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I was stuck at home all day yesterday due to an ice storm. It seemed like a good day to take care of a little project I've been toying with for a while: my Haunted Mansion Tribute Shelf. Disney has been offering some pretty cool HM souvenirs. Some of this stuff comes from the Memento Mori shop--my favorite shop at the Magic Kingdom. The photo quality isn't the greatest--maybe I should set up some spooky lighting, too.


Welcome, Foolish Mortals, to my scarily cluttered home office! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!


The Shelf of Terror!


Madame Leota is ready to tell you your future--if you have one! There was a "Bride" diorama, too. I think the carpet is nice touch.


Yep--they followed me home! Damn you, Paul "Ghost Host" Frees!


The Hearse is the oldest piece. I think I bought this at Disneyland, but I'm not sure.


This print came from the Art of Disney store at Epcot (great shop).


I picked this up at the Wonderland Gallery in Disney Springs.


Marvel Comics take on the Haunted Mansion (also from Wonderland Gallery).


Grim Glowing Ghosts .

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^^ Wonderful HM collection display, Chuck! That all reminded me of a framed art concept I saw in the display they had for HM's 50th Anniversary. The whole exhibit was in Disneyland's Opera House where the usual "Great Moments w/Lincoln" is...was? I forget. Wanted to buy it, but it wasn't available. <sad> Glad you're doing your part, Foolish Mortal. :evil:


Sept.09, 2019.

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This new snack case, has just been posted at TDLR and TOMICA ..... and I am "yeah duh" getting one, via eBay!

It's my favourite live show in the Tokyo Disney Resort. Will see a show every visit, as long as it's running.

EDIT: Scored one! :b


BBB (in DisneySea) stands for Big Band Beat, btw ..... this will be available at the end of March. Then .... one's mine, all mine!

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Recent TOMICA Tokyo Disney Resort purchases. All of them bought on eBay.com ......


A Toy Story themed Midtown Cab in TDS. Just bought this one.


The 2021 Christmas Transit Steamer Line. Got it.


Just received today, finally! TOMICA's take on TDS' Soaring ride vehicle. I loved it!


TOMICA's Western Railroad in TDL got a spooky makeover for Halloween, last Oct.


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Have to comment, after seeing all the craziness that one f-ing popcorn bucket can bring,

and I am looking at you Figment, well .... it's just nuts. 😱

But that said, I do collect TOMICA toy cars from the Tokyo Disney Resort. Get them on eBay, usually.

And I am sure the lineups for getting those 'souvenirs' can be much the same, that's happening in WDW.

Still, with the prices I've seen for the Figment buckets ..... if you really REALLY want one, you'll "pay the price."

Other than that, I am glad Elissa got one for her friend w/o too much time wasted in the queue for it. 👍

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I love all of these buckets! And Happy POPcorn Day, too!


But - I am sooo glad I collect only the Snack-Size 'holders'.

I do live in a big house, but already I have over 25 TDR candy holders!

And if they were Popcorn Buckets, instead? ........ eep.

Still - there are some really beautifully/imaginatively designed buckets, out there.

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^ I am not registered for Twitter, although I can still go look and see the photos, notes, etc.. I just can't post anything, that's all. But I do want to thank Robb and Elissa, for the great photo/note about their popcorn buckets! 🤩

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Join on your home computer, Bill

I have it on my phone, but the only tweets I ever send, and most of the content I look at. . is from my home, desktop, system.

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