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Six Flags Mexico (SFM) Discussion Thread

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Has anyone been on this coaster? I would like to know if it's a good woodie. From the videos on Youtube it looks really cool. It looks like it has a nice layout. I could see on the Mitch 2007 Wooden poll it was ranked near #175, not far from Grizzly CGA. Ouch! Maybe it's part there not being many people that have been on it?

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Ive never ridden it, but huge coasters with Gerstlauer trains tend to get bad reviews because of extreme roughness. Of the two ive been on one I really like (Boss) and the other was horrible (Villain) so I can see why people would hate it.

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So, I've been searching the web trying to find internships for this summer, and have litterally looked at all possibilities. In my search for the holy grail, I stumbled upon this piece of information. Six Flags Mexico is holding auditions for a new project.



Casting para nuevo Proyecto

Estamos buscando al personal que dará vida a los personajes de un nuevo proyecto en Six Flags México.


De los creadores de atracciones como La Momia; La Momia Regresa, Van Helsing, Lara Croft, Tom Raider entre otros, llega a México una nueva atracción interactiva de terror y aventuras, y estamos buscando al personal que dará vida a sus personajes.




- Mayores de 20 años

- Hombres y mujeres

- Todas las complexiones y estaturas

- Gente con talento, extrovertidos, entusiastas, con personalidad para desempeñar diferentes personajes


Audiciones el 17 y 18 de enero.


Manda tu curriculum con foto y llama al 53393600 ext. 1131, 1138 y 1139 para registrarte para la audición.


Contamos con pocos lugares


Translated, in a nut shell, Six Flags Mexico is looking for young people who will bring life and excitement to a new project from the creators of "attractions like 'The Mummy', 'The Mummy Returns', Lara Croft Tomb Raider, 'Van Helsing', and others." The project is stated as being an attraction of interaction, terror, and adventure.


Now, I've been trying to figure out what this could be, but it makes sense as they are getting The Dark Knight. Maybe they're putting up a new show next to the ride, or something of that sorts.

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Well. I guess I can answer your question.


Medusa is considered the best wooden coaster of Mexico. Maybe thats nothing special if you consider that we only have 2 woodies on the country.


But Maybe this experience could help you:


When Superman El Ultimo Escape opened on November 2004, Steven Urbanovics (RIP) was invited as the VIP guest for the inauguration.


He rode both coasters, Superman, and Medusa, making that the number 700 of his personal coaster count.


When he finished riding the coasters, he told me that Superman was his number 3 steel coaster, and Medusa, his number 1 wooden coaster.


In my personal opinion, Medusa is an excellent wooden coaster that take advantage of the terrain to make the first drop higher, and the rest of the ride smooth and thrilling.


If you want to know something more, just let me know!

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^ Hm, I didn't know they did a voice over version. I just heard that they did subtitles. I asked my Aunt about the Joker and she said it was all Subtitled.


And I doubt that Six Flags would go to such effort for Six Flags Mexico to do that. Though they have surprised me before.


Well mayhbe in some countries but here in Colombia (South America) they translate the movie but in some theaters they play the subtitles for people who want to hear the real voices. But mostly theaters jsut spanish.

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I'm one of those that moved it down the list on the Hawker poll. It is a really horrible ride

Ignore the big wide grins on the people as the train comes back into the station. They're just checking their fillings are intact.

Those that put their hands in the air on the first drop spend the rest of the ride wondering why they did it and hold on very tight for the remainder.

2 drops side by side do look cool until you realise that having been smacked on the first one you know you've got another to endure.

There's no reride queue for a reason, no one wants to.


But in its praise, at least it was open, which can't be said about the wooden coaster at La Feria.

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Maybe it's part there not being many people that have been on it?


There are plenty of coasters on Mitch's poll that do very, very well that only have a few riders. It doesn't really work like that. While there is no substitute for riding the coaster yourself and forming your own opinion I think Medusa's ranking should give you a pretty good idea...

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Is it just me or does Six Flags Mexico's version of TDKC look much more appealing than its american counterparts...


Anyhow, I think this ride was a much better fit for Six Flags Mexico seeing as Six Flags New England already has Pandemonium, as well as many other family-oriented attractions.



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Finally the new coaster opened on March 19 with many local artist and with the VIP guest, Michael Antinoro, Executive Vice President, Entertainment and Marketing of the Six Flags Chain.


On his speech, he told that the DKC is a family atracction that will bring truly emotions to the mexican family.


The most relevant thing that he told is that in a few months they will unveil the new atracctions that will rise on all the parks for the 50th anniversary celebration that will start on 2010 and finish in 2011.


The coaster is adapted on the old train area that used to cross from "Pueblo Vaquero" to "Hollywood". The theming ís in english language, similar of the colones installed on the other SF parks.


The only thing that is different, is the video on the pre-show that the audio es dubbed in Spanish language.


Here are some pics of the event:



















Overall, this coaster is a great adittion for the park, and the Mexican guests really enjoy the DKC!!!

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