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England 2005 Photo TR

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Friday Sept. 30th, Day -1

I had free from school because we drove to Oslo, which is 7 hour in the car I drove almost half of the trip (I'm 16 and that means that I'm allowed to practice-drive in Norway).


Here we are in the mountains on our way to Oslo, it's across the country from where I live. My mom lives in Oslo so we decided that I would go there and thet to England from there.


a tunnel...


Saturday Oct. 1st, Day 0


So, I was at my mom's on Saturday... boring... we were supposed to go to Tusenfryd, but it was raining...

She's got a great view from the window


..........day 1 coming very soon...........

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Sunday Oct. 2nd, Day 1: Thorpe Park!


So, we got up 4am and drove to the air port...



The flight took about 1 1/2 hour

Here's London!


As soon as we got all our stuff to the hotel room, we got a taxi to..



Nemesis Inferno was the first ride of the day


A great view of Stealth from Nemesis' line


Nemesis Inferno was a bit dissapointing. It was like fun, but kind of boring... But I think it looks so beautyful!


The line was about 5 minutes, but I rode the front so I waited about 20 minutes!


Next up was Colossus. I had heard that it was rough and not very good.


It was only running one train and the line was 1 hour 15 minutes!


I loved it! it was so worth the wait. It was pretty rough, but at leats it didn't hurt and it was very intense. My favorite part was the double corkscrew.


Then I rode NI again...



I had a look at Stealth. It looks awesome!


They were still doing the pull-though...


Nemesis Inferno!


I took my camera on it too The blur is not even photoshopped :shock:



Slammer was awesome!


More Colossus


Me on the test seat


Me on one of the real seats...



I brought my camera on Colossus too


I love this part!


Here is me taking the pictures above



Thorpe Park was great! Excpept the drunk people on Vortex who planned to puke on everybody

on the ride...


.................Alton Towers pics coming soon!..............

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Monday Oct. 3rd, Day 2: Alton Towers!


Very early on Monday morning we took a taxi to the railwaystaion. After 2 1/2 hours in the train we got to Derby. We got picked up and droven to Alton Towers. There was no big roads, quiet landscape with hills, old stone buildings and animals. I was like where the hell is AT!? When we got there I only saw the entrance and I didn't hear anything from the park. It was like totally hidden in the forrest! The park was really big! There was a lake and a castle. The only ride I could see was Spinball Wizzer.

First I went to Oblivion.


I was suprised by how big it actually was!

The line was about only 5 minutes and I went on the front row. The air-time was very good and it lasted long. I loved that ride! I rode it 2 more times before I went to Rita.


The line on Rita was 30 minutes, the only coaster at AT that actually had a line


Rita was bigger than I imagined...


I always thought that Kanonen looked way better than Rita, but it is so NOT!! Rita was incredible and it had the most intense air-time I have experienced! So far this was my favorite of this trip...


Then I went to Nemesis. It was really hard to find, and i got lost in the woods. Then I came to a sign that pointed at Forbidden Valley and I finally found it. The line was only 10 minutes. I got the front...


Nemesis was VERY powerful. More intense that Goliath and Top Gun. I felt like I had just been on a mountain hike when I got off, the Gs really pulled my legs! X is the only ride I've been on that is still better than Nemesis.


Here is me on Nemesis. I don't think I need the red ring to show which one is me


a weird pic that my mom took...


the next coaster was Air, ofcourse. 10 minute line here too.


People say that Air is weak and boring, but that is very wrong! Air it pretty intense and VERY disorienting!! I loved this was too

Especially the lay-on-your-back-part was very intense.


and here's me again...


After Air I went on Rita again for some great air-time...


At the end of the day I took a couple of rides on Oblivion...


...I took my camera on it...


...but where's the pic of the hole?! They stopped the train right before the drop and a guy came up there and TOOK MY CAMERA AWAY

except from that, I had a great day at Alton Towers


Tuesday Oct. 4th, Day 3: Alton Towers again




My first ride was Nemesis.


No line, I rode it 3 times in a row!


After nemmy, I rode Air 3 times in a row too!


Rita had a 30min line on this day too...


like yesterday, corkscrew was still closed... but maybe that was just a good thing


then I took 3 rides on Oblivion, no lines there either


it goes 40 meters below ground level 8)


I thought I had to try Spinball Wizzer too, even though it looked boring...


...but it was actually very good! I loved Spinball too! I rode it twice.


Then I went back to Nemesis and rode it 5 times in a row


I love Nemesis


no line


then it was Air-time again


...and again


but then I actually started feeling sick! :shock: The brakes really made me feel sick


I took a break from riding coasters, until it was time to close park. I still rode Rita twice before the lines closed...


Alton Towers was GREAT! Only SFMM is better out of all the parks I've been at. If you plan to go there, go it October before the local fall break, there is no lines!!


...............Drayton Manor Park report coming soon.................

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Wednesday Oct. 5th, Day 4: Drayton Manor Park


We took the train from Derby to Tamworth, about half an hour and got a taxi to Drayton Manor.

The park was pretty much empty. First I rode Shockwave, the only stand-up coaster in Europe and the only stand-up coaster that has a 0-G-roll There was only 3-5 people in the station and we had to wait for more people before leaving the station.


