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A future Indian Disneyland (and others)??

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Hey guys, my wife and I are currently in Hyderabad, India. An American expat who's been living here for nearly a decade seemed very convinced that Disney had plans to open up a park on the East Coast of India outside a city called Vizag (also called Visakhapatnam). I generally take this sort of information as uninformed nonsense, but the idea is pretty intriguing.


I did a little digging - while the east coast of India is generally pretty well-populated, as is the State Vizag is in (Andhra Pradesh), Vizag itself only has a metro population of around 2 million people. I found a few articles online saying how the Andhra Pradesh tourism board was in talks, especially due to the beach-side location, but that Disney itself (at least of 2014) has clearly stated that there are no current plans for an Indian park.


Anyways, I was just wondering if anybody had any more recent information or insight about any future Disney plans, or at least options for plans, in India or in any other developing country. I dug through TPR forums and found a few posts from a decade ago about smaller options in Australia or South Korea, and an article from 2012 about how the Philippines was trying to lure Disney there. Obviously, nothing has come of these yet. Even if it's only a wild rumor, does anybody have any more information/speculation? I think it's fun.

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It's definitely possible. With the recent Shanghai resort construction along with "recent" resorts like Hong Kong, I wouldn't be surprised if they took Disney to India in the coming future. Other countries however, not so sure. I think at this point it's more likely for a new park to be built in the Florida space rather than a whole other resort so soon to Shanghai.

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