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Your Dream Lineup

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Giga: Fury

Hyper: Skyrush

Hybrid: Twisted Colossus

Invert: Banshee

Woodies: The Voyage and El Toro

Launched: Storm Runner (Or Dollywood's new coaster, if it's launched! )

Other 3: Bizarro (SFNE), Outlaw Run, Maverick

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I really like the idea of this thread! I don't have the time right now to make up my list, as that would include a lot of internal conflict. Nevertheless, I would be extremely surprised if El Toro wasn't on someone's list

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I haven't been on all of those types of coasters (no hybrids unless you count Gemini? or The Great White?) so therefore my list is a mix of favorites and top of bucketlist rides.


Millennium Force


Medusa Steel Coaster


El Toro


Storm Runner


Phantoms Revenge

Bizarro (SFNE)


^ If this was a real park, I'd buy a tiny piece of land in the middle and move in.

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Giga - Well, haven't ridden a Giga yet; I'll go with Fury 325 since I'm hopefully riding that next month

Hyper - Nitro

Hybrid - Ravine Flyer II

Invert - Banshee

Woodies - Boulder Dash & Outlaw Run

Launched - Storm Runner

Anything - Phantom's Revenge, Jack Rabbit (KW), Exterminator

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Giga - I305

Hyper - Raging Bull or Diamondback

Hybrid - Ravine Flyer II

Invert - Afterburn or Banshee

Woodies - Beast and American Thunder

Launched - Storm Runner or Maverick

Anything - Mr. Freeze, X Flight, Griffin


Freefall Tower - Acrophobia

Dark Ride - Curse of DarKastle

Family Coaster - Verbolten

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Lot's of bucketlist rides on here, great thread though, this was tough!


1 Giga: Fury 325

1 Hyper: Nitro (haven't been on)

1 Hybrid: NTAG (haven't been on)

1 Invert: Banshee

2 Woodies: El Toro (haven't been on), Phoenix

1 Launched: Maverick

3 Anything: Kumba (haven't been on), Expedition GeForce (haven't been on), Taron (haven't been on, obviously, but that thing looks awesome! The themeing would need to come too of course)


(Would have really liked sub in Kawasemi, Mystery Mine, or Gravity Max in there for some variety)

Edited by PVA62
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Giga: Millenium

Hyper: Behemoth

Hybrid: RMC Mean Streak (If the ride needs to be real, then Twisted Colossus)

Invert: Raptor

Woodie #1: Voyage

Woodie #2: The Beast

Launched: Maverick

#1: TTD

#2: Kraken

#3: Zach's Zoomer at MiA

(I kid of course, probably ThunderBird)

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Giga: Fury 325

Hyper: The crazy-looking Intamin being built in China

Hybrid: Wicked Cyclone

Invert: Namtab

Woodie 1: Wildfire @ Kolmården

Woodie 2: T Express

Launched: Taron

Anything 1: Kumba

Anything 2: Helix

Anything 3: Lisebergbanan


If we allow NL coasters, it changes a bit.


Giga: Projektion's Zeus

Hyper: Cold Fusion by Macehivcz (spelling?) (most other Intamin hypers would be fine)

Hybrid: Sokobansolver's RMC Mean Streak

Invert: Megablast by Buster and Hansixx

Woodie 1: Ghost of a Chance

Woodie 2: Upper Gorge Express

Launched: Gaia by Phyter (I think)

Anything 1: The Big Dig

Anything 2: Midgard Serpent by Hansixx

Anything 3: Projektion's Iron Outlaw


You may notice a trend towards extremely long rides there.

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Let's try :

1 Giga : Intimidator 305*

1 Hyper : Nitro or Bizarro

1 Hybrid : NTAG*

1 Invert : A Batman clone

2 Woodies : El Toro, Phoenix

1 Launched : Maverick

3 Anything : Fahrenheit, Piraten*, Lightning Racer

* = not ridden, but I do believe I'd like to have them in my dream lineup.

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I totally brain-farted on my favorite Hyper, until seeing some others with it on their lists! I also forgot about Expedition GeForce. So my modified (and final answer) Dream Park Lineup is below!


Giga: Fury

Hyper: Phantom's Revenge

Hybrid: Twisted Colossus (Not having ridden any RMC, I went with this one, but it could be Wicked Cyclone or Medusa, too!)

Invert: Banshee

Woodies: The Voyage and El Toro

Launched: Maverick

Other 3: Bizarro (SFNE), Outlaw Run, Expedition GeForce

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1 Giga: i305 with SkyRush train

1 Hyper: Shambhala with two more airtime hills transformed into speed hills. Need a more family oriented big coaster.

1 Hybrid: Twisted Colossus, because dueling and inversions attract GP.

1 Invert: Arthur, I want a theme park and it's perfect.

2 Woodies: Boulder Dash and T-Express

1 Launched: Maverick

3 Anything: Blue Fall, Olympia Looping indoors with special effects, Intamin Gyro Swing biggest model available.

Edited by gerstlaueringvar
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This is what I came up with before looking at anyone elses list. Those marked with * are those I have not ridden.


Giga: Fury 325*

Hyper: Expedition Geforce*

Hybrid: Medusa Steel Coaster*

Invert: Katun

Woodie #1: El Toro @ SFGADV

Woodie #2: Phoenix

Launched: Storm Runner


Anything #1: Kumba

Anything #2: Boulder Dash

Anything #3: Phantom’s Revenge*

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My line would be, the ones marked with an asterisk (*) means I didn't ride it


Giga: Millennium Force

Hyper: Phantom's Revenge

Hybrid: Iron Rattler*

Inverted: Banshee *

Wooden #1: Son of Beast*

Wooden #2: Racer (Kennywood)

Launched: Kingda Ka*

Anything #1: Shockwave* (Kings Dominion)

Anything #2: Chaos (Opryland)

Anything #3: Drachen Fire* (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)

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Wow, this thread just brought out the Cedar Point fanboy in me... lol


1 Giga: Millennium Force

1 Hyper: Magnum XL 200

1 Hybrid: Wicked Cyclone (this is the only RMC hybrid I've ridden, I actually almost said Gemeni though just because the racing element is unique to my imaginary park but Wicked Cyclone is just too good)

1 Invert: Raptor

2 Woodies: Phoenix and El Toro

1 Launched: Maverick

3 Anything: Kumba, Big Bad Wolf (we need a family coaster), Mystery Mine (keep them boots on haters, we need a themed coaster)


Edit: If the "3 Anything" can include non coasters then I vote for Timber Mountain Log Ride at Knott's and Skyway at Great Adventure instead of Big Bad Wolf and Kumba.

Edited by coasterbill
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