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The "perfect" roller coaster

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For me, the "Perfect" coaster is Maverick. It's not the tallest, it's not the fastest. . . But my god is so perfect. It's got a great drop, great lateral forces. Great positive, and crazy extreme negative forces. A fun mix of elements and inversions, and a launch that packs a punch!! And now that they've put the more comfortable restraints on the ride... what's not to love about it?!

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Two ideas I have.


1. Take Voyage, put topper track on the entire thing without changing any of the layout, put RMC trains with steel wheels on it so it flys through the course Outlaw Run style. I already think Voyage has the perfect layout. It just needs to be smooth all the way through.


2. Take i305 and extend the layout. Out of the first drop, take a turn to the right and straighten out going behind, and running parallel to, Rebel Yell. Ride over a low speed hill, then an overbanked turn to the left that takes you back in the direction you came, take another speed hill, then a giant camelback. Dropping out of it, you curve left, go into another speed hill that then lines you up for the rest of the ride (picking up at the first high-speed low curve to the left). This would add variety to the ride, with a first half that focuses on airtime, and a second half that focuses on high speed turns. Kind of like Superman at SFNE but in giga form. Oh yeah and plant trees around the ride so it's not just in a grass field and the feeling of speed will be amplified.

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If a Skyrush type coaster was built within an environment like Lighting Rod.

I agree!!!


Add in a few straight ejector airtime hills and a quad down for extra awesome.


I love how Skyrush rides, but I would love to experience that in a more spread out or out and back layout.

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Admittedly I'm a big B&M fanboy and after riding Thunderbird (and loving it) I thought of all the potential this launching wing coaster design could have. I sketched up a coaster a few weeks after my trip to Holiday World, and then was blessed to have the gift of Planet Coaster where I was able to make my dream coaster. To me, the perfect coaster would have multiple launches, be very smooth, feature many inversions but an equal amount of airtime elements. Special effects and animations are a must. My "dream coaster" has 7 inversions, two of which I created myself, maintains its smoothness, has two "Storm tunnels", an animated sea monster, splash effects and a ton more. The last ingredient is setting, I put Riptide on its own island in the middle of the cove. I know these screenshots probably belong on the gaming area but I wanted to show you what I dreamed up as my perfect design.


Riptide entrance


The backside of the island, I know it's over budget...


The giant dive loop after A launch that goes over the lighthouse.


A huge loop is a must for my perfect coaster


Zero-G... over the sea...


B Launch, and splash effect A

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^I hope I didnt answer this thread wrong lol....It seems people either are posting already existing coasters or posted spruced up version of their favorite coaster. Mine I posted is completely made up because I thought that was the point of the thread I hope I didnt answer the thread wrong....


Nevermind scratched that I notice the picture above is made up. Neat coaster by the way. I dont own any coaster games so I cant make my creation sadly. Also the fact mine is a very basic picture in my mind anyways.

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You're fine. If you don't feel like the "perfect" roller coaster exists then it can absolutely be totally made up, but it does exist in Sandusky, OH so I went with that.


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You're fine. If you don't feel like the "perfect" roller coaster exists then it can absolutely be totally made up, but it does exist in Sandusky, OH so I went with that.


You're dead to me.

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I'm sure I'll love Phoenix and you can moan all you want at what I'm about to say but I do have serious doubts that it will unseat Maverick in my top spot.

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