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Photo TR: Tayto Park in Ireland featuring Cú Chulainn!

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Hello all!,


Ever since I heard that Tayto Park in Ireland was building a wooden coaster I had obviously decided I should get over there and ride it shortly after it opened. This last Wednesday ended up being the day it happened!


After an early start and a short 35 minute flight to Dublin from Manchester, we picked up a hire car and made our way to Tayto Park which is around 25-30 minutes from the airport.


I was joined on this trip by mousch and medoman as well. We purchased our park entry tickets, an unlimited ride wristband and started our day!


From the theme park enthusiast point of view, Tayto Park seemed to be pretty well unknown of before this year and then out of the blue they announced a huge expansion and decided to install a whole host of new attractions including a Zamperla Air Race, a 5D Cinema and the stand out Cú Chulainn Gravity Group woodie. These three join last years new ride, The Rotator.


The park is situated directly opposite from the Tayto crisp factory (otherwise known as 'chips' for you guys across the pond) and the park provides a self guided tour of the factory to visitors but we will come back to that later.



My first time flying Ryanair. The flight was ok but was pretty much a flying advert! I guess you can't complain for a £20 return trip!


Oooh! What can I see from the car park? It's Cú Chulainn, Irelands biggest roller coaster!


The Ropes Course. Unfortunately we didn't get to do this.


Hey, It's Mr Tayto!


They have a lot of zip lines, climbing walls and slides at Tayto Park


The Air Race is another new for 2015 ride. It's just like the others. Good flippin' fun




Yes, the front of the train is extremely creepy.


The amazing looking entrance to Cú Chulainn. We'll be back later for this as it didn't open until 12:00


Here's the "inverted" part of the ride. I wouldn't really call it a invert though but that's just me.


The Rotator. Quite an unusual type of flat ride and one I had not experienced before. Pretty intense at times.



Dinosaurs Alive!








The previously mentioned zipline


Tayto Park also has a zoo with 'ard' to find animals like this wolf.



It's a lovely place with all sorts of activities for every member of the family.


Gardens, Flats, Coasters, Zip Lines. What more could you ask for?



A fluffy fluffy bunny (not stuffed with medicine and goo though)




Not sure if this travels around or if it's static but kids parties are held in it.





The Tayto Factory.



The tour consisted of several of these long, super colourful corridors explaining the history of the product and several viewing windows into the factory. The tour constantly played the Tayto Song:




That's a lot of different packet designs!







At this point, it was nearing midday so we made our way over to Cú Chulainn. This is some of the theming inside the entrance building



It's a big ride


It's got a ton of pops of airtime thoughout and several double ups and double downs (Not the KFC kind)


Yay, Timberliners


Seeing the reactions of the park visitors to this ride who have not seen, let alone ridden a ride of this size and type was great fun. I saw lots of nervous people before the ride but nothing but amazing comments about it when they got off after it.








It makes a great roar as it takes it's lap.





Great tp hear Cú Chulainn doesn;t permit Selfie Sticks!


Nerd photos imminent


For you control panel enthusiasts.



Our "normal" on ride photo


Many, MANY rides later


This is what the station platform looked like for the majority of the day!



Going up...


This is the overbank just next to the station


The first tunnel just after the first drop. Taken from the car park.





Thanks Tayto Park. We'll most certainly be back!


After leaving it was off for a drink.



Thanks for reading!

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Great report! With the exception of Cú Chulainn I knew absolutely nothing about this park before seeing your pictures. Always fun to see something new! Hope the new investments will be a success for the park!

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Glad to see you enjoyed the park. I really think the park has so much potential and if the woodie is a success for them I'm sure the future will be very bright.


Absolutely. ALL staff were beyond friendly and all amazing. The ride lineup seems to be expanding perfectly and if they keep investing like they did this year it'll keep turning into a a destination people will visit time and time again. The 5D Cinema was also of excellent quality. (Much nicer than Alton's wooden boxes!).


Free crisps were also well received!


Being able to a visit as a day trip from England is also perfect and for flights, car rental, admission and unlimited wristband for less than an adult pays on the gate at Alton Towers you honestly cannot go wrong by taking a day there.

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That Wall of Bags reminded me, that maybe

Divv is doing the exact same thing, with his Dorito Bags?


Just a hunch. Unless of course, they're not open and eaten.


Great looking park and coaster there.

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This was a really fun trip, ryanair is based out of dublin so it would not surprise me if other people in europe can get a cheap flight there. I have to agree the staff were all very friendly and chatty, moreso than most parks I've been to. The drive from the airport is pretty simple if you have a sat nav and the coaster itself is well worth the trip. Best seat is at the back, theres only one nasty jolt on the overbank but the rest of the ride is so much fun.

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Nice trip report Neil! It really was a great family park,nicely landscaped and as you touched on the staff all over the park were superb! Even better was the fact that the coaster was walk on the majority of the day and that the staff let us reride if there was no one waiting! And it was good to meet you medoman!

I can definitely see this park having an annual visit from myself,and I look forward to seeing what else they have in store as the park expands and if the installations are of the same quality as Cu Chullain it will become a must visit park!

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the one thing I don't get though, is them calling it Europe's biggest wooden coaster


colossos is longer (3582 vs 4409 ft)

colossos is taller (105 vs 159ft)

wodan has a longer duration (2:45 vs 3:25)


I cant find a single stat where its greater than all the rest in europe.

Pedantics aside, it is definitely one of the best coasters in europe

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Looks great! I'll be going to the park in September and I'm glad to know it's an enjoyable place. I didn't quite understand the tickets/wristband thing, though. Do you need both to be able to get on the rides?


And is it just me or this slide looks pretty awkward?


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How smooth was it?


It's just as smooth as you'd expect a modern woodie to be. The overbank has quite a shuffle to it though and is most definitely the roughest part but apparently it's being looked at to smooth it out.


It must be relatively smooth as I have a really bad back at the moment and rode Cú Chulainn a lot during our visit and my back was fine. I actually think it helped in an odd sort of way! The plane journey to Dublin was worse for me on my back than multiple rides on the coaster!

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