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Adventure City Rewind Racers Media Day Report!

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Wow, this coaster went up fast! A litte over Six month after construction started Adventure City has opened their new Gerstlauer family shuttle coaster Rewind Racers. This replaces Tree Top Racers which was removed awhile back. Now, I felt like this deserved it's own topic, but if you want all of the info from start to finish of construction check here www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=63578&start=100 tons of pictures! In any case REWIND RACERS IS OPEN! Grab your kids and head to Adventure City!


Okay, media day was awesome! Very well organized, with a personal touch from a family owned and operated park. There was food, including freshly made caramel apples and popcorn, a nice touch to put you in that theme pak mood. Then the ribbon cutting ceremony overseen by the Mayor of Stanton. Now, Adventure city is on the boarder of Anaheim and Stanton, the driveway is Anaheim, but the park is in Stanton. Anyhow, the mayor, city coucil members, community devlopers, all turned out for the opening of this new coaster. Which, it's great to see them get behind this little park and recognize that it is a valuable part of the community.


Allan Ansdell, park president spoke about the park celebrating 20 years in operation (opened in1994), and his families dedicatoin to the park, and this being the parks largest investment. Also, the fact that this is the first coaster of it's kind in North America (A custom design as well.) The Mayor made a proclamation, in short he said Adventure City is good for the community, etc., etc.., handshake and...CUT THE RIBBON! Yay!


The coaster is actually pretty awesome, I would have loved for this to have been around when my kids were younger and chomping at the bit to ride something bigger than a little dipper. It fills that gap between kiddie coaster and adult coaster nicely. Lots of fun, and backwards was great! I really wouldn't mind taking my kids and marathoning this thing, it's that much fun.


So, Adventure City, just down the street from Knott's Berry Farm, open daily thru August, then weekends the rest of the year (check the website www.adventurecity.com).


One more thing, take a kid, enjoy the park, it's much more than just a credit stop, especially if you have kids. Decent food, shows, petting zoo, nice selection of rides (most kiddie sized), excellent theming and landscaping...just a great little park, and if you love theme parks this is one you need to visit. And, of course there are TWO big credits and don't miss the mini drop tower.


And, pictures...




A special table? For me? What could be the occasion?


Start your engines!




Sweets for the sweet, but I got some too.


None of these were The Broodwich.


Fresh carmel apples!


Fueling up for the ribbon cutting.


Normally you need shoe mirrors to get this shot.


Ride not even open yet and kids are already showing up to ride!


Waiting for it's official debut.


Remember these stickers? Themed trash cans, awesome!


Somehow this blue ribbon shorts out the entire ride system and it won't operate until it's cut, or something. That sandwich was good!


Allan, Mayor Ethans, family and city cousel members.


Alan Ansdell, practically built it with his own hands...and a few other guys. Seriously, very small crew worked their butts off to build this.


Calling up the family to for the ribbon ceremony.



The mayor proclaimed something, basically Adventure City and Rewind Racers are good for the community.



Adventure City is a safe, family park, no one was allowed to run with those giant scissors.


Ribbons cut...YEAH!


Waiting for first riders.


Finally got some shots of the station from inside!


Trains are cool, lots of room.


Cool flat screem monitors inside the station with a little pre-show.


First train goes forwards...


...first train comes back.


That's right dog, it's really open now!


Great little coaster! I think they are going forward, possibly backwards.



Backwards in this section is pretty awesome.




Hands up!


4 years and 39 inches accompanied by and adult, or 6 years and 48 inches.


The evil ribbon that kept me from riding for so long. Mean old ribbon!


It ran constantly during the event, you don't have to be a kid to like this coaster, but bring your kids with you.



Totally a dueling coaster!






Thanks for racing...or looking...whatever...thanks!


So, there you have it, Rewind Racers media day! The most anticipated new credit in Southern California (for 4 year olds)! Great park, great coaster, check it out! Thanks to Allan and everyone at Aventure City for putting up with me and my camera for the past six month, and the media day was awesome! Thanks for looking, leave a comment!

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The target market and overall experience at this park is what most kiddie parks wish they could. They have a little something for everyone, and like Caesar pointed to, great food, staff, and themeing!


I'm not sure it was possible for them to have selected a better ride for the park. Not only does it look nice, but fits their demographic. Looking forward to returning and checking it out.

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Worth noting that it is park policy that adults can not enter the park without children.


However they do make exceptions for card-carrying members of recognized coaster clubs, so if you are planning on swinging by the park be sure to take your credentials if you a member of ACE/ClubTPR/etc.

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