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Show us your collection!!!

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Also forgot to add the Twister keychains from Universal Studios is from 1999. How cool is the 3d keychain springy tornado?? The third one i got a few years back.

-The bumper car key chain was actually given to me by a family friend a long time ago but since its from Indiana Beach,and i went myself,i decided to add it.

-The old gumball machine keychain is from Kings Island when i went back in 2004 when it was still Paramount. You see it warn though....lol.Thats another park i would like to go back to one day! Diamond Back and Banshee looks awesome!

-I also decided to include two keychains from Keylime Cove indoor waterpark. Not exactly an amusement park but water parks are kind of like amusement parks in some ways and also its by Great America.

-The autograph book with Tweetie is from when Darien Lake was a Six Flags

-The other Six Flags keychains are from my home Six Flags. Great America. The wand/stick keychain is a mini version of one of those toys that make that *WAAAAAAAAMMMMMMPP!!* noise when you move it back and forth and includes rain stick beads. I have more Great America keychains as well if you like me to add them.

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^ Amazing you remember so much about each one! But that's how memories are made, right?

And here's one key chain from Scandi I forgot, as it's not on the backpack. It's hanging from a pin

on my cork message boards, beside me here. I got it in Linnanmaki Park, our last park of the Tour.


I thought it was parks on it, at first. (Well duh, how many parks in Finland?)


But nope. It's cities in Finland! Do any of you see your home town here?

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Here is some more keychains i found as well:)


I found some more Great America keychains. As well as Holiday World. I also decided to include a magnet. Kings Island Racers. The little plane although has no logo is from Martins Fantasy Island. The otter is from Sea World San Diego when i went back in 1998. The Circus Circus keychain i decided to including as the place as Adventuredome. I also found another NY NY coaster keychain. I soo wish i got a keychain or two from the Stratosphere tower but we didnt really have time. I decided to include the Orlando and Wisconsin Dells keychains because both cities are known for amusement parks and/or water parks.

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I have been collecting amusement park/roller coaster-related books, magazines, VHSs and DVDs for about 18 years. My current collection consists of:


704 books.

274 DVDs.

115 VHSs.

528 enthusiast magazines.


I would like to be kept up-to-date with any titles I am missing (minus Disney and Coney Island titles, of which there are far too many). My collection may be viewed at RollerCoasterMediaLibrary.com

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I brought back a really "generic" big coffee mug ~ if you count a CASTLE wrapping itself around the mug as "generic".


It's a Disney Resort mug, but there's nothing that would tell you that, except the brand on the mug's base.


Still, I fell in love with it, the second I saw it, in Disneyalnd. So I kept reminding myself about it, and finally

picked one up, at Disney's Business District at their HUMUNGOUS World of Disney store. I really found everything

I had wanted having seen it/them in the parks, etc etc.


And the packaging for it was UNREAL! I believe they were doing it for air travel, but since I was taking the train home, I thought was a teensy bit unnecessary. But hey - didn't cost me anything extra.


Here's the mug...


How the mug came home with me, on the train. Mysterious, yes? No?


One side of it. Haven't thought to check for Hidden Mickeys! Soon. And...


The other side, with a peek into the mug. Nothing at all, on it's insides.


Where it now hangs, with (most of) the other Disney Mugs. And one from Six Flags, and another from Knotts. (o:

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Well here's something many of you may find interesting. This is about all my "collection" consists of these days, but they're certainly 1 of a kind rare items!


It's blueprints to The Incredible Hulk Coaster, Dragon Challenge, as well as original color blueprints of the entirety of Islands of Adventure from 1999!


I believe I've posted pictures of these somewhere here on the forum before... most likely in the Universal Orlando thread. They've been in my possession for just about 10 years now though and ironically enough, I obtained them from someone here on TPR who was trying to sell each print to whoever wanted them haha!


Blueprint of the whole park as it was originally planned in 1999. So obviously pre Storm Force, Flying Unicorn, Harry Potter, and Kong :)


The front half of the park!


Jurassic Park and Toon Lagoon areas!


The Lost Continent as it was before Harry Potter took over! Also note the original outdoor queue for Dueling Dragons that existed before Flying Unicorn/Hippogriff was installed :)


Prints for The Incredible Hulk Coaster!


Prints for Dueling Dragons/ Dragon Challenge

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I have a lot of theme park memorabilia that I have collected through the years. The one piece that is most unique and valuable to me is an original WDWmap that was displayed on the walls of all Contemporary and Polynesian Resort rooms from Walt Disney World’s opening in 1971 until the early 1980′s. Its an early illustration of the park created by the artist Paul Harley, and not many of the originals are still around. One of the last ones still on property was in the Adventure's Club hanging right where you made the turn to go to the restrooms.



Closer view

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My older brother returned from a Japan trip for a college project and he stopped by Tokyo Disney. He purchased a lot of souvenirs for his friends and here's what I got:


Maps, a bag, a guide and Stitch stuff! Because I love Stitch!


I thought this was interesting. It's a themed cap that fits any plastic soda bottle.


A pair of Chop "Stitch"


I like this smashed penny for two reasons, 1. It's 100% free of Lincoln markings, 2. It has Stitch on it!

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Kind of theme park related, as they are sold at Disney parks I know,

I DO collect POP figures, from time to time. It's fun and a bit cheaper than

more expensive collector figurines, etc.


And this was a freebie I got from the Disney Movie Rewards Club, which gets you points for seeing any

Disney-Pixar-Related films (incl.Dr.Strange), and buying related DVDs etc. And giving them receipts. etc.



