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[RCT2] Mystic Mountain Theme Park

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In the 1800's, the Mystic Mountains in Montana, were a popular destination for mining. They mined for gold, silver, and diamonds, as well as rare types of rock. But in 1887, the mine had to shut down because of a deadly accident that killed 34 people. The accident had an impact on the entire state of Montana, and a few other neighboring states. The miners were looking for diamonds, and they were going to blast a large hole in the mountain. The explosive was lit to soon, and not everybody was out of the way when it exploded. But now, in 1983, this small roadside destination is home to a train ride that goes through the mountains, where the real miners did. It also has a Merry-Go-Round, as well as a few snack locations.


You can see all the little shops and the Merry-Go-Round. To the left is where you will begin you journey on the Mystic Mountain Mine Tour


You can see that there are still some very old diamond carts still filled with diamonds (fake)


The train tracks on the back side of the mountain. To the right, there is another diamond cart, with broken track from the explosion.


As you can see, the train goes in and out of the mountain many times. It is over 4,500 feet long, and takes about 5 minutes to complete the track. There is a large lake at the base of the mountain where miners would commute from one side of the lake to the other.


A little waterfall, and the bridge across the lake that leads to the exit of the train ride.


Mystic Mountain Mine Tours has two trains operating, so at night, they both get put into their little sheds. During the winter and beginning of spring, the ride only uses one train.


In late fall of 1983, the park got another ride, "The Slide" is a 20 ft high spiral slide.


In spring of 1984, the park received a Eli Bridge Company scrambler ride. The Lakeside Jamboree was a great success. It was something more thrilling for the teenagers. The area also got a small food and restroom building between the exit for the train ride, and the scrambler.


In summer of 1984, construction started on a custom-designed Zierer coaster. In early fall, it opened to the public. The guests loved it.


In January of 1985, a construction fence has been put up next to the slide. A few days after the fence was put up, construction started on the area. What could it be?

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Nice start man, I love parks set in the mountains!


I've been working on an RCT3 park set on mountain peaks for the last couple weeks, I may show off some progress once my first B&M has support beams.


Keep up the great work!


Thank you very much Any thoughts on what I could improve on, I am always looking for tips and ways to improve my park and overall experience.

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Good for you for attempting those diagonal buildings and path, definitely makes it more interesting.


Thank you. It was definitely a challenge, and it took SO much longer than I thought it would. But its not my best mainstreet/entrance plaza. Any tips on scenery?


Maybe give your buildings more depth, rather than just one tile maybe make it two or three tiles.

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It's a very nice start! I'd suggest doing a little more with your spiral slide and merry-go-round. They seem sort of plopped down in there and don't really flow together with the rest of the park. Perhaps add some scenery or fencing around the area to try to make them fit in a bit better?


I am liking the architecture though and the way you've been using terrain and trees. It does seem a bit weird that there's this massive forest that abruptly ends though

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In Spring of 1985, the park opened Spiral, a tea cup style ride. Along with this addition, the park put in a new building featuring restrooms, first-aid, drinks, and cotton candy. Looks pretty temporary though. It might change in the future. The population of the park has been decreasing, but at a slow rate. Mystic Mountain needs a ground breaking attraction, but the park just doesn't have the money. The owner hopes that Spiral will bring in more guests.


Spiral along with the utilities building.


In fall of 1985, Mystic Mountains started a new project. A wooden coaster! The park is working directly with Intamin, and the layout has not been released to the public yet, but rumors say it will go underground.


A few weeks later, we see this is what some of the track will look like. Looks interesting.


Rumors say that the ride will be around 100 feet tall. One of the tallest wooden coasters in the country.

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In May of 1986, the wooden coaster, named Forest Rumbler, is now open! The coaster had a large positive impact on the park. It brought in more guests, and gave the park a lot of publicity. The next project for the park is so far unknown, but the owner has declared that they will keep adding. However, on June 5, 1986, the owner of the park died from heart failure. The employees were very saddened by his death. The major's of the park were heart broken by his untimely death, but they knew they had to keep the park operational. The park's rating went down. In about two months after the owners death, the park's attendance dropped by a few thousand. They were about 3,400 guests short of their average. The cleanlyness went down as well. They just didn't care. The park couldn't go on without an owner. So one day, the manager of the park had a meeting with the entire park staff. He said that he was going to meet with every empolyee, to find out why they would want to be the park owner. He did this with every employee. He didn't find one person who could do the job right. The manager finally stepped up, and became the new owner of Mystic Mountain!


You can see how the transfer track works, everything slides to the right.


When it opened, it was an immediate favorite to the guests.


In early 1987, the park put up a large construction fence. Guests think it might be a water ride, or a small coaster.


About 2 months later, this is what has been completed. Looks like it might be an island...


When the guests saw the water in the moat around it, the guests got very excited.


When it opened, the ride was very popular... for the first month. After that, not really anybody was in the queue.

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That transfer track is out of control, maybe try to make it more realistic by looking at real pictures of transfer tracks for similar types of coasters.


I know that it is not realistic, but I like It was really the only design for the amount of track I had. I couldn't do it any other way for two trains. I tried for at least 45 minutes trying to figure out a transfer track, and that was the only successful transfer track that I could come up with.

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