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Movie TR: MNSSHP 2005

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Hey Kids, want some candy?


First off, we were able to enter in early -- before 7p.m. fyi.


We rode Space b4 it even hit 7 o clock.


It was friggen hot.


Candy was everywhere, and good quality/variety. If you miss out, at the exit outside the park they have two huge bins and will fill up your bag big time. I'm proud to say I filled my bag about 2/3 w/o Disney's help.


Already mentioned: candy amount up 60% -- you do get some cheap cast members, and some generous cast members. beware!


The headless horseman was interesting. HalloWishes was fun (with the park surrounded by fireworks). Dragged a bit though.


Space Mountain has a better lightshow on the outside this year.


What else...oh, hard not to have fun. For me, this is how I'll enjoy MK from now on: fewer crowds, festive atmosphere and plenty of sugar to go around. Cool parades and Fireworks don't hurt.

Everbody Scream.mov

Here is something to start -- a little slideshow for folks to download.

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When I have time (for resizing the images cuz a few weren't below 150 kb) I'll manually post them.


also, one thing I didn't mention -- space mountain's exterior light show was improved this year. very sweet.


Make sure to catch the headless horseman before the parade (10 minutes before) AND don't forget to get your photograph taken (and sent to your house) for free!


edit: added a little slideshow to wet folks appetite for MNSSHP

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