Very easy to get addicted to these. Thankfully, I don't want a complete set of anything, lol. (o;


Yeah and this, too. (o; (www.disneytreasures.com ~ next edition: Haunted Forest)

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That wall hanging from the Grand Californian Hotel looks really nice.

I'm surprised there's only one of "the two of them" on it. Or maybe there

is two of these panels, with Chip (or is it Dale?) on the other one. Hmmm.


And Elissa will probably "be in touch" with you about it, shortly.


Is the sheet with the Rivers of America on it, showing the river as it is

now, with (supposedly) Galaxy's Edge beyond it? It looks like it, to me.


Nice collection you've got, Jennifer!

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Not exactly what I'd call a "collection," but here's some things I've bought/received over the years. Enjoy! (PS- apologies for the awful photo quality, my phone camera is really bad)


The pin I got at One More Disney Day, Leap Day 2012. I loved these 24 hour events Disney did back in the day.


Posters from the 2016 Disney Attractions Poster Calendar. I especially like the Mystic Manor one.


Probably my favorite collectable; 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea pin from the Remember When pin collection. It's made with actual metal from the ride, plus only 250 were sold! COOL!


And my favorite photo; small me on my first ride on SheiKra, circa 2010 (that's the itty-bitty version of yours truly, far left). I was terrified. My dad (directly next to me) was having the time of his life. lol

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My next Disney Treasures "box" is soon to arrive. Based on Funko POP figures, etc. this set is called Dark Forest. And it was a very fast sellout! I am hoping that there will be an Funko Orbz Ride (w/ride vehicle) with the three ghost hitchhikers in a bigger-than-usual Doom Buggy, heh. We shall see...eventually..... hee hee hee.


Festival of Friends Treasures Box - I passed on this one.


This is the newest Treasures Box - I Ordered it ~ Shipping in Dec.

I'm hoping Abominable shows up in this one. Or Marshmallow.

And it might also sell out, too. (o;


And this is a new POP figure, celebrating EPCOT's 35th Anniversary!

"Only Sold at Disney Parks" is what that EXCLUSIVE sticker means.

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Nothing special but...



Some various park/attraction maps.



Six Flags St. Louis drawstring bag



X-Flight shirt from 2012






My personal favorite - Won a box of coasters from a social media contest






Giant Dipper, Apocalypse, Boomerang, and Storm Runner



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I totally forgot to ask you if you ever got the Coaster Set. Looks awesome



My keys.


Great Adventure, Valleyfair, and Santa's Village Beer Steins


My favorite 2 amusement park shirts.


My Lego Scrambler


Great America, Cedar Point, and Great Adventure steins.


Post cards


I might have more time to take other pictures later.

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I don't buy much theme park stuff. I started collecting fridge magnets, but about a year ago I bought a new apartment and now I have a fridge with a wooden front. So that is on hold for now...


But I bought a 25-year anniversary bowl at Disneyland Paris two weeks ago.





And I also have this one I bought at Disney's Animal Kingdom three years ago.



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^ Very nice bowls. Do you actually use them for food etc? Or do you just display them? Anything like mugs, cups, bowls I get from parks, I always try and use them in our "daily life". We just don't the room to display a lot of stuff anymore. So I try and collect souvenirs that are useful.




My Disney Treasures box arrived this morning! It's a Funko POP Subscription Series that gets shipped to you, every other month. I chose to buy them one at a time, which is allowed in the Series.


Anyway, here's my DT box from the Haunted Forest!....


How it looks when it arrives.


Yes, this is what it is.


What you first see when you open it up. All the dates/images on the flap, I am curious about,

if they mean anything or not. The patch on the left, is the Evil Queen's Magic Mirror....


....and on the right is a pin, showing Jafar from Aladdin.


When that flap is opened up, you see all this!


A "map" with info. on what's in the box, as well as "Insider Info" about the character itself.


A Halloween NBC bag, that has Zero glowing in the dark!


Cruella de Vil as a Dorbz.


Maleficent as The Dragon. A 6 inch tall figure! Biggest one they've sent out with this Series.


Back of it's box. What M. really looked like, in the film.


The Hatbox Ghost! This is a "mystery mini" that you're already told about, so I don't open it up


First Big Clue what's inside the tin.


Familiar DL Haunted Mansion images, on all sides of the collector tin.


Hi Madam Leota!


"Grim grinning ghosts, come out to socialize..."


Everything shown. With an extra HF sticker.

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^ Very nice bowls. Do you actually use them for food etc? Or do you just display them?


Nah I don't have them on display. I use them occasionally for candy, dip sauce, etc...


Oh, and while not really a theme park related item, I also have this awesome Thomas Kinkade Disney calender!!


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^ You never know. Since it's Disney AND Thomas Kinkade, this calendar could very well have been sold in the Disney parks. It looks nice.


Here's some photos of the pins, lanyards and other neck "stuff"

(light up pendants etc.) I have hanging right beside me as I type this...


The whole mess of stuff. Pins on lanyards are under all of this.


Over on the left, it's lanyards, pins, and a lonely Mickey and Mike


All the pin bags are from TokyoDL and Hong KongDL. I've never found them at DL.

Hence the plastic Disney Parks bag for my 2016 visit. Sturdy, though. (o;



What you could buy during TDL's 30th Anniversary. Lights up, music and Mickey in Japanese!


My latest stuff: from Cedar Point's CoasterMANIA! back in June.

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Just bought myself a couple of Tomica die cast cars,

from the Tokyo Disneyland Vehicle Collection, on eBay...


The Big Band Beat car from the American Waterfront at TDS.


The Mickey's 3-Wheeled Burger "Food Truck."

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