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Photo TR: Tayto Park

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So as I'm sure some of you are aware Tayto Park in Ireland have not only just opened Gravity Groups newest coaster but they also opened Irelands first major coaster! Theme Park Review traveled out to the park to get footage of this awesome brand new ride and take a look at the park.



I want to start of by saying that the park have been absolutely fantastic to work with. Their hospitality was superb, all the staff are so friendly and it creates such a nice atmosphere on park which is something many parks do lack in in my opinion.


The park itself is currently in its 5th season and is in the process of expansion and growth to really establish itself as a must visit attraction. Due to this expansion you do see construction, landscaping etc going on through out the park but it doesn't detract from the experience at all. Its great too see all the staff taking such pride in the product they deliver with the park and nothing is left until its up to the high standard the park have set themselves. Even with the short gap between my visits so much work was done and the park looked even better by my next visit. This park has a great advantage against parks like Alton Towers, Thorpe Park etc in the fact that they have no real direct competition in Ireland which will allow them to really capitalise with each and every new investment and hopefully drive gate figures up and up. On my second visit the park was very busy and the coaster was extremely popular so it looks like that has already begun which is great!


Now I'm sure the part you have all been waiting for, the photos!



This is a picture of the ONE flight I had that wasn't delayed! My luck with flights on these trips was just terrible!


The entrance building to the park is new for this year and looks fantastic! Its very much a log cabin feel and its very inviting to enter. Most of the park buildings such as "The Lodge Restaurant", wristband kiosks, toilets etc are all the same style building which provides a nice consistent feel through the park.


One of the new rides for this year is Zamperla Air Race. Im sure many of our readers have been on one of these but if not check out the POV below!






8 new attractions plus food outlets! What a year for the park!


If you like spinning rides I'm sure you will love the rotator, me personally I think it's EVIL!


As you can see the 5D Cinema is the same style building as the entrance but I think it looks fantastic. I didn't actually watch the movie myself but it seemed to be very popular which is good!


The park has LOADS of climbing attractions/play areas and really do cater to a whole variety of people.


The rock climbing wall was very popular on my second visit to the park and I saw quite a few people struggle with the over hang, so don't be fooled by this wall looking easy.


For me though the best part was the Zipline!


The great thing about it for me was not only can you walk underneath it as people shoot over you but it looks great up against Cú Chulainn!


OMG I found the Loch Ness Tree Monster!


Another new for this year attraction is Dinosaurs Alive which is a walk through attraction. "Not our dino!"


Check out this little video I made of Dinosaurs Alive!



This sign was specially commissioned for me when I ate at the parks carvery!


This is the parks ropes course which again was very popular. I didn't mange to do this one but having done other ropes courses before I'm always glad to see one!


This is the parks Junior Shot Tower. As you can see the fences round the ride are currently temporary but look out for them to change in the future as the park continues expanding and really establishing itself.


A water play area for the kids is always going to be popular, even in Ireland where it rains a lot!


Who is the more horrifying in this picture? Comment below and tell me!


I can't stress how good this food was. As we all know some park food isnt anything to write home about but this most definitely is! The quality of the meat was amazing and it all tasted so so good.


This is the parks/Tayto crisps mascot Mr Tayto in tree form!


Speaking of Tayto crisps one of the great things the park offers is a free factory tour!


Its not just Tayto Crisps they make but they also make other brands of potato based products!


That is quite a lot of potatoes!


It may take 25 minutes to make one packets of crisps but it takes me less than 25 seconds to destroy one.


Mr Tayto is trying to escape because he thinks I'm going to eat him.


This is Elissa approved I am sure.


Who else who visited the park has managed to find the hidden Gorilla?


This is one of the more accurate park maps I have encountered. The paths are pretty much exact to the layout of the park so there really isnt much guessing to do.


Does this remind anyone else of the Legoland toilet signs?


EVIL SWAN! This guy started chasing me when I got near him. He must have been defending Mr Tayto.


The Zoo is another great feature of the park and features a wide variety of animals.


I get the feeling this Squirrel Monkey was not a fan of my Elsa phone case! I don't think we would get along due to this fact. Maybe he's an Anna fan?




Yay for 69ing Meerkats!


There were multiple of these swings around the park. Its nice to see some unique seating around instead of the same old boring park benches.


So now its on to the part I'm sure you have all been waiting for! Cú Chulainn!



The entrance arch is really awesome with this bad ass Irish warrior!


The no use of mobile phones or camera is a very good thing for this ride. In the time I was at the park I saw quite a few remains of what was a phone or a camera.


Who wants some Gravity Group goodness?


I know there has been some mixed opinion on the figure head of this ride but whatever you may think its great that it doesn't obstruct your view when you ride in the front seat!


This is the first drop or as I like to think of it, the start of a non stop coaster that doesn't let up until the final brakes!


Take the tunnel!


The ride I found very deceptive, just when you think its going to be over it delivers with just that bit more.


How many of you get excited by a picture like this?


Overbank or Inversion? Comment below with what you think!


This is one time when its highly recommended to head for the light at the end of the tunnel!


The coaster is packed with multiple double downs/ups and every single one of them delivers a pop of airtime!


How many of you would like to own some official Cú Chulainn wood?


I took this picture for Thad!


Lets tests some of our readers. How many of you know what all the flags on the lift hill represent?


So over all Cú Chulainn is a REALLY good ride. It has a few jolts here and there but they are working on the ride still. They have just installed a second train which will help with queue times and track work is on going so expect this ride to just keep getting better. Out of all the woodies I have been on in Europe I would say this easily rates in the top 5. I think its better than Woodan at Europa by far for example.


So on my way out of the park and back to the airport I took a walk through the shop and noticed they were selling Bison meat! How many parks if any sell meat in their shop? If I thought I could have got this through airport security I would have totally got myself some.


I hope Dave approves of these cups!


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live as a giant poTayto ;) Well now you can by buys Mr Taytos autobiography!


So there we have it my Irish adventure has come to and an end with another delayed flight!


So over all for a park thats only in its fifth season they really have a lot going for them. Great food, good selection of rides, very well priced and the whole park looks beautiful. I highly recommend keeping an eye on the park because the future is looking bright! If you get a chance to head out to the park take it as you won't be disappointed!



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It's a little thing but I really like how the sign says the ride's queue will close on the ride as opposed to when the ride will close. There are too many parks that have a rides closing time and then after you've run across the park found the line closed earlier than you thought it would.

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Awesome report, really enjoyed it! Video was great too! Hopefully all the new additions for this season will bring a lot of people into the park, so that they can keep expanding in the future and make what already looks like a good park even better.

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This coaster is a bit longer than I expected it to be, and it really seems to haul through the course.


I got the exact same feeling when I rode it. Just when you thought it was going to be over there was another hill or turn. Really is a great coaster and it doesn't let up at all through the whole course.

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Seems like a lovely park. That roller coaster looks fantastic! I love all the double ups and double downs.


Lets tests some of our readers. How many of you know what all the flags on the lift hill represent?


The counties in Ireland?

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Lets tests some of our readers. How many of you know what all the flags on the lift hill represent?


The counties in Ireland?


As you were first you are officially declared the winner! Your prize is this cookie!


But I'm afraid you will have to fight Cookie Monster for it!

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