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The ghetto carnival photo trip report.

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So we decided to take a trip to our local annual mega carnival this year. We normally skip the traveling canivals because they are over priced and not safe, but we won a family 4 pack of wrist bands so we paid a visit.


We went the day right after coastermania where my son had a blast riding all the rides in kiddyland. As we arrived at the carnival, we were not even allowed to get a wrist band for him because they would not let him ride ANY rides in the fair. Even the rides he rode the day before at cedarpoint. Needless to say, he was bummed. At the fair, he had to be 38 inches tall to ride anything. He couldn't even ride a kiddie ride with an adult.


I have to say that the workers at the fair were almost as scary as the rides. One worker looked like snoop dog with gold(really bad fake) teeth.


The rides were in ruff shape. The centrifuge ride was in the middle of a ride cycle when there was a loud "BOOM" noise. The ride came to a sudden stop, and started back up a few min later. After the ride was over with, a few workers were crawling under the ride looking for what happened and came back out and shrugged there shoulders as to say oh well we have no idea what it was, and loaded the ride back up with people without even testing the ride.


Several of the larger rides that were advertised did not even open the whole time. The music express ride was still half put together . This was day 7 of the the 3 week fair and 3 of the major rides were not ready.


The fair did have a wild mouse coaster that was the exact same as the mouse coaster that used to be at Six flags great America. We were able to get onto it and had a decent ride on it.


The girls wanted to go into the fun house, but were unable to because they were wearing crocks. The sign said no sandals, but nothing about crocks.


Onto the pictures....


Welcome to the ghetto fair, where the rides were as ghetto as the clientell.


First ride of the day. This type of ride is hard to find at fairs these days.


Fun ride, but very short ride cycle


Shot of the sign.


One of the fairs 3 fun houses.


Snoop dog was there to welcome us...gold teeth and all.


I love the old school fun hoses, however most of the gags were not working.





Priceless artwork



This would have been fun had it been working.


Looks like a fun mirror maze.


Since the girls had crocks on, they could not ride.


Creepy clown garbage cans


They had this really cool giant slide. I have never seen one this big before.


Strip....the slide



They had the zorb


The ride had a nice light package, but was dangerous


Stuck inside


Giant wheel


Looks safe to me


This ride was not working


Looking down the midway


Most people were not fallowing this sign


They had a bird house where you can feed the birds for a fee


One of my all time favorate rides


Here is the star attraction






This was dangling and was about to fall


Looks safe to me



At least its bolted together



Let's ride the himalaya


Maybe not



Some assembely required


Nice light package though


Yoyo that did not tilt


Drop tower


Bumper cars


They had a circus as well




Inside the trade center it was full of classy things


Like this....


They had a wide selection of classy shirts


You could also try out the game of skill and win a rubber pig bank


A few more shots of the fair before we go home






A look back on our way out.

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One of my all time favorate rides



I don't see how you can do it! I feel sick just watching those things run.


The rides were in ruff shape. The centrifuge ride was in the middle of a ride cycle when there was a loud "BOOM" noise. The ride came to a sudden stop, and started back up a few min later. After the ride was over with, a few workers were crawling under the ride looking for what happened and came back out and shrugged there shoulders as to say oh well we have no idea what it was, and loaded the ride back up with people without even testing the ride.
Oh my, glad it was nothing major, and you all escaped unharmed! I love that the ride was back up and running without testing the ride first. Gotta love carnivals.


Fun little trip report! Thanks for sharing!

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was that the crazy mouse from mount olympus that had the accident? The restraint came open and a guy fell out.


$100 says this was Wade Shows in Macomb and that your guess is right. Wade actually did a ton of work on it to make it travel worthy. One story I was told (all second hand) was that Wade doesn't believe the cars were ever torn down on a regular basis at MO and that the only thing keeping some of the restraints closed was corrosion.

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I'd trust most fair operators over mount Olympus thats for damn sure. I can tell without a doubt that Mount Olympus doesn't do winter tare downs. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they even bother removing the cars from the track each year. The original bolt lines on Hades 360 train are still present and faded this year.


Oh and according to coaster-count.com mighty mouse is the former opa which is no doubt safer now than when I rode it in 2013.

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I think these are two different coasters though. Wade shows had a mouse coaster a few years before opa at Mt Olympus was removed. Also, if you look at the pictures of opa here...



You will see some differences like track layout.


110% the same ride. Guaranteed. First time they rolled it out was Delaware last year and it had no lighting whatsoever. Track layout and paint scheme is exactly the same. Both pictures show Zamperla 420STD mice. The tell tale sign is the double up. The 316STD doesn't have that, and the only one on the road in the US is owned by NAME following the old Farrow Shows route (like Illinois and Indiana State Fairs, Astro Unit or something like that). Wade's played some indie midways where they might have booked in Vandervorste's mouse. Other coasters they have are the RC-48 from Morey's, Crazy Cat (Zyklon which is getting pitched for an identical copy from Interpark), and Comet II (Old Indiana's/Murphy Bros. Wildcat named after the Texas State Fair Comet).

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The top picture has everything from the top of the bunny hop on obscured, but shows how the track curves leading up to it. The bottom picture shows it from a straight on angle, and you can see how the layout has a little kink there.

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Wade Shows is one of the premier shows in the country. I believe most of your captions were either lies or strong exaggerations. I hate how many theme park enthusiasts feel that traveling carnivals are so inferior to parks. They are completely seperate concepts. You should have given your wristbands to somebody who would have enjoyed them instead of going yourself and nit picking.

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I fail to see what's so "ghetto", looked like a fairly decent carnival. And fyi that guy with the cornrows looks nothing like Snoop Dogg, maybe favors Xzibit a bit however.


A few of the rides were nice. I believe I even pointed that out. The fair was very ghetto. Most of (not all) the rides were in bad shape, and had issues. A few of the rides looked like they should not even be used because of the shape they were in. A few of the rides were still in pieces or not even working.


Half the employees could not even speak English, and one even had a full face tattoo running a kiddie ride. The clientele was questionable as well. One guy was holding a baby while smoking and the smoke was clearly bothering the baby.


I have been to worse carnivals, and while this carnival was better than some, it was still not the greatest.

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When I ask an employee 5 times and ways if my daughter's friend is tall enough to ride the ride(there was no height chart on this ride) and he don't understand a word I am saying, than yea....I have a problem.


And I'm sorry if me shying away from a ride that was falling apart and being run by a guy with a swastika and spider webs tattooed on his face offends you and paints me judgemental.

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Oh god, those fairs! Yeah, I stay away from them. Last time i was at one (forgot where), I rode a Zipper. Thank god it didn't kill me; the ride operator looked like he was high!


Also, the dragon spin ride I went on allowed me to spin even after it had stopped, like when TPR went to the Ghetto Fair.

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