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^ Ooooo I remember seeing those dioramas available in Disneyland, when we were there last fall. And I totally forgot to get one. Same goes for that awesome light-up Doom Buggy! I think there was an outdoor stall to the left of the exit door of the ride. And I blew right past it. Please be sure to show the diorama, when you've put it all together, plplplplease Chuck?


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Just saw these being offered in the coming week... really beautiful collectable VILLAIN dolls. Evil Queen ~ Hades ~ Maleficent.

^ Ah, that Chocolate Crunch. How the heck did I miss that, in past visits? Next time, for sure.

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Besides all the CoasterWorld and Rollercoaster! magazines, I also have At The Park and Theme Park Online mags (remember them?). Was thinking of putting at least the latter up for bid on eBay one of these days. (Wonder if there's a market for those.)

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^ I have over three decades' worth (in boxes) of past issues of Disney News, and have wondered the same thing, from time to time. Great articles and information (and photos!) about upcoming attractions, was the way they used to do it, through this magazine. The Magic Kingdom Club is a whole other story, lol. I still have the membership cards!


The Summer 1977 issue. In Disneyland. Two years after WDW's opened.

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CoVid-19 has prevented some TOMICA Tokyo Disney Vehicle releases from happening. Until lately.


Bought myself two Disney vehicles on eBay. One is for the 37th Anniversary of TDLR this year.

In the form of two of Alice's TEA CUPS! One with Mr. and Ms. Mouse, the other with Donald and Daisy on it.


The other is the 2020 EASTER version of TDS' Transit Steamer Line. With Mickey and Minnie on it.


Happy me.


I don't think they make music, though. I don't think.


Easter's come and gone. But the TOMICA lives on. (o;

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....and continuing along.....


Tokyo DisneySea has just released a new candy case that was to be for Easter this year.

Nonetheless it's available now, thru eBay...and of course, I bought myself one, LOL!


Great thing is, all the bunny-chicks are riding rides, including a coaster car. I think. (o;

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Just picked this up!!!



(they also had Donald driving Casey Jr. Engine, Donald on a Matterhorn Bobsled, and a solo Mickey, as part of the 65th Anniversary 1st wave. But passed those up).



I was *thisclose* to picking up the Haunted Mansion with Butler box set. . but I didn't like the look of the figure, so passed.


but this? yeah, Band Leader Mickey w/ Sleeping Beauty's Castle?




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^ Looks great! I checked out other POP!town sets thru Amazon, and they all look really nice, including (most of) the figures with them. Did you buy this locally, or get it online (like Amazon) perhaps?


And the all-important (to me) question: Do you take it all out of the box, and display it? Or keep it as is, like I do for several things I collect? I display some of my stuff as they come in their packaging. Like my TDLR Tomica vehicles, in their boxes. For now.


Just curious of me.


New "2020 Summer Pirates" TDS Transit Steamer, I just bought on eBay.

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I bought it at a local comic shop (who apparently opened their case and put them out early, since weren't supposed to be on sale until this week (Sept). . which would explain why they had them all available when I was there on Saturday).


I actually commented on the Disney stuff, and the guy behind the counter mentioned that these are usually only exclusives at Disney stores. . .but since the Pandemic, other shops were allowed to order them.


So I suspect they will be avail. on Shopdisney. com . . . .


and I don't open the Funkos, since they aren't articulated. So I just display them in the boxes.

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4 minutes ago, Nrthwnd said:

^ Very nice. Was it a popcorn bucket, or was it used for something else, while there at TDS?

that's a container from the 2019 Halloween event it contained Chocolate Crunch in two flavors (I have a few of them too) :)





the Top of the container


and what was in it :)




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these two are my favorites tho!


and thanks a lot @Nrthwnd. . .NOW I just had a bunch of Chocolate Crunch. . .LOL  (I'd successfully kept it away from my mouth for a year!. . but got into a new tin) 😛



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I have a very, very similar Chocolate Crunch tin. It is my favorite souvenir of the trip and was super affordable. Best believe I would be grabbing some more when I return.

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hard to see in those pics, but as you'd expect nothing less from Disney?

the wrappers are stamped with "Tokyo Disney Resort" and Purple Pumpkins.      a fun little Halloween bonus!


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