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The Official "Chocolate and Candy Trading" Thread!


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So here is my sob story regarding this package. I got home, found it in my mailbox, and immediately started documenting my opening of the package. Well, I was all done and turned my camera off. Then I decided to take one more picture, and when I turned it back on, it said my brand new 1 gig card needed to be formatted!!! I tried to get around it but couldn't! (And even now it won't format...so I have no clue what to do to it!) So I lost all my beautiful pics of me opening the package!

So in an attempt to recreate a bit of a TR, I decided to do an "Opening of the Kinder Surprise TR"


And here are all three toys one again. Thanks so much for the great package Bill! Rest assured that one is being formulated for you right now! :-)


The third toy ended up being a pink plane, with tons of little stickers. And woah, I have totally impressed myself with this photo! This thing is only about 2 inches wide! It looks huge!


After taking forever to assemble this "most difficult to assemble Kinder toy ever" it came out looking like a plane with a little blue pilot.


WTF? I got an "internet surprise' in this one???


Ahh...this is what a Kinder egg should look like. White chocolate on the inside, milk chocolate on the outside. But don't worry, I didn't let it's perfect shape curb my desire to eat it!


Oohh...he's some kinda cool little guy with a gun, and a backpack and a face shield...or something...


And here I go, dumping the first toy out of it's egg...


Aww the first one was broken into tiny pieces. Wait, what am I saying...it's chocolate, it tastes good in whatever shape you find it!


Alright, time to start rippin' into some Kinder eggs!


Not being one for delayed gratification, I prompty opened the toffee and got "le craque" on "pour le Mack."


He also sent me a Mold-a-rama of the Mann's Chinese Theater! The first addition to my collection in 10 years! It is the one having the great moment with Mr. Lincoln in the upper right.


Here's what was inside my package! A Mackintosh's toffee and...OMG KINDER SURPRISE EGGS!!!!! *happy dance*


Before opening, I did a measurement, and decided that it was too small to contain a Mr. Big bar (just as well, as I still have about 30 of them from Kevin!)


This is what basically exploded out of my package when I opened it! Luckily I was able to contain it to my dining table, but I'm sure my cats will still be pooping sparkly bits for a week.

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Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about the card not being (first) formatted. At least, "now you know," heh heh.


But I am glad that the package arrived safe and sound to your home, Julie. My biggest concern, was that the 'statue' would crack and break into pieces, before it arrived. The Kinder Eggs too, I really wasn't sure about how 'solid' they'd stay in the journey, as well. The toffee I knew would be ok, lolol.


But - looks like it all arrived in fine shape. Good.



(Wow - it only took six days to reach you! I'm impressed.)

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^ But you know what, Soren? I have gone thru sooooooo many of those 'eggs' thru the years.... I just don't like the taste of that particular chocolate any more, and usually when I buy the Eggs, the toys are all I am going for, LOL!


Silly bear I am.


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Thing about the 1 gig card is that I had been using it with no problem since Christmas. I'd never had to format any of my other ones before using them. At least I didn't have anything too too important on that card since I hadn't had it very long. But now it won't format in either of my cameras or in the SD drive on my printer. Any ideas???


And as for the Mr. Big bars...they are so fantastic!!! First off, they are 9 inches long (go figure that I'd like the 9 inch long candy bar hehe) They are like a sugar wafer cookie with cream, covered in caramel, sprinkled with nuts and covered in crispy rice chocolate. I've had some specialty ones with peanut butter and stuff in them, but nothing beats the originals! Good thing I have a supplier in Canada! hehe They are around $3 of you buy them at Epcot!



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^ Think we got that here, too. Spongecandy. Somewhere sold here, still. I think, lol.


I'm pretty sure it's also (still) packaged here in a candy bar size and shape, covered in chocolate, and wrapped in a purple-colored foil wrapper.


Jogging a memory here, Carnage? I'll have a look-see myself, soon.


But niiicolaaah I DO remember how I'd sometimes see it sold in (literal) blocks, sealed in clear plastic, yes? And you'd have to really chew thru it, to get thru all of it, heh heh. Then it would melt in your mouth, "just so," lolol.


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Hey Mike! Just got a package sent out to you today! It's gonna be at your doorstep this weekend! Can't wait to see the goodies you sent me! Sean, I'll get your package out on tuesday, if it doesn't rain or snow on that day.


If anyone would like to trade candy with me, feel free to send me a PM or IM me on AIM. My screen name is AznShortBoy8021. I got a bunch of Sky Bars, Clark Bars, and Necco Wafers. I can get other stuff, too.

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