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[RCT3] Ponderosa Valley Amusement Park

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August 1999


Hey folks, I have some developments on something new coming to the park...remember this wall I showed a few years back?


Well, similar to the manner in which Adventure Outpost and Anaconda were teased, this wall has a few teaser flyers tacked onto the wall:

Where the gods fall, heroes will rise...
If the wolf can vanquish the King of the Gods...what chances will you have?
Our most epic expansion yet, to be announced Halloween 1999...

Additionally, like the teasing of Anaconda, speakers behind the wall play the sounds of clinking metal and a wolf's howl...I'm sure it will make sense when it's announced, but for now, I have no ideas. If this ends up as advertised, this could be really big!


PS Thanks for nearly 6000 thread views!

I'm going to guess a Launched Coaster

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November 1999


Well, the hype surrounding the teased expansion has been brewing for several months now, and yesterday they officially announced what everyone has been waiting for:



Here at Ponderosa Valley, we pride in bringing you to America’s past, the most remote jungles, and the realm of fear itself. In 2001, we’re excited to bring life to yet another new world: announcing KINGDOM OF LEGENDS, a land built around the myths and epics of the heroes of yore. In fact, this project is so grand in scale, we’re only allowed to announce the first phase of this world of legend: ASGARD, land of the Vikings! This new realm brings two new experiences for the adventurer at heart:


-FENRIR: Odin’s Bane, the wolf that will devour the King of the Gods at Ragnarok, now poised and ready to strike terror into the hearts of any that oppose it. Do you have the courage to tame this twisted wooden beast? Will you fall with the gods, or rise a hero? Manufactured by Great Coasters International.


-VIKING VOYAGE: Do you dare tempt Aegir as you venture out to sea on our longboat? Or will you incur his wrath and get caught in a swirling maelstrom? Seasick need not apply! Manufactured by Zamperla.


We hope to expand the adventures in the near future, and bring even more legends to life! The rainbow bridge to Asgard opens June 2001!

I was expecting something big, but not something over multiple phases kind of big, and announcing it two years out! I can't wait to see where this goes, and if it goes well, I'll happily go along for the ride!

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July 2001


Hi folks! It's been a while, but today's the day I visit Kingdom of Legends, which has been very popular with visitors since it opened two weeks ago. I was cooped up with other work the last few weeks, so it's my first chance to visit this massively hyped new land!


From the parking area, we can see Fenrir looming across the pond...


Looking down Thunderbolt's midway toward an all-new section of the park...


New since my last visit in 1999 was this tea cup ride, which serves as a sort of entryway into the fantasy world of Kingdom of Legends.


And now we're in Asgard, and there's Fenrir in action! Fenrir's entrance is right near the Thunderbolt midway, so let's see if its bite is worse than its bark...


The queue (and part of the ride before the lift) cuts through the gods' armory...hopefully dealing with a being that heralds the end of time doesn't require any of these.


Going up...


Only got one shot during the actual ride...WOW, this thing has some kick! The turns and drops on this thing are completely wicked, and really live up to the "twister" moniker! Yet another fantastic coaster, and its prime location near the front of the park should keep this thing popular for years to come.


And here's Viking Voyage, the new Zamperla family ride!


Mid cycle. Even though it's pretty mild, families were just eating it up. Hopefully this rounds out some of the family additions in light of all the massive thrill rides they've been adding.


And speaking of new rides, this plot of land looked ready for something, but the sign just said "coming soon". I wonder what they could fit in there...

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It's been about a year since I first embarked on one of my most entertaining RCT3 adventures. It's been a lot of fun to take a struggling 70s fun fair and transform it into a full-fledged megaresort, and coming up on 7500 thread views, a fairly popular project for others to follow along with. Unfortunately, my computer isn't quite as much on board with making this park, and has been crashing a ton due to the substantial toll the park has been taking on the game's ability to run it. This has made it incredibly difficult to continue developing the park as I had intended, and I feel the best option is to give the game a break for the time being.


That said, I had been working on a few other attractions prior to these issues that will allow me to share just a little more content. As such, I'll try to share as much as I can to bring the thread up to date before I pull the plug. With how the park currently stands, I can continue the park for 3 more seasons: following the 2004 season, the park will be placed on indefinite hiatus.


I'd like to thank everyone that followed my updates and made this park one of the more popular RCT3 projects on the site, even if you were just lurking. Here's to hoping you've enjoyed the ride as much as I have.

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