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Six Flags New England Trip Advice


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On June 20th, in the morning, I will be leaving to SFNE from Jersey. I plan to go to the park as soon as we get there. We do have Six Flags Season Passes. We would stay there for the day, and then check in at our hotel down the road.


Then, on the morning of June 21st, we would leave from our hotel,and might head down to Lake Compounce for the day. We would probably spend most of the day there, leaving LC at around 7ish, and head back home in the night.


Do you have any advice on this trip, like crowds, planning, and overall.

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Thinking of doing a similar trip when I'm briefly on the east coast in a month.

7/19 - SFNE

7/20 - Lake Compunce and (maybe?) Dorney OR Hersheypark (if this is realistic)?

7/21 - SFGAdv


Any tips, strategy, advice, or recommendations for navigating these parks and the route would be hugely appreciated!

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7/20 is totally do-able with Dorney. It's not at all do-able with Hershey. You can get Dorney done in like 3 hours. Your route takes you right by Quassy too, stop by and ride Wooden Warrior. It will cost you an hour tops and honestly you'll have plenty of time. Even if you got to Dorney at like 6PM you'll still have time to ride all the coasters, Demon Drop and Thunder Creek Mountain (like my not so subtle hint?).

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You can't really go wrong either way... have you ever been to any of the parks? Also, you can totally switch out Dorney for Knoebels and make your day infinitely better. I don't know why it took me so long to bring that up. lol

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