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Big Surprises on Coasters

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Let's talk about things on a coaster that came out of nowhere or we didn't know it was there. Most of the time we know what to expect but sometimes special effects, unique elements, unexpected forceful moments etc would surprise us. Spoiler alert for the whole thread!!


1. Space Fantasy final showroom (surprise special effect)

2. Kärnan lift drop

3. Steel Dragon 2000 helix (forceful moment)

4. Outlaw Run outward banked turn (airtime)

5. Grizzly Mountain reverse drop, it's quite obvious but a lot of people still got scared by it.


Tell us more about what surprised, or even scared you on a coaster!

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Though I knew the layout, I never paid any attention to the forces in POV's. Eight years later, I rode El Toro for the first time in the magic seat, and that RT hill was painfully awesome. NOTHING compares to that ejector hill.

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First time on El Toro without too much knowledge about the layout - Rolling Thunder Hill.


This. I knew of the layout obviously as it's being built in my home park, but I've never felt airtime like that before on anything, so I had no idea what I was about to be in for when I rode it in the back the first time ever.

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Agreed with Winjas. I also like how Gerstlauer sneak in a cheeky inversion at the beginning/end of a lot of their coasters. I also think the surprisingly big last drop on Apollo's Chariot would be a great surprise had it not been in plain view from the queueline.

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The Thirteen track fall at Alton Towers is one of the best elements, even though I couldn't resist reading up about it before I rode.


Also in the UK, the indoor section of Saw is also great.

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The initial drop out of the station to the lift hill on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at the Magic Kingdom. It really is a surprise and a bit of a shock for first-time riders.

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The first thing that came to mind is the airtime pop before the rolls on Storm Runner. Did not expect that whatsoever.


Skyrush's awkwardly shaped first drop which gives you a huge pop of air right when you thing it's over.

Laterals on steel force's helix.

The last turn on talon: very forceful.

The airtime hill on abismo at parque de atracciones de Madrid. it produced way more air than I thought it would.

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^Speaking of Apollo's Chariot, the drop just after the mid-course brakes (right after the turnaround by the Rhine River) is particularly forceful if you're sitting in the very back row. You get "piledrived" back into your seat.

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In no particular order:


1. The double-down on the Jack Rabbit at Kennywood. I love riding with people who've never been on it before and forgetting to mention it.

2. The finale of Wonder Mountain Guardian

3. The last element of Verbolten

3. The rib-tickler in the front seat of the Silver Comet at Martin's Fantasy Island.

4. The ending of Adventure Express at Kings Island, surprising in a "WTF just happened?" major disappointment way.

5. The tunnel on Knoebel's Twister when ridden after dark (it's almost invisible).


That's all I can bring to mind at present.

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