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[RCT2] Pepperland, rags to riches

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The year is 1990.

An old family run park called Pepperland has been run down a long time ago and was last open in 1985.

The whole park has now been for sale since but no-one seems to want to buy the park.

However all the rides that could be sold were sold already so the park doesn't exactly have much left.

No-one exactly knows why no-one has bought the park, but well let me introduce you to the park as it is now.



Here lies the entrance to the park. You can see two people coming in but they're urban explorers trying to get into the park, they are a pest in the sense that their graffiti only makes selling the park harder. From this angle you can see how truly rundown the park is. There's two broken doubledecker merry go rounds at the entrance and behind them an old office building with a tree growing out the roof.



Here's another attraction the park has still standing. It's a broken and most likely unfixable old wooden coaster that was originally built in 1956. After the last years of operation the wood has really gotten weak and some parts of the ride such as the lift hill have already collapsed. The name of the coaster was Wooden Thunder when the park still was open.



Here's another coaster the park has standing. Nobody wanted to buy this one because it was so specifically built for this park by vekoma that it wouldn't fit any other park. Pepperland utilized this little old mining hole to build "Pitrunner" which can be seen in this picture. Sadly the ride was only used in the last year the park was open. Also in the lower corner you can see a bit of the area for a steeplechase ride that was sold.



This one is a schwartzkopf coaster called Blitz. It was opened in the 70's and was actually due to be demolished to make way for another coaster for the 1986 season of the park but they only managed to demolish part of it. It was really rough so no-one was really going to miss it anyway.



But what's this? A few men dressed in black and hardhats have now appeared in the park... Are they just here to fend off vandalizers or has someone bought the park?

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While flying above the area once again we happened to spot progress. I don't know what exactly has happened but things are defenately going on now.

We snapped all these images of things happening there. Fast.



Lastly we noticed the woodie was now nearly completely gone. The crane was still lifting some remaining parts of the coaster and there were workers working like ants at the site.



The second thing we noticed was that now the queue for the old Pitrunner coaster was now longer and the coaster itself was now painted completely black. We didn't get to snap a pic of it but they were trucking in three new trains. Gone are the old regular vekoma trains and now they're getting these new limousine themed trains. Some theming had also appeared in the pit and walls had started rising up around the coaster. Could this possibly become an indoor dark coaster?



Firstly we noticed that the other carousel was already a new one and they were lowering down another one with a crane to replace the old doubledecker.



And we noticed something that looked like maybe a... premier? What could they possibly be building here? There seems to be track pieces already going up. Hmmm.


That was that for this time! We'll fly in next month to see if there's been much progress.

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We flew in after a few years. Our helicopter broke and it took us a whole year until we got another one for the summer of 1993 but the winter kept us from flying over the park to see progress. It's now May and a lot of progress has been done in the winter. They've managed to do a whole lotta progress as far as we know.



Vekoma certainly has had a good year because they just opened their first SLC coaster in Six Flags Holland. Seems like they've opened another suspended coaster, but this looks nothing like El Condor...

There's some sort of train in the station but it's a bit unclear from this distance.



Pitrunner has completely transformed. You can't see the coaster besides the track between the stations. They've even planted trees on top of the building to make it blend to the surrounding area better. Not sure if it's worked though. I wonder if there's much theming inside.



There was also this huge thing built. Not sure if it's arrow or vekoma but it's a huge one compared to other ones we've seen before. I feel it'll be a HUGE hit.



Also the track we saw earlier is now finished and has recieved some egyptian theming. It seems to be a water coaster. But who could've made it? We don't know that many makers of such rides. Let's see.


We'll visit again next year because we've heard rumours that the company who bought the park is opening next year...

Well we shall see...

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Like what going on so far, maybe you could switch up the foliage you use, since looking at the same tree placed 1000 times is kind of an eye-sore.


There's a lot more you could do, but lets start with that for now. Keep up the good work!

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I'm new here, having just gotten back into playing RCT2 after many years. I love the storyline you've done so far. It adds a lot of interest to the park.


I have to agree with the others about the trees, though. A mix of two or three different types of trees would look much better, or at the very least, don't fill them in in such neat orderly rows. It kind of makes it look like a tree nursery. Other than that, great job! It's a very entertaining story!

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