner was probably my last coaster of 2016. What a way to end it.

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