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Crazy Chinese Water Canon Slide.

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This is one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. But a new water park called Amazon Jungle Water Park has opened in Sanya, China.


Located on the holiday island of Hainan at the Mangrove Tree resort this slide seems to involve people sitting down while a whole load of water is dumped into their back, thereby firing them into the swimming pool.








I can't actually view this video below as Youtube is blocked on the vessel I'm sailing on but apparently it shows the ride in action.


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It's a European creation! The guys that pioneered this machine also do titanium dry and water slides, and they make a good majority of the high quality alpine coasters we've all come to love.


I'm personally a bit iffy about ever trying one of those things, but they certainly look neat!!

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I remember first seeing one of these things on The Travel Channel and thinking it was just some custom made thing and not a legit product. Especially a creation from the one and only Wiegand! They look like one heck of an experience and seems like one of those things you should try just to say to did it. Because how many people do you know that have been shot out of a water cannon?

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I can't tell if it would be fun or just disorienting. It seems like you'd have water all up in your face and not be able to see anything. Also, when the lady sat down on that textured plate for launch I immediately feared for her butt, but I guess the water probably lifts you up a bit so you don't scrape along it. For the next design, they should find a way to make a more laminar flow so that water doesn't spray EVERYWHERE at launch.


I would try it.

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What worry me the most is the whiplash you can get. I'd make riders wear a hard-suit, like it already exists on some slides.


But in the end, I think it's less violent than we might think. Having water all over you is not a problem to me, I mean, it's like when you go underwater. Take a deep-breath, close your eyes or wear glasses (I just can't stand opening my eyes underwater without wearing anything) and it doesn't last that long.

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No... just... NO!!!!


I have no desire to ride a water slide that recreates the feeling you get when you are re-ended in a car accident. Seriously... my back hurts just from watching the video.


I dunno, I get the feeling it'd be like a super-fast and violent AquaSpa experience you see in every mall.



Just, you know, with way more water.

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