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Photo TR: Drievliet Family Park, The Netherlands

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Hello, everyone!

On 26 July 2015, I went to Drievliet. Drievliet is a family park located in The Hague, Holland. It has a few good thrills to offer, but it is definitely more a family park. The park does have some good coasters, especially Formule X - a launched Maurer AG X-Car. Enough talking, let’s check it out!


Welcome to Drievliet!


You see this fountain when you enter the park.


Like almost every Dutch park, they have a water slide. It's really fun!


There is a great atmosphere at the park!


The whale even blows water!


There are a lot of kiddie rides, but every single one of them is amazingly themed.


The park has a lot of standard flat rides, but every ride looks very good and unique. Unlike some other parks..


The frisbee of the park, called Nautilus.


I really like the fish theme.


Even the breakdance looks great!


Love the theming.


In this area of the park, everything is just so well done.


They did an awesome job with the theming of this ride!


Those animals on the top of the tractors made me laugh. I love it!


Tea cup ride.


First coaster of the day, Twistrix! It's a bizarre Maurer AG coaster where you spin. And that's all, actually..


But it was kinda fun. And at the end of the day, another cred.


I like how they even put so much effort in theming the slides. Well done!


The Enterprise of the park is themed after a jellyfish.


You see this small parks?? Check this out! More parks should do things like this.


And now, the highlight of the day!


Formule X, the launched X-car coaster.


More little parks should have a ride like this.




One last pic of Formule X. I hope you liked it!


One word, AWESOME!


The launch was actually pretty intense. 0-70 kmh (0-45 mph) in 2 sec.


The first inversion is really crazy.


All happy faces. (Maybe a bit too happy??)


What a beauty.


Formule X launching.


This ride is absolutely awesome!


The monorail of the park.


Hmm.. This looks familiar..


Of course, they also had a log flume.


All the other rides are so well themed, I think they could have done this ride better..




I really love these rides.


Another ride..


The park's Wild Mouse.


This ride has a mine theme. After experiencing an other coaster themed after a mine, located not so far away from this park *wink wink*, my expectations were very high. Of course, you can not compare both.. But this was still nicely done!


The Mack Powered Coaster of the park, called Dynamite Express.


It's a really good themed area.

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Awesome report! Drievliet looks like a very nice little park, the theming is very well done. Ride selection also looks very good.


Seeing the pictures of Formule X reminds me of this wonderful clip. If you can watch this video without smiling you have no heart.



Oh, and anyone care to explain what the heck is going on here? LOL!


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Always enjoyed this park, whenever I went there. And they have themed everything up so much now!

I remember the Enterprise being part of a Lunar/Space Theming thing they had in that part of the park.

This looks much better and more fun for families. And Twistrix was pretty crazy when we rode it, back then.

And Formule X is great. Fast and zippy. I loved it!


Did they clean up or re-do their dark ride facade at all? And inside the ride itself, too?

Last visit, it really looked like it could use some Drievliet loving care.


Great TR, thank you for sharing your visit there.


Ginny exiting SPOOKSALOT in Drievliet Park; TPR 2008 Europe Tour.

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Did they clean up or re-do their dark ride facade at all? And inside the ride itself, too?

Last visit, it really looked like it could use some Drievliet loving care.


Honestly I don't know. It was the first time I visited this park. Indeed, this ride didn't stand out as nicely as the other rides. It was still nice, but compared to all the other rides in the park, this dark ride could definitely use some care.


It just seems like this ride does not belong into the park..

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^ Thanks for the photo of it. And yes, it does look like they tore up the front facade

and did a new one in it's place. Looking at it though, it still does look out of place

with everything else that's now been re-themed to the ocean, etc.


Maybe now that everything else has been taken care of, it'll be the dark ride's time, lol!

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^ Yeah, this is really sad, that more parks like Drievliet

haven't looked at this coaster and considered it for themself.


Apart from that ...I WANT ONE AT PLAYLAND(pne)!


No hurry.

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