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Most Anticipated Coasters For 2016

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1. Lightning Rod- I have never been to Dollywood and I have only been to Pigeon Forge once BUT this ride make me feel like Dollywood is a big enough player to get me to travel from MD.


2. Ceder Points 2016 project that was leaked, then planned to be revealed, then put on hold- At this point it is a pretty forgone conclusion it is a dive coaster but the specs, name and theme still interest me and I enjoy the park enough to go to check this ride out and their amazing arsenal.


3. Six Flags Great Adventure's 2016 project- they are planning something. I've heard its a Wings Coaster and I've heard it could be one of those S&S coasters. Either way its close enough that I want to go and check it out!

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This One.


Because it would be easier for me to travel to This One.


Than the awesome one being pictured below here.


Yes that one below me V is looking like a good contender for #1 place, lol.

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Honestly I'd rather ride Taron than Lightning Rod right now. However that might change.


No way! The theming looks insane, and it has good looking translations, but there doesn't look to be many airtime moments. LR looks like not just the best coaster of next year, it looks like on of the best coasters on the planet!


My most anticipated

1. Lightning Rod

2. Wildfire

3. Taron

4. RMC Roar

5. Storm Chaser

6. Valravn

7. Lightning (Mack at Lewa Happy Park)

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Personally, if I have zero chance of riding a coaster any time soon, I'm not going to waste any time anticipating it. As such, Taron is not highly anticipated for me at all. Now, once I have a solid, concrete plan to get over to Germany and ride it (and all the other great German coasters!), then my extreme anticipation will commence!


As for coasters I'm genuinely anticipating, I said Lightning Rod in this thread well before it was even announced, and it topped my expectations! The best part, is I'd already planned our family vacation to take us to Dollywood (and Kentucky Kingdom) next year, so I'm actually going to get to ride both of their new RMC coasters!


So my ranking of most anticipated coasters for 2016, that I actually will, or might, ride...


1) Lightning Rod

2) Storm Chaser

3) RMC Roar

4) Valravn

5) GAdv S&S Free Spin or YOLO coaster (raise this to second if it's a B&M Wingrider over the lake! )


Now, if I was ranking based on which rides look the best (which is what I suspect many are actually saying regarding most anticipated, since they probably won't be riding Taron or Wildfire either next year), it would go like this...


1) Lightning Rod

2) Wildfire

3) Taron

4) Storm Chaser

5) RMC Roar

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Well, after the Six Flags announcements, it's still for me Monster. The combination of being a coaster type I've never ridden before, in a park I've not been to that's close to me. Joker looks like overall the best new coaster, but as it's an unattainably far 2000 miles for me, I can't really get excited about it.

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Don't know if I'll get to it or not next season, but Lightning Rod wins for me. Any RMC is heaven, but this one will be extra special. I have to start planning ASAP.


Other then that, I don't know how much travelling I will do next year because this year I got around a lot, but Cedar Point is always for sure, and I am pretty excited for Valravn.

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Based upon the coasters I would have a decent chance of actually getting to ride in the next year or two, I'd include the following:

The 4-D at SF Great Adventure

Lightning Rod at Dollywood

Storm Chaser at KK also sounds kind of interesting too.


I have no experience with any RMC coasters (either new or re-dos) and so I hope to be able to ride at least one of the above mentioned next year.


CP's new dive machine should be fun, but I've already been on the two existing ones in this country, so although I intend to hit CP, not as much anticipation about that one.

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