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Six Flags Mexico (SFM) Discussion Thread

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Looking great! Are those two different cranes or one odd looking one?


2 different cranes. One is 50m (164ft) tall and the other is 46m (150ft) tall.


As a fun fact, both had colorful christmas lights as part of SFM's holiday season.

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Looking twisty. It looks like the supports are mainly steel in this picture. Were they like that in the original medusa?


The only steel supports were added by RMC and are the bright silver bars right beneath the orange rails. The rest of the structure is 100% wood.



Looking like Frankenstein's coaster. Notice the vestigial supports poking up in the middle of the turnaround.


Hahaha. Nice analogy. As you can see, the wood structure of that turnaround looks way too wide for the track. The reason is that the old turnaround was a lot taller than it is now. With the remake, they reduced it to around 2/3 of it's original height. Medusa's original structure starts wider at the bottom and gets narrower at the top.


This is how it used to look before vs now.



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Of course we're going back in 2015! I've already told you guys that! I think I told you that before we even left the first time, and it was only solidified when we had such a fabulous time!


Yes, but it's so very nice to be reminded, from time to time. Thanks, Elissa.

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