It was better than expected, not very rough, and GREAT hang-time on ALL inversions


me on an empty train


the zero-gravity-roll was cool


G-Force was still testing...


I like Shockwaves layout


G-Force has a scary lift hill!


The restraints were VERY tight, I could seriously not breathe :shock:


It was also very rough



But the lift was freaking scary! i really felt like I was going to fall out!


some track....


the double corkscrew on Shockwave was cool


I rode Shockwave 4 times without leaving the seat!


another bird...


..............pics from London and more Thorpe Park coming soon...............

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DUDE G-Force looks psycho! looks like something I made on No Limits lol, but gah, awesome trip! lol you can only practice driving at 16? I've had my restricted since 15! But seriously the most uncomfortable restraints I have experienced are those on the inverter ships like Frenzoid at Carowinds! They curve INTO your chest! they hurt so bad, and like I know it has to freak everyone out in line when everyone is screaming from the pain after the ride stops lol, I'm glad they took it out.

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Yup Yup ^


Only half (or even just a third) of Oblivion's drop is above ground, I think it's about 100ft of it as Oblivion is only 80ft above ground level and the total drop length is 180ft. It's about the same size as SheiKra's drop. You should see the construction photos, it's one HUGE hole.


Anyway, I enjoyed the report, some great photos. Glad you enjoyed the rides! hehe. And yeh Air has gotten more intense recently, esspecially on the lye-back bit, it made my head go funny.

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Thursday Oct. 7th, Day5: London


We got a free ride to Heathrow airport in the mording and took the subway to London. There was some other Norwegians there too!

We got off at Piccadelly Circus and went to Madame Tussauds


The fake people looked very real...


After that we went too see Big Ben and london Eye



In the London Eye there was some chinese people with VERY noicy kids

Here is the lava-lamp building in the background! Does anyone know what it is for??


more London....


This is only 4 meters lower than Kingda Ka


Then we went to the famous Harrods mall. I was extremely tired. I really hate shopping. I think I actually fell asleep, standing!!


Friday Oct. 8th, Last day


We spent our last day at Thorpe Park again.


Colossus were still only running one train and the line was long... It broke down while I was in the line and I waited an hour to get on it


Stealth has got more cars and a station!


more Colossus


the last heart-line-roll was very close to the ground!


Nemesis Inferno's fastest point


tall support holding the top of the first drop


just thought thios would be cool


bye Colossus, I WILL miss you


That's it! My best fall break ever The worst thing I know is getting home after having such a good time...


to sum up all coasters:


#1 Nemesis: VERY intense, powerful, forceful... and 100% smooth, definately my favorite B&M coaster


#2 Rita: Bigger and better than expected. Way better than Kanonen, But Xcelerator is still better. Most intense air-time I've ever experienced, great launch and lots of Gs on the helixes


#3 Colossus: Pretty rough, but not painful at all. Very intense, especially the corkscrews, good air-time on the hill between the loop and the cobra-roll, four heart-line-rolls in a row was awesome, and the last roll was very close to the ground.


#4 Air: Not tame and boring at all like I've heard. The lay-on-your-back part was really intense and cool. The ride was very disorienting and fun. Look forward to Tatsu!!


#5 Oblivion: Great long-lasting floating air-time, very deep, but unfortunately very short.


#6 Nemesis Inferno: Kind of tame, but good pre-lift elements and very smooth


#7 Shockwave: Not very rough, great hang-time on all inversions. The 0-G-roll was a weird element on a stand-up coaster, but very fun ofcourse


#8 Spinnball Wizzer: Super fast lift hill, very smooth, lot of fun...


#9 G Force: Too rough, too tight restraints, extremely scary lift-hill, disorienting

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180ft in total... about 65ft above ground the rest is in that feck off tunnel.


I was in London over the weekend! I'm gonna be there in a year for Uni woot. So loads Tussauds Annual Pass abuse-age!


Shame the weather wasn't so nice.. But still... You liked Collosus? I think it's so boring. Just inversion after inversion.. And it screeeches.


Anyway Great TR! So jealous you've got on Rita more times than I have.. and I live about 1hr 30mins from it lol.

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Well, my friend, you are closer to Thorpe Park than I am... so to be sure, you'll probably be back soon. Real soon, lol.


Great report. Has anybody told you what that background building is, yet? I am curious too, altho I do seem to remember it from closeup pix. Hmmm...


And those kids in the Eye? I would have loudly asked their parents to please quiet their children DOWN! And in English, which with the right tonal volume, they will understand, believe me. If there is echo in those pods, I wouldn't be able to stand it for an entire revolution, that noise. Kids can be vocal and such, but screaming just to scream is sometimes just not right. Like the Eye.


Some places (i.e. echo chambers) are not really that condusive to such noise? I know I wouldn't want it.


Good report, thanks.

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Known locally as 'The Gherkin' - also known as something else but I'll keep it clean


Great TR - I did Alton on Saturday just gone. Not so much fun in the heavy rain - and there was even a 30 min single rider queue on Spinball (in the rain) place was jumping with people (and rain!). Damn Brits (me included) don't care so much about the rain and just keep on riding and queueing!


next time - a mid week visit.



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