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I have made the trek from Richmond to Carowinds 3 times this year because of Fury, it is that good. I would put Fury as #2 steel behind I-305.

The park had really made some big strides in the past year and CF is really putting its stamp on the park. Thunder road leaving is really sad especially after all the work they just put into it but I give CF credit that at least they are letting everyone know about coaster removals now well ahead of time so that people can get their last rides in.

I am not much of a writer but I wanted to share my pics I have taken from spots that you don't see too often so enjoy.


also if anybody is disapointed in the lack of Intimidator pics here are my photos from when it was new.





Quite an impressive greeting when you arrive at Carowinds
























more to come

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Thanks for the photos - very unique shots! Fury sticks out very well on the Carowinds skyline.


My only complaint about the look of the ride is the choice of colors for the seats (light blue) and lap bar (neon green). Those are going to get very worn/dirty very quick and look disgusting. I wish parks would just go black//black on the seats and restraints.

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Thanks for the photos - very unique shots! Fury sticks out very well on the Carowinds skyline.


My only complaint about the look of the ride is the choice of colors for the seats (light blue) and lap bar (neon green). Those are going to get very worn/dirty very quick and look disgusting. I wish parks would just go black//black on the seats and restraints.


I agree with you that they will get dirty quickly...especially the neon green lap bar. But I actually like the colors. They stand out nicely and I'm glad they went with that! While the black on black would be better to cover up the worn and dirt collected from it, I don't think I would like the trains as much as they wouldn't fit too well with their color scheme. I really do like what they have now!


The photos are amazing!!! I went to Carowinds when Intimidator opened and I can't believe how many changes the park has made in a few years! Fury 325 looks amazing and I need to make a trip back to Charlotte sometime!

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^Wow those pictures are amazing of Thunder Road! When I went, I rode this probably 6 times. It was tons of fun! I'm definitely going to miss this! I've also been on Rebel Yell...I hope the same doesn't happen to it as well!

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Very nice pictures! I was lucky enough to ride Fury the preview day after Media Day. If only I lived closer, because that ride was awesome. The park itself was very nice as well. It seems to have come a long way compared to the past years.

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Thunder Roads last days.


I will give it to Carowinds, they were running all 4 trains on a weekday and the ops were really into it interacting with the crowd and racing them consistently throughout the day. If you are gonna send a classic coaster out in style, this is how you do it.





testing after the thunder










Fading away

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Thanks for the compliments everyone. Honestly it is alot of "work" to get unique shots because they take alot of time out of a day you could be spending riding coasters so usually I only take the time to do this at parks that I frequent often. Alot of parks have good photo spots buried in the water park or tucked away in remote spots in the parking lot. Sometimes it is a hassle taking camera gear in street clothes to the top of an 80ft water slide past dripping kids but Thunder road was worth it and I think the shots were well worth it especially with the plentiful racing going on all day. I actually was confronted twice by 2 seperate park security guards in the parking lot next to Thunder road wondering what I was doing out there. They were nice about it though and said alot of people have been going out there to get pics and video.



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Absolutely amazing pictures of Thunder Road. There are some really special moments caught in a few pics!


It's such a shame they are removing Thunder Road. It's a solid coaster and there are so many options to keep it, but it is what it is. The return run may be boring, but the ride out is awesome and full of airtime. It is also really smooth except for those last 2 hills.

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Fury is one impressive mass of steel. Those curves and twists are a work of engineering art. Carowinds looks like a great park I would love to visit someday. Sad they are losing Thunder Road, these racing coasters are disappearing all over the place. Maybe a RMC transformation is in the works? You never know now that they are really turning these older coasters into something fresh and exciting.

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