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Photo TR: Toverland, The Netherlands

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Hey, everyone!

On 12 Sep 2014, I went to Toverland. Toverland is kind of like saying Magic Land or Wizard Land in English. It's a nice little family park with a few good thrills. The last couple of years, they really invested in adding some thrill rides. One of these additions is Troy, a GCI Woodie that is considered as one of the best wooden coasters in Europe. But that's not the only good ride out there. Let’s check it out!


When the park opened in 2001, it was all indoors. Toverland did a few big indoor and outdoor expansions over the last couple of years. This is the entrance of the park, that leads to the indoor area.


Once you come in, you'll see this eye catchy Swing Ride. It's called Sim Sa la Swing - don't ask me why, but it made me laugh. lol


The park is really well themed. Hey, look there! It's Boomerang! No, not the Vekoma Boomerang, although it's still a Vekoma. But this is a custom junior coaster. It was rough, but still a good ride.


They do not have just one slide, they have two of them, woohoo!


It goes outside for the main drop. As i said, very well themed.


The wait for the logue flume was pretty much straight on. Okay, it actually was straight on!


More green track! This really is a good ride. It has a great launch too; 0-75 km/h (0-50 mph) in just 3 seconds.


Once you come outside, you'll see this green track. It's a Vekoma Motorbike Coaster, and yes it has a name! Booster Bike.


You can get some really nice pics of this ride.


The new themed area of the park, Magic Valley.


This area is really magical! More parks should do things like this.


Even the Rapid River is very beautiful.


I really like how this park puts so much effort in details.


What do I see there?


It's the new Mack Spinning Coaster called Dwervelwind. It's the same one as Twist in Le Pal, located in France.


Even the station is awesome!


I probably should mention that the weather was really great that day.


Dwervelwind in all of its glory.


No, it's not the S of Superman. It's the S of euhm.. Spinning Coaster I guess??


Mack makes some really good coasters. I really loved this ride.


Ow yeah! Troy is waiting for us!


Yes, they have a pirate ship too. But this one was - just like almost everything in the park - very well themed.


The entrance to the Troy themed area.


Even the Trojan Horse looked amazing!


The station of Troy.


With a height of 32 m (100 ft) and a speed of almost 90 km/h (55 mph), this really is an awesome coaster!


Random people having a really good time!


This woodie is definitely the best woodie I've ridden.


It even has a station fly-through!


A last pic of Troy, to end the day. I hope you liked it! =D

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Awesome report! As much as I miss Orlando and want to go back again next year, I may have to prioritize a trip through Germany and Holland as my 2016 "big trip". So many great parks I want to visit, and Toverland is definitely high on the list. I knew the park had some good theming, but I didn't know it was so extensively themed. Looks beautiful!


Thanks for sharing!

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