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Photo TR: Opening Day Baron 1898, Efteling, The Netherlands

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Hello, everyone!

On 1 July 2015, I went to Efteling for the first day their new B&M Dive Coaster opened to the public. My intention was to ride the first train of the day, but I had the third train.. But I was actually very lucky I had one of the first trains, because the queue quickly reached a waiting time of 2 hours and more. It was the hottest day of the year that day, and the whole queue was in the blazing sun. It wasn't my plan to return back home as a melted sorbet, so I only rode it once..

About the ride, Baron 1898 isn't the most intense, the highest or the fastest coaster, but that doesn't matter. It's the whole experience that makes this ride so much better! The theming really is incredible. I've never seen something like this before. I think this is the best themed coaster in the world, but that's my opinion of course ^_^ Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take photos of the 2 (actually 3) pre-shows. But you'll be amazed by the coaster itself.

Let's check out the photos!


The skyline of the park will never be the same. And that's a good thing!


There it is, in all of its glory!


The other side of the Baron 1898.


The miners are having an awesome time!


You can see the queue here. At this point the park was open for about 40 minutes, and the wait time for the Baron was already 100 minutes.


New miners going up the tower.


Even the trains look great!


I never thought it was possible to fall in love at first sight. But that changed today!


Diving into the mine shaft. Searching for the gold.


What a stunning structure.


What a beauty it is!


The dive drop is really good!


Although the tower is "only" 30 meters (100 ft) high, the drop is 37,5 meters (123 ft).


Ready for the dive into the mine shaft? I guess the woman on the right isn't..


The Witte Wieven (White Women) keep the miners away from taking the gold.


As you leave the mine shaft, you can see the Witte Wieven (the mist) following the train. It's really great!


Baron 1898 is absolutely an amazing piece of art, well done Efteling!


Followed by Witte Wieven, you'll go into the Immelmann.


And into the zero-G roll.


They really have thought of every detail. There's coming smoke out of the chimney.


A little bridge with some nice lanterns.


It is a great ride!


You get some G's at this 360 helix.


Beautiful signs were all over the area. Translation: Miners. You can start immediately. Wealth will befall you.


A "little bit" theming here and there.


An underneath lift hill shot.


The sign for the storage.


Really impressive!


Some more miners going up the tower.


Everything is so well done!


Welcome to Rijksmijn Baron 1898!


The storage for the bags.

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Nice pictures! The theming really looks stunning! As most mentioned, the coasters itself might not be the best out there but it should definitely be a fun experience.

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Thank you very much for posting these!! I do have to say that they did a pretty AMAZING job with the theming on this! I am very impressed and I am sure that although not the most intense ride, that it is VERY fun.


I am assuming that you enjoyed it?

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I am assuming that you enjoyed it?

Yes I did enjoy it, indeed! I was following this project from the very beginning. I was looking forward to riding it on opening day. Believe me, it had been 10 long months But it was absolutely worth it!

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Storage for Bags...are you reading this SFMM?? What a concept...

Looks like a great ride and definitely themed to the full extent...I'm surprised there are not more of these in the States...

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Was there any air time found at the end of the ride?

Yes, there was! You get 3 moments of air time on Baron 1898; at the top of the tower, the end of the 360 helix and the camelback at the end.

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Storage for Bags...are you reading this SFMM?? What a concept...

Looks like a great ride and definitely themed to the full extent...I'm surprised there are not more of these in the States...


Admission to Efteling is much higher than SFMM.

For example, season passes are approximately $225 US dollars. In the end you get what you pay for.

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That overview of all the coasters cutting through the Efteling Forest is really something to see!


And that lift hill and drop - - I have never seen so much detail in a lift like this.


Just lovely.

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