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[RCT2] Attempt at a Disneyland style park

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OK, so I started this park quite awhile ago. It was going to be my "Disney Masterpiece" inspired by Disneyland. Main street turned out almost exactly how I wanted and so did Adventureland. I got side tracked with life and everything so it's just been sitting on my computer doing nothing. The layout seems self evident with the "hub" style branch offs. You will see Adventureland, Tortuga (Pirates), and a Haunted Mansion to the left of Main Street. Going to the right you will see my take on what was going to be a "Tron" inspired Tomorrowland. Behind the castle was to be Fantasyland and to the right of that was Frontierland. You will notice that there are no rides placed as this was going to be more of an architectural vision, even though eventually there would be a Thunder Mountain added to frontierland. Anyways, hope it opens for you and you have fun with what is there.

Disney Experiance.SV6

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Wow, this is actually really nice, shame you didn't finish it. There were a lot of great ideas here especially the space mountain and the middle east section. Would love to see you build more, check out http://www.nedesigns.com/ if your interested in seeing more RCT stuff and getting more feedback on your work, I'm sure the people there would love to see this.

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