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Six Flags Mexico (SFM) Discussion Thread

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Looks fantastic! Now I need a visa to Mexico!


^ I don't think Medusa has any new elements though...


I've never seen anything like the 153 on Outlaw Run. I've heard of a wave turn before, but never seen it on a coaster before Outlaw Run. Those are just two elements though. I think that the way that they're easily implementing these elements on their coasters with 100% confidence is what's most impressive. I look at the way they're putting some of these elements on these coasters (especially the re-mods) and can't help but think, how the hell is that possible?

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^I mean, I guess, but Smiler seems to do a small drop and rises into an inversion; whereas Medusa does a 180, flips upside down and continues into it's drop...it doesn't gain any notable elevation going into the element like Smiler does. But I agree, Smiler seems to be the most similar that I know of!

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^^ Anytime there is a complete 360, there has to be some type of elevation. In this case the elevation is gained as the coaster starts to drop, so it appears that it doesn't have any. I still think the elements are still too vaguely similar to be considered completely different elements.


Also, I forgot to mention the negative-g stall on Goliath as something I've never seen before. I've messed with something like that on No Limits, but that started out as a failed attempt at the 153 on Outlaw Run, then turned into a 180 degree stall/turn.

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^ The Smiler at Alton Towers



I was about to say the first drop of Smiler.


I don't think a new element is a requirement for a great coaster. SkyRush, i305, El Toro, Mega-Lite, Bizarro SFNE, MF, T-Express, etc all don't have new elements, but that doesn't stop them from being some of the top coasters in the world. I'm 100% sure that Medusa will be one of them.


The reason why Medusa doesn't have new elements, which I think is the main reason, is that the original Medusa's layout is does not allow RMC to create something impressive like Outlaw Run's elements.

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So, I finally went to the construction tour that SFM is offering to their visitors and it was very nice!


During this tour, you can walk through the Medusa structure and see some of the work that they have done. Also, they give some interesting technical facts to GP.


It's important to note that this tour is offered only when there are not workers in the area. If you go to the park Monday-Saturday and if you are lucky, you can enter the tour around 13h-14h. Sundays is almost sure you can enter the tour between 13h and 18h. All depends on the works on MSC.


Enjoy the photos!














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I LOVE that red RMC track. Some griped I know (shocker) but I think it's just so slick.

And that roll into a drop < 3

Personally, I like this a lot better then Goliath going SFGA. I think it'll be a more fulfilling attraction.

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