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Anyone ridden all the RMCs yet?

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^ This is exactly what I do. When someone asks me "What is your favorite coaster?" I am actually unable to answer them. Instead I find myself rattling off a list of like 10 really good coasters that I'd be perfectly happy riding at that moment if I could.


I don't see the point in having to decide which one is better than the other.

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Definitely in the minority here with my opinion, ridden two RMCs and here's how I would rank them:


1. Goliath - Loved the height, drop, and speed. The zero g-stall is one of my favorite elements on any rollercoaster. The only negative thing about this ride was that it felt short.


2. Twisted Colossus - I was really hyped for this after hearing so many good things about this ride but unfortunately it did not live up to the expectations. It was a fun ride and had some nice pops of airtime but there was nothing too special about it. I also never got to experience the dueling part since the dispatches weren't timed well.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally rode my first two rmc's , next week I will ride my third: Wildfire.

I don't understand all the hype about Medusa, it's a very good coaster but it's not that intense. Don't get me wrong it's a fun ride but it's very far from the intensity and strong ejector airtime of Twisted Colossus. Twisted Colossus literally left me speechless


1- Twisted Colossus

2- Medusa


Will update in ten days

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  • 1 month later...

1. Twisted Colossus and Storm Chaser. There. Predicament solved. Crisis averted.

3. Outlaw Run

4. Iron Rattler

5. New Texas Giant

6. Joker

7. Goliath


Joker is my latest one. Pros: it has a fantastic layout. Disorienting every time, not just the first time or two. Typically-great RMC inversions, hangtime and airtime. It reminds me of iRat and NTAG the most, with hints of Goliath. Why it's so low for me: despite its copious pluses, it distinctly felt "weaker" for an RMC. Not extreme; not relentless. High fun factor and rerideability, though! I don't think it's worlds better than Medusa (SFDK), but I only marathoned one of those two, and it wasn't the one with walk-on waits.


I'll eagerly repeat what others say about the RMC's they feel are weakest: Joker is still a much better, more enjoyable and higher-quality ride than most other coasters! Side note: on the contrary, I do not feel that way about Goliath--plenty of classic and traditional woodies I'd prefer to ride.

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I'll provide a quick update:


1) Lightning Rod- Not a moment of wasted track. Perfect pacing and intense air.


2) Iron Rattler- 2 of the best drops on any coaster, an amazing setting, and air on every element.

3) Wildfire- Amazing setting, perfect first half, solid second half

4) Twisted Colossus- Both sides are fantastic. Slight edge to the other two since they don't have a pacing interruption.


5) New Texas Giant- One airtime hill after another plus the Gerstlauer trains are a plus.

6) Wicked Cyclone- Fantastic air. Minor spots to catch breath on turns, but otherwise not a wasted moment.


7) Storm Chaser- Very intense, air-time filled coaster but I missed the first drop.


8) Goliath- Love what's there, but it's shorter than the others.


Edited to include my new number 1, Lightning Rod.

Edited by Canobie Coaster
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Bump, I guess.


Never updated my rankings after the 2017 season.


4. Goliath - While that first drop is my favorite of any RMC, and it's just a really fun, intense, well paced ride with two fantastic inversions, there are only 3 moments of ejector air, and the layout is kinda basic. I'm also fairly used to it because it's at my home park. Still, an excellent ride, and a coaster that I always ride and come off happy, no matter how unbearable the lines are


3. Twisted Colossus - My 100th coaster. While not a disappointment, I feel it's a bit overrated. The layout doesn't feel totally complete, hitting the brake run on either side after both of them really get going. Yeah, there's a ton of airtime, but the quality of the airtime isn't as strong as the other three RMCs. Despite that, the first drop is excellent, dueling on the ride is really an experience to remember, I love the dueling interactions, and it really is something you just want to ride again and again. I do wish I got more rides on it.


2. Storm Chaser - What a surprise this was. The airtime is probably the strongest I've ever experienced, the first drop has great hangtime in the front and great whip in the back, it's on the intensity levels of X2 (seriously, the sheer aggressiveness is like a car crash, but one you want to be in), the pacing is pretty much perfect, and is something that I easily rode over and over again when I was at Kentucky Kingdom. I don't see at all how this is one of the weaker RMCs.


1. Lightning Rod - You probably saw this coming. The airtime, the speed, the launch.. all incredible. My first ride was incredible, but I rode it in the back row later in the afternoon... The quad down is IN-SAN-ITY. Hopefully, if I ride it again, the trims at the top of the launch won't ruin my good memories of it. I would describe it more, but words are useless. Ride it yourself, and see what you think.

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  • 5 months later...

It's been a minute since anybody has posted in this thread, and I still haven't ridden them all yet. However, I have added a couple more to my experience, and figured I'd weigh in at this point!


