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Six Flags America or Six Flags Great Adventure?

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Sometime next month, I might go to Six Flags America. This month, a trip to Lakemont Park and Delgrosso's was planned, but didn't happen. Six Flags America is 20 minutes closer to me than Lakemont Park. Six Flags Great Adventure is an hour closer to me than Six Flags America. I've been to SFGAdv before, but I haven't been to SFA. My desire to try new things is making me lean towards SFA.


My first impression of SFA is that it's Six Flags' equivalent of Dorney Park. With Dorney Park being my hometown, I know how the lines are at Dorney Park; little to none. With that being said, I could probably get on more rides at SFA than at SFGAdv. However comma, with Dorney Park as my hometown, I know that it can get boring after many visits. SFA also has rides I want to try; Superman: Ride of Steel, Batwing, and Joker's Jinx. I've heard mixed reviews of Superman, but I think I would like it, as I enjoy Intamins. All I've heard about Batwing is that it's a very good ride for a Vekoma. Joker's Jinx is both an accelerator and has duration after the launch. SFA is also close to Washington, D.C., so I could go to SFA one day and Washington, D.C. the next day.


With SFGAdv, I don't need to hear reviews, as I've been on the rides. I know how good the rides are, and many could beat SFA's roller coasters. [cough]Nitro, El Toro, Batman,...[/cough] I've recently become a drop ride fan, and 400 feet will probably beat 140 feet. With SFGAdv, the lines are the main problem. Six Flags Great Adventure is the Six Flags equivalent of a Cedar Fair park like Cedar Point or Kings Dominion. I've been to Cedar Point and experienced the lines. Besides the roller coasters there, the distance is a big factor that makes SFGAdv a better decision.


If anyone has been to both parks, which would be a better decision?

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If you've already been to SFGAdv, why not give SFA a try? You're on this site so I assume you know what to expect. The ops aren't great and the park isn't pretty (although supposedly these things have been improving). But if it's got rides you want to try then go for it. A day in DC has a lot to offer as well. SFGAdv isn't going anywhere.


Batwing was my favorite ride there. I'm not a fan of Superman ROS because of the big boring stretch in the middle with the helices, but others really enjoy it particularly for the airtime. Joker's Jynx sucks, it goes so slow at the top it's valleyed there in the past. The only ride that can beat the equivalent ride at SFGAdv is Batwing. But I'd say it's still worth a visit. Just keep in mind (since you made the comparison), SFA isn't even in the same league as Dorney in terms of landscaping, charm, and atmosphere. I'd bet a whole pile of money you won't like it as well as Dorney.

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I will be your voice of reason! Here is the truth from a local. SFA has been improving over the last few years. It is now a safe place to visit and they are doing a good job keeping the place looking nice. Unfortunately their line-up of rides is lacking. They have a decent water park, Wild One, and Superman. I also like Joker's Jinx. Everything else is awful. Batwing needs to go the way of Son of Beast as it truly is that rattling, jerky, and clunky. The last 2 times I've been Superman hasn't been running. It's quite a small park and I'd rather spend several hours driving to NJ than try to find something to do at SFA for the day.


SFGAdv has El Toro, Zumanjaro, El Toro, Nitro, a kick-ass safari and El Toro. Even if you have been on El Toro 1,000 times RIDE IT AGAIN over going to SFA. At best, SFA is a half day park. That's if all the rides are working and they are running more than 1 train. I live 30 minutes from SFA and the only reason I go there is to get my pass processed. Otherwise we drive the 3.5 hours to SFGAdv. But seriously, Zumanjaro is awesome.


PS: El Toro.

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Six Flags America is my home park, and even though SFA is better than it used to be, I'd still say Great Adventure. SFA has more shows and possibly a friendlier clientele (and might be kept up better), but I have a hard time staying in the park more than about six hours. If you like waterparks you could add about two hours with that, but the ride selection at Great Adventure is undoubtedly world class, while SFA's is okay/slightly above average. What you won't do at SFA is wait in line too much which is always a toss up at Great Adventur.

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