5. Goliath - Even the "worst" RMC is still amazing, falling just outside my Top 10 coasters currently! I wish it was a little longer, but the elements it does have are amazing, and that upside down dive is still one of my favorite parts of any RMC!


4. Storm Chaser - My first RMC, and still one of my Top 10 coasters! It blew my mind from ride 1, and after 20 rides (the same day), I was in love with the RMC experience! The last couple of violent ejector hops always made me brace myself, and are one of my least favorite parts of any RMC. But the overall package of SC is simply fantastic, and will be a crown jewel for KK for a long time!


3. Lightning Rod - In what may surprise a lot of people, LR isn't my #1 or #2 RMC. I loved the coaster, and it falls just outside my Top 5 overall. Day rides are out of this world, and night rides take it to a whole other level! At the end of the day though, I think the lack of any inversions may have hurt it, at least in my rankings... I mean, being one of my favorite coasters I've ever ridden is no bad position at all! But I think that reason may be why it barely tops SC for me, and comes behind the most recent two RMC's I've ridden...


2. Twisted Timbers - Cedar Fair's first foray into the RMC market (barely) was absolutely phenomenal, never losing any steam at any time (well, after the abrupt slow-down at the top of the lift), and cramming so many elements into a tight and compact layout, it keeps your head spinning the entire time! My kids and I all loved it immensely, and to think it used to be the debauchery that was Hurler, is amazing! It was my favorite RMC... for 4 days at least!


1. Steel Vengeance - I rode this at the First Rider Benefit, four days after Twisted Timbers, and it took everything I'd loved about that coaster, and all the other RMC's, and pretty much every coaster I've ever ridden, and crammed it into one absolutely coaster-experience-altering two and a half minute ride! It's hard to add much to what's already been said about this amazing coaster, so I'll just chime in with the rest of those who have ridden it already, and say it's one of the best, if not THE best coasters in the world! Ride it in the front, ride it in the back, ride it during the day, ride it at night, ride it anywhere, anytime, and you're bound to have a mind-blowing coaster riding experience! It'll be hard for any coaster to top this one, but it'll certainly be fun watching other ones try!

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As of this point in time I would rank RMC coasters this way:


1. Twisted Colossus- Great long ride full of ejector moments. I love rides in the back row the best. The coaster that got me interested in roller coasters again.


2. Goliath- I think I like this coaster better than others. I think each element is really strong on this coaster and don't have an issue with it being short. The hill and second inversion are just plain awesome.


3. Joker- It was a good ride. I found it to be more seat depended. I felt like I had to sit in the back to maximize the ride. Also the pacing is a little off at the end. Still a good roller coaster.


This month I will have a chance to ride Steel Vengeance and Storm Chaser. Later this year I have plans for Iron Rattler, Lightning Rod, possibly the New Texas Giant, possibly Twisted Timbers, and a remote chance for Twisted Cyclone so my list will grow. You can also count Wonder Women and RailBlazer on that list as well.


RMC's are my favorite coasters because you won't find a bad one.

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I'll update mine since I've ridden Wonder Woman, Medusa, and Twisted Timbers in the past few weeks.


1) Lightning Rod


2) Iron Rattler

3) Wildfire

4) Twisted Colossus


5) Twisted Timbers- An endless barrage of airtime hills.

6) Wicked Cyclone

7) Wonder Woman- Relentless intensity from start to finish, just not as long as the above coasters.


8) New Texas Giant

9) Storm Chaser

10) Medusa- Very good, but the bumps and most turnarounds didn't have air like I expected.


11) Goliath

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I still don't really feel I'm qualified to post in this thread, as I had only ridden Wicked Cyclone until recently when I rode Twisted Timbers. If I were to rank them, they are neck and neck. Both top 10s for me, but if I was in front of both of them and could only ride one (how I rank coasters anyway) I think I'd likely pick Wicked Cyclone.


The two rides have a lot in common, but they're also very different. I love the barrel roll drop on TT but prefer the straight down drop of WC. Also, while the airtime on TT is fabulous it kinda feels like the primary focus of the ride is basically an airtime assault (which isn't a knock by any means), but WC has more variety and more WTF moments. That WC spends more time inside the structure gets a huge point - those handchoppers! And its probably because I rode TT on a colder March morning and WC on a humid, wet June morning but WC didn't feel like lost any stream at all and was plowing into the brakes on all of our rides.


They're both incredible rides and it's great they're popping up at more and more parks so its easier for me to get to them. I've always been more of a steel over a wood coaster guy so I'll take a smooth RMC over a crappy old woodie any day. I'm stoked to get on more of them, starting with Twisted Cyclone later this year, and either the Texas duo, Twisted Colossus, or Steel Vengeance next year... we'll see.

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So out of the one's I have been on this is how I would rank them:


Lightning Rod

Outlaw Run

New Texas Giant

Twisted Timbers

Iron Rattler


I can't wait to see how Steel Vengeance and Wonder Woman Golden Shower Coaster shake up the ranking.

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I've only ridden Twisted Colossus so far, and at this point, it's my favorite coaster. I'm planning on riding Steel Vengeance (and possible Storm Chaser) at the end of this month. I'm also planning a trip to NorCal to ride Joker and Railblazer later this summer.

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Only ridden Steel Vengeance, so that's at the top of my RMC list right now.


Was a 4 months too early for Twisted Colossus with that trip.


Went to Dollywood spring break just gone had a day of Lightning Rod having significantly more downtime than uptime so never got a chance to ride it. Although I hear any day ending in 'Y' is like that.

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I've been on Lightning Rod, Wicked Cyclone, and Iron Rattler. Of those, I'd probably go in this order:


1) Lightning Rod

2) Wicked Cyclone

3) Iron Rattler


Mind you, these are all INCREDIBLE coasters. Only reason why I put IR below WC is because, though the drop is better on IR, the airtime and overall layout is better on WC. IR tends to meander a bit in the place where the old helix used to be.

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  • 2 months later...

1. Steel Vengeance - Holy moly. This is the best coaster I've ever been on. I love pretty much every element in the first half, except maybe the double up. The drop, first airtime hill, outward banked airtime hill, and inversions are all great. And then you have the airtime into the midcourse. The second half is bonkers and even disorienting at night. There's so many moments of airtime. This ride has everything I look for in a coaster.


2. Lightning Rod - This was a tough choice, but I give the nod to Lightning Rod since it has the strongest airtime, specifically on the quad down.


3. Twisted Colossus - Love the long ride time. The first drop(s) are strong. The dueling aspect makes it.


4. Iron Rattler - The first drop and the drop over the wall are both amazing.


5. Outlaw Run - Completely taken back by how good this was. Time Traveler had a majority of the people in it's queue, so this thing was a walk on. Which meant a ton of rides.


^ - Those five are all legitimate top tier coasters in my opinion.


6. Golden Lasso - Give me one for Valleyfair, please. These things are brilliant. So much airtime (I only rode this in the back). The first drop, the airtime hill where it slings you left and then right, it's absolutely bonkers.


7. Goliath - Big drop off. Still has an amazing first drop and I enjoy all the elements.


8. The Joker - Easily my least favorite. Felt like a normal coaster with an awesome stall.

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I have a question. I've heard from a couple of people that after a certain point, they all start feeling pretty much the same for the most part(excluding the raptor). I still haven't ridden a single RMC, but I guess I can see how that might be possible. Has anybody experienced that?

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I have a question. I've heard from a couple of people that after a certain point, they all start feeling pretty much the same for the most part(excluding the raptor). I still haven't ridden a single RMC, but I guess I can see how that might be possible. Has anybody experienced that?


I've been on 12 of the RMCs, and I would say that sentiment is not really true. I feel like each RMC has it's own vibe/personality that's even hard to detect from a POV. Twisted Colossus has the dueling, IRat has the quarry (and superior trains), Wildfire has the pine forest/lakes, Lightning Rod has the launch, terrain and quad down. They are all similarly amazing that typically feature zero-g rolls/stalls as inversions and a lot of airtime, but how those things are presented to you is always mixed up and in vastly different settings. Even the similarly-looking rolls can feel very different from one another (Wildfire's last one taken at crazy speed, while IRat's roll somehow has airtime coming out of it). And the airtime strength/duration varies a lot from ride to ride.


Many other models/designs feel much closer to one another or follow a formula:

- GCIs (Every shaping of a turn/drop/airtime/whatever feels the same from ride to ride)

- B&M Hypers (Drop, airtime hill, turn-around, airtime hill(s), mcbr, smaller airtime hill(s))

- B&M Inverts (A lot of these feel very similar to each other)

- B&M Floorless/Sit down (Drop, loop, dive loop, zero-g, cobra roll, mcbr, corkscrews),

- B&M Dive (Drop, immelman, mcbr, drop, etc)

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All of the ones I've ridden are quite different from each other. They have some similar elements but overall the experiences are pretty unique.


1. New Texas Giant - when it's not warmed up I'd put it #2 or 3, but once it's running it hauls through a ton of really fun overbanks and airtime hills. The second overbank in and the airtime hill before the midcourse are my favorite elements.

2. Outlaw Run - incredibly well paced coaster with insane elements. It's basically the opposite of NTaG in that it's pretty short and intense but has near flawless pacing, and is a little rougher.

3. Iron Rattler - this coaster is the happy medium between Outlaw Run and New Texas Giant but doesn't have quite as many strengths as either. Great setting and great first drop, but lacks the intensity of Outlaw Run or the length of New Texas Giant.

4. Goliath - awesome elements and a breathtaking first drop, but the pacing is kinda janky. Intensity is similar to Outlaw Run.

5. WWGLC/Raptors - crazy insane intensity but the restraints are a little uncomfortable and it's not super rerideable